Sunday, 18 September 2011

poppy ♥

my lovely little poppy-pops, at 2 and a half years old, left me today. she is gone and i am already missing her lots. 

on thursday, I realised she wasn't very well. Before I go to bed every evening, I usually have a cuddle and play with Poppy. But when I went to see her, I saw she hadn't eaten any of her food all day. she was very weak and couldn't walk. I became very teary. My David was staying that night on the sofa downstairs, and I didn't want to disturb my sister (who I share my room with) so I took poppy downstairs and fed her a bottle of water by hand, and fed her easily manageable food by hand, but was very worried. I was glad to have my David there to comfort me and help me look after Poppy. She looked so small and sad. I prepared myself for the worst.

But Friday morning she was much stronger, walking around and eating by herself. I was so relieved. She was like this all day, and saturday morning. So I kept my fingers crossed.

But last night I knew. she had collapsed in her cage, and was barely conscious. I tried to feed her water and treats again, but she could barely manage to open her mouth. I tucked her up in her little bed, and said goodbyes.

This morning, she was gone. 

Poppy was so lovely, and had gotten over a few illnesses in the past most hamsters wouldn't have. she was big and strong, and the vets she had seen all commented on this. She had so much energy, and was so bright with so much personality. She was very friendly and curious. She wasn't afraid of our cats, she seemed to enjoy their company! Her favourite games were climbing very high, and leaping off of whatever surface she could find!! She was very brave and funny. Nothing seemed to phase her. She even fell down the stairs once, panicking me, but she was absolutely fine and happy. She was so silly and lovely. She loved climbing around on my lap and sliding down my legs onto the floor. She loved peanut butter and went mad over it. When I got up in the morning, she would always be there at the door of her cage, watching me do my hair and makeup. I will miss her so much. Already my bedroom seems empty without her, and strange without the sound of little thuds and crashes against the bars where she would dash all over and climb the bars of her cage and leap. Everyone who met commented on how much personality she had for such a little hamster.

She was a lovely little friend to have, I loved her to pieces, and will miss her so so much.

x ♥


  1. Aww so sorry to hear this Rosie- losing a pet is losing a friend! Sounds like she had a lovely life with you. hugs xx

  2. Awww im sorry petal, she sounds a lovely little companion hugs x

  3. oh darling. i am sorry she has gone :( poor you xx

  4. I'm sorry too. I know how much losing a pet can hurt x

  5. i'm so sorry you lost your lovely little friend. i know how much you loved poppy. however, i also know you gave her the very best little hamster life she could have ever had.
    hope all is well rosie xx


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