Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sat on their park bench like bookends

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// Jumper- Matalan // Skirt- New Look // Necklace- My Grandma's //

Hello everyone! I thought I would share a little outfit of the day with you today. The weather lately has been so confusing- the mornings here are cold, foggy and wet, and by the time I finish work in the afternoon, it's warm and sunny! This outfit, paired with my Converse, was today's answer to the fickle weather.

The jumper is a new one I picked up in Matalan in the children's section. I love their children's section! They have such gorgeous items, some of them so similar to the adults clothes, at a fraction of the price, and their age 15 pieces are the same size as a ladies size 8! This jumper was only £12, whereas similar ones in the ladies section were between £20 and £30! I have received so many compliments on it too. It's so classic and simple, however the detailing such as the lovely shape of the sleeves and the buttons running down the back stop it from being too boring.

This denim pencil skirt from New Look was this summers attempt at stopping myself getting stuck in the routine of wearing my skinny jeans with everything. Having a very active 18 month old means that most skirts simply aren't practical- I don't want to spend all day worrying about either flashing people or treading on the bottom of my maxi skirts! But this skirt is brilliant- it's stretchy, comfortable, and long enough to save my dignity! I love the shape and it goes with almost everything.

How are you all? I am still working 7 days a week, but treated myself to my first night out in a very long time last week! I was a little bit worried about being too old now I'm a mum, but it felt really good to get dressed up and spend a night with my friends not stressing about work, weddings or nappies!

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  1. That jumper is gorgeous! Lovely outfit x

  2. In love with this outfit! I love the buttons on the back of this jumper and that skirt is gorgeous!

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  3. What a pretty jumper :) I definitely need to start browsing the children's sections, I hear H&M is pretty good too xx

  4. you are the cutest! i love your denim skirt here, it's so pretty!

    lindsey louise

  5. Lovely outfit, that jumper looks dead cosy :) Great post. Followed x

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    Heidi ♡

  6. I love that denim skirt, its really cute. Love that you tucked it into your jumper to :) x
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