Monday, 22 August 2011

announcement ♥

So, the big news I've been waiting to announce... I'm pregnant, as you have probably guessed from the first picture!!!!!!

It was a massive shock. It wasn't planned! When I found out, I couldn't stop shaking.

My David and I have always wanted children. we both love children and get very broody! We've always said we can't wait to have our own family. We had everything planned out, we would go to uni, then when we graduated, we would move back home, David would get a job in the animation and CG industry, I would start my little business. We would save, then get married, then get our own place, then have children. But it hasn't quite worked like that!

We took all the 'precautions' and everything to make sure it didn't happen yet, but this one time they didn't work.

And now, WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, it was a huge shock. There is lots to think and worry about. But we are SO thrilled and excited!

I  was worried about telling my family, and I felt guilty. David and I have been living together for 3 years while at uni, and now I have moved back home, I get pregnant!! But they are so excited, it's been amazing. As has David's family. We're really lucky. 

Davids going to have two jobs, I'm trying to get this shop together (I'm still waiting for some materials to arrive!! Argh! But I have lots I can't wait to show you), and we are going to make this work and save save save! My parents have been wonderful and supportive and said we can live with them for as long as we need, but we are hoping to get enough money together to get our own place as soon as possible.

Oh, and the proposal!! It wasn't a shotgun thing, I know people will think it's only because of the baby, but as I said in my last post, David's been planning the proposal since last year. It was going to be this august in Rome. But that money now needs to go towards other things, so it was on my doorstep instead :) but it would have happened, baby or not. We are waiting to have the actual wedding until after the baby's born, so I don't look like an elephant!! :)

So, yes!!! That's our news :) I was waiting until our 12 weeks scan to announce it, to make sure everything is ok, which has been hard, not saying anything. I am 11 weeks at the moment, I'm on holiday when I'm 12 weeks, so I have to wait until 13 weeks for my scan, which is frustrating. However, I bought an at home fetal heart monitor, which I have been playing around with, and getting faint sounds and things that I thought could be the heartbeat. Then last night, I heard this:

I was so happy I cried!!! So, I thought I would announce it all now. I couldn't wait anymore!

The pregnancy so far has been hard, which explains why I haven't blogged very much! I have really bad sickness that lasts all day. From 5 weeks to now, so for 6 whole weeks, I haven't stopped feeling sick. I have gone off all food except mash potato, peas, and plain pasta. 
I have really awful exhaustion too, to the point where by about 5pm everyday I literally can no longer keep my eyes open. My hormones are all over the place. The stretching pains have been bad. I feel so ill all the time, it's horrible!! I never realised the first 3 months were so hard! But it should be over soon. I'm on holiday in the isle of wight next week and really hope I'm feeling a bit better by then.

I already don't fit in my normal clothes! My bump has grown fast. I am in maternity jeans and comfy tops all the time. Not very stylish, but Im hoping to go a bit prettier and more creative with maternity clothes when I'm feeling better!

So thats my big news!! Don't worry, this isn't going to suddenly become a pregnancy blog. I will obviously write about how the pregnancy's going and baby things but I won't suddenly bombard you with lots and lots of pregnancy and baby posts all the time, there will still be all the usual stuff! I am thinking about starting a new blog just for the pregnancy. What do you think?

I was so nervous writing this post, but it's such a relief to finally be able to tell you all!

♥ x


  1. you are so special rosie!
    and you are so brave. your little bump!!! i am so excited!

    i hope you feel better soon and get to eat some yummy things.

    big giant huge moon hugs rosie.

  2. Wow what amazing news :) Sometimes little things like this happen even with all the precautions, and it's wonderful you have such supportive families around you! I hope you stop feeling so ill soon! Pregnancy blogs can be cute :) xx

  3. congratulations

    long may your fairytale continue :)


  4. soo happy for you!! :) congratulations xxxx

  5. Oh my god!! That's so exciting! I hope everything goes smoothly :) congratulations!!! xxx

  6. Congratulations hun! I think a pregnancy blog would be great.Hope you feel better soon and hope you feel better for your holiday and have a fun time. xx

  7. Aw, Rosie, you are adorable. Congratulations! You are going to be a great mother! xxx

  8. congratulations!! sometimes things don't follow what we plan, but sometimes that makes them better! it's wonderful that both your families are being supportive; im sure youre all so excited!!

  9. Wow, this is great. Congratulations to you and David. I'm sure it's going to be an amazing experience. :)

  10. Only just found your blog but i'm certainly glad i have :)
    Wonderful news! I think a separate baby blog is a good idea. It will be interesting to show when they're older!

  11. Congrats!xx


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