Wednesday, 24 August 2011


FINALLY I am doing the giveaway I promised ages and ages ago!! I finally have lots of items up in my shop and have got everything organised so I can do a little giveaway for you all to celebrate!

The items I am giving away are:

1. one of my jar necklaces filled with beads. These necklaces are on a antique, bronze coloured chain that measures 25 inches long. The jars are little, corked glass jars that are about 2inches tall and I have filled each with different coloured beads, which look really pretty and effective when worn :) You can choose one of ten colours, I have numbered them all the first picture. Just let me know which number you would like when entering!

2. A really cute ring, which is an antique gold colour and is of cat ears! Very unusual and pretty design. 

3. A little friendship bracelet, with different tones of blue thread woven with teeny star beads all along it.

To enter, leave me a comment on this post! Remember to let me know which colour jar you would like, and also make sure I have some way of getting hold of you to let you know you have won :) To enter you must be a follower of my blog.

For extra entries, you can also:

♥ link to my giveaway on your blog
tweet about my giveaway
♥ favourite my shop on etsy

let me know what you have done in your comment, and link to your twitter and blog if you have done those :)

The winner will be drawn in two weeks, on wednesday the 5th of september. The winner will be picked at random by a random number generator.

Please go take a look at my shop, I have many other items up there! I also have lots of cute baby clothes I want to buy, so could really do with the extra pennies :) haha!

I also have set up an ebay to sell some cute rings like the cat ears one. more will be coming soon :)

I am on holiday next week, but have some posts scheduled. I hope they work, Ive never scheduled posts before!

hope everyones happy and enjoying the end of their summers :)

♥ x

p.s: I've started a pregnancy blog!! hello baby


  1. i would love to enter!! and love number 3 colour best.

  2. oh and i am just about to tweet the

  3. I would love number 4, and the ring is so cute. I've had a look at your shop you have some really cute stuff. I'd love to link your blog and shop to my blog. Do you have a button that I could add to my sidebar? :)

  4. eeeep! that ring is so cute, would love to be entered into your giveaway for it! and congratulations on the pregnancey aaaannd would just like to say I am totally jealous of your studio, I have just upgraded to swapping our bedroom & workroom around for some extra space, next step is definately a little summer house like yours! xx

  5. the ring is adorable! I love colour 6 best :)


  6. your ring is ever so pretty and unique. :)

  7. Sooooo cute :)
    Number 6 jar is my fave <3 pink!Congratulations on the baby news too :)
    Favourited your etsy too: Barbiekayle

    Kayley x

  8. Lone Alaskan Gypsy25 August 2011 at 23:01

    Oh goodness! I favorited on etsy before I even knew of the giveaway! Looove it (and my hubby knows exactly where to go for my Christmas gifts now!). I also tweeted darling! @lonalaskangypsy

  9. O, I love these jar necklaces! Number 9 would be my favourite! <3

  10. Those cat ears are the sweetest thing I've ever seen! & Best wishes! I was just reading your last post congratulations :) xx

  11. That ring is sosososo adorable. I think I like the lavender (no. 9) beads best. xxxx


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