Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Thank you everyone for your lovely, kind words on my post. I will get round to thanking you all!
And I apologies for my quietness here. I have been feeling fairly rubbish and ill, and being pregnant definitely doesnt help! I fainted on sunday with it, and have been feeling all achy and sick- yuck. but the doctor has given me some anti sickness tablets, which has helped me feel a bit more normal, but have left me so drowsy! I feel like my eyes are about to close all the time!

My tummy, as you can see, is growing bigger by the minute! I had my first stranger comment on my pregnancy the other day, and tell me I look like I am having a 'very radiant pregnancy' which put a smile on my face :) I am 16 weeks now, time is going fast! 

Our little collection of goodies for the baby is growing- bump has a little baby grow I couldnt resist, a cardigan knitted by our neighbor with cute duck buttons, two pairs of booties (the red ones are handmade and I bought a matching purple pair for myself!), a little lamb bought by its daddy, and some other toys I got for free from various mummy and baby clubs I've been joining :)

I've been knitting lots of little bows too, which Im thinking of lots of different things to do with- I think I will use them for decorating lots of different things, and maybe make some into some jewelry and hair slides?

I am starting to get in the christmas mood too- a little early I know, but  I've started making christmas decorations and planning the craft fairs I'm selling at this year!
and I have a job!! I work at the body shop now, hehe, not amazing but better than nothing, and I get a 50% discount! :)

I hope your all well! whats everyone been up to?

x ♥

p.s: dont forget about the offer in my shop, which I explained in this post!!

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