Thursday, 3 May 2012

Expecto Patronum

I was so excited when I found out Orange Circle do T Shirts for babies. I absolutely love their designs and my favourite, of course, is their deathly hallows range. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when they very kindly offered to send Lily her very own deathly hallows T Shirt! I love everything about it: Harry Potter, a floral pattern & matches mine. I love it when Lily and I have co-ordinating outfits! It's such good quality too, very comfortable for her & fits perfectly. It even has a very handy envelope neck, so I can put it on her easily, unlike baby clothes with buttons on the back. I find it so awkward to dress her when necks open with buttons at the back, as she cant hold her own head up or sit! I think envelope necks are much better for babies this young. I will definitely be ordering more T Shirts from orange circle. David would love this one as he's a bit pokemon obsessed and so he can match me and Lily, like a little deathly hallows family. I also have my eye on this one for me, and this one for Lily.

I hope everyones well! I know I've been a bad blogger lately, things have been a little busy, but I have a few posts planned for the next week :)

x ♥


  1. oh that is the sweetest!!!!

  2. oh my goodness.
    this post is great! i love it. lots.

  3. What a darling baby! lOVE the onesie! I need to get Zayn some Harry Potter clothes... wonder what I can find in 24 months sizes! :) xx


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