Wednesday, 14 September 2011

birthday treats, charm necklaces and free goodies!!

hello :) I thought I would finally show you a few of the goodies I got for my birthday!! It's only a month late :) I thought I would show you a few of the prettier things I got for my birthday- having just found out I was pregnant, I asked for more practical things and money than pretty and exciting presents! and Im sure none of you would be very interested to see lots of plain maternity vests and t-shirts, and maternity jeans!

I was very lucky and got quite a few cath kidson items :) I LOVE cath kidson! My parents bought me a pretty floral sewing box of hers, with all sorts of cath kidson goodies inside. I got a very cute bouquet pin cushion, pretty tins full of useful bits and bobs like sewing needles and pins, and lots of cotton reels. My auntie bought me a cath kidson mug, the one I have been wanting forever! It has flowers and strawberries and is so so pretty ♥

I was also treated to lots of jewelry this year, which is perfect to make my outfits at the moment more interesting! You can get pretty maternity clothes, but most of the nice things are ridiculously expensive, and I don't want to pay £40 for a top that I can only wear for 9 months! So most of my maternity clothes are fairly plain, but all the lovely bits of jewelry I got make my outfits much prettier :) my family all chipped in to buy me a lovely charm bracelet and a few charms- so far I have a teapot, a cupcake, and a floral charm. It is lovely! I received lots of different friendship bracelets too, which are very cute. My parents bought me  pretty daisy necklace, and David bought me a lovely envelope necklace with an 'I love you' note inside, but I didn't get very good pictures of these and then my camera batteries ran out. Hopefully I can show you soon! And I got some rings which I love, lots of big pretty ones! Charlotte very kindly bought me two, one a big mint green heart, the other is the one in the picture, with the mint green stone. I love them! 

I have some new items in the shop! I have some teacup rings, a teapot necklace, and some pretty vintage charm necklaces which you can see above, which charms such as the eiffel tower, hot air balloons, and tea cups and saucers. 

I also have a special offer on at the moment! If you spend over £10 in the shop, you will receive a FREE friendship bracelet! And if you spend over £15, you will receive an owl ring, the same as the one in the above picture, for FREE!!  click here to go visit the shop :)

I hope your all well :)

x ♥


  1. Your presents look lovely, and so do your etsy items. One day I am determined to buy lots of pretty things from your shop (although I don't currently have a PayPal account). I love Cath Kidston, too. Her designs are so bright and distinctive. I have her letter-writing set, it's beautiful and flowery and perfect.

  2. Lovely presents :).

    Sadie x

  3. Hi there, just wanted to stop by to say thank you for your lovely comment. Congratulations on your pregnancy too :-)Im now following you and look forward to seeing your pregnancy updates x Sam x

  4. beautiful beautiful. i miss you rosie.
    you have probably been working so hard in your little studio. but i did send you a whisper a little while ago. i'm not sure you got my teeny tweet.

    i love lots of bracelets.

  5. So many lovely presents! I really love that mug. So cute.

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Happy birthday sweet natured girl! All of your gifts are brimming with sweetness. I am jealous!!

    love your blog!!

    hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *


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