Monday, 7 May 2012

Patel & Purple

Our bank holiday weekend was lovely. I am going to do a proper update post soon full of all the pictures I've been taking each day. But for now I'm going to share these outfit pictures!

I know all my outfits are pretty casual and boring at the moment, I'm starting to get better at being organised and looking after a baby without spending the whole time in top knots and leggings. I bought this jumper in New Look on Saturday. I love the fact its practical & comfy but has such pretty colours in it! You can't see it as well as I wanted in the pictures, but it has multicoloured flecks all over it in pretty pastel tones. 

I absolutely love Lily's little outfit here! The top and headband are both from Vertboudet. I love their baby clothes, they are a bit different from your usual pink for girls and blue for boys baby clothes & so so pretty. This actually has shorts that go with it too, but the weather has been too horrible for her to wear them. As soon as the sun comes out though, this is the outfit she's wearing!

Things are getting quite exciting at the moment too... I am starting a new little project I hope to share with you all soon, and we may, hopefully, have a house very soon!! Please send lots of luck our way, we have everything crossed!

How were your weekends?

x ♥


  1. She is so beautiful. We have that outfit too. Have you tried putting little white rights under the shorts? Inlove putting Mia in bloomers or frilly pants with tights underneath. Plus it always looks so sweet :) xxxxx

  2. Both are looking so lovely. This purple colour cloth really looks amazing. The outfits are pretty casual and boring at the moment. I impressed by that.

  3. Aw Lily looks lovely :) your new jumper is gorgeous too! xx

  4. She is just starting to look so much like her mum! Look at those high cheek bones!


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