Wednesday, 9 May 2012

2 months

Uncle Ollie giving Lily a face tickle!

Dear Lily

You are now 2 months old! You're now over 11lbs and changing every day!

You smile so much now! My goodness Lily we are all so in love with that beautiful smile of yours. Your favourite things to smile at are mummy and daddy, your mobile (especially when the blue bird comes around!) and uncle Ollie. Your even starting to make little happy noises that are almost giggles. We don't think it will be long and you will be laughing! You especially love having your face stroked & nose poked! That gets the biggest grins of all.

Another one of your favourite things is Waybuloo! You love Waybuloo. You sit in your little chair or on mummy's lap and watch The Piplings and Cheebies do yogo completely transfixed, smiling and making such happy noises, kicking your arms and legs all excited! I cannot wait until you can do the 'Yogo' moves too!

You are still sleeping well, getting up once every night, until you got poorly. You and I got horrible colds at the same time. Those were a hard few days! Not much sleep & lots of tears. And you had your immunisations! That was not a nice day. You were so brave. You cried your little heart out when the nurse did them, But stopped as soon as daddy gave you a big hug, and then you were very good the rest of the day, even though your legs were a little sore. Mummy found them hard Lily! I cried too! I do not like seeing my little strawberry in pain.

There has been more sadness too. We lost your Great Grandad. His cancer was viscous and aggressive and has happened fast. I am so sad you will not remember him sweetheart. He loved you so so much. You met him three times, and in those short visits he could have burst with joy and pride. He requested lots of photos of you to have around him while he was very ill in bed. One of you, one of him holding you, and one of him, you and your cousin Amber. He was so excited about you all the way through my pregnancy, and told the nurses while he was in hospital all about you. He called you his little angel face and loved you so much.

And so do I my lovely little Lily Belle.

x x x x

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  1. Oh Rosie, I'm truly sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my grandfather to cancer two years ago and it is the most horrible thing.
    But on a happier note, darling Lily! She is growing so fast.
    Lots and lots of love xxx

  2. This was so lovely to read Rosie. Very sorry to hear about your grandad too, but you can cherish the times together and at least he got to meet your little Lily :) she is growing so fast! xx

  3. Lily is so cute! Everytime you post pictures from her i'm like: ''I want an baby to!''. But it's not my time yet. I'm sorry to hear about your granddad.

  4. This was so beautiful! Im not even going to pretend i didnt shed a few tears >_< I'm so sorry about your great grandad :( it's great he got to see his baby great grandaughter though :)

    Lilly is truley gorgeous! You have the dreamiest life! I've followed your blog for a while i've just always been too shy to comment >_< hehe xxxxxx


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