Wednesday, 7 September 2011

holiday & excitement & winner

I am back from holiday :) I had scheduled some posts for while I was away, but neither of them worked unfortunately! I have no idea why, but those posts will be up soon!

My holiday was lovely. Luckily my morning sickness has passed, and I could really enjoy it! It consisted of many beaches, long walks, card games in the caravan, collecting shells, lots of pebbles, paddling in the cold sea, rock pools, finding crabs, finding jellyfish, old fashioned arcades and fun fairs, spotting boats, rainy days, sunny days, little zoos, white lions, ice cream, petting farms, gift shops, sweet shops, homemade fudge, fish and chips, roast dinners, swings, standing on cliff tops, lovely views, feeding white doves out of my hand, and the swan. Our friend the swan. Our caravan had a little private beach, that had one swan living alone there. We went to our little beach only feet away every morning, and the swan would immediately come over to us and nip at our legs and feet until he was fed! It was a little scary at first, but he was lovely.

And we returned home to have my scan a few days later. I was so nervous and scared!! eek. It was yesterday. I was having nightmares for days before about everything going wrong, and it being bad news. The lady rubbed the gel on my belly, and as soon as the little ultrasound thingy was on my tummy, there it was on the screen, our little baby!!! I have felt so happy. I knew immediately everything was ok, our little one is so energetic and playful! It was jumping about all over the place, kicking its little legs and waving its arms. We saw it sucking it's thumb, and even saw it drinking the amniotic fluid! It was opening its little mouth and swallowing!! I couldn't believe how much detail we could see, we could even see its tiny toes wriggling. It was so so amazing!! Heres our baby:

In the picture, it is sucking its thumb, and the other arm is down by its side, and you can see its little toes curled round too! I can't stop smiling. Its about the size of a banana now :) Now I can't wait for our next scan!


More exciting news now!! I have used to choose the winner of my giveaway. and the winner is:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be contacting you about sending your prize very soon :) thank you to everyone who entered!!

I have also put more items up in the shop today, if anyone would like to see :)

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  1. Aww that scan is lovely - the detailing is amazing!

  2. Beautiful pics <3. Congratulations on your pregnancy :) x


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