Monday, 16 November 2009

post and winners!!

Saturday morning I awoke to such a lovely surprise!! another package in the post. This time, from my little brother!! my little brother is very small, i am much older but we are ever so close. Being away from him at university makes my heart ache, and cheeks damp from tears.
He has been missing me and my David and my Poppy, and decided he would like to send us a letter! He got my father to help him buy a chocolate bar each for me and my David, a packet of biscuits for us and a pen for me. The pen has a little TV on top with a little bear on the screen, and when you press the button, the picture changes! It is adorable. and he also wrote a little letter and made a teeny tiny fish for me.


I am going to send him a parcel back. It will include sweets and a toy, and a photo of me and my David and Poppy, as he always asks to see pictures of poppy.


Poppy was ever so good whilst she had her picture taken. she cuddled into me and stayed very still for the pictures, and then afterwards fell asleep curled up on my lap!

The post has made me long for home. I will be going to visit so we can all go to a christmas market as a family at the start of december, and then I go home properly for christmas on the 18th. only 39 days until christmas day!! 39 days until father christmas visits, until gift swapping, gift unwrapping, smiles on everyones faces, christmas singing, laughing, cracker pulling, christmas dinners with turkey and roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings and brussel sprouts and mothers gravy. until mince pies and mulled wine and christmas puddings and tins of sweets, and playing with new toys and watching old films and falling asleep with full bellies and happy hearts. I cannot wait!

I also received a little card from my dear friend this morning, left for me in my studio space. it had an adorable picture on the front, a little get well card, as I have been feeling a little poorly recently. I have been so very lucky to have so many kind people sending me little surprises and gifts. It has lifted my spirits such a lot, after having been a bit ill and down due to the sky high pile of work I have!

And I have some other very important post to send. To the giveaway winner!! The random number generator at has picked the winner, and she is:

congratulations ariana!!! please email me on roseanneosman(at), so i can arrange sending your pink teacup ring to you! hope you like it dear :)
Thank you to everyone who entered and those of you who made lovely posts about my rings! I am very very thankful. and thank you to all of you for your kind words about my shop, it means a lot to me that you all like it. 

♥ x


  1. Ohh lucky her! I wish I'd entered now, your shop is so lovely, I think I might just have to get a few bits and bobs as Christmas presents from it xx

  2. Such lovely pictures<3 You all look so cute;)

    Congratulations ariana! Now I might have to use some pennies at your shop ^^

  3. adorable pictures! your brother's letter is so cute, and so is poppy :)

  4. oh, dear you are so beautiful! The parcel looks just lovely. Isn't it just a magical feeling when you recieve a parcel?♥

  5. Ohh your brother is so adorable! Beautiful pictures, he will love them.

  6. Oh you are very lucky- I never get any post. I hope your brother likes his reply post and sure he will like the pictures of Poppy in particular.
    She is so adorable - and very photogenic also.

  7. Poppy is so cute! and your brother's letter is adorable as well ^__^

    Beautiful blog!


  8. rosie dear, thank you so much for your comment. you made my heart flutter and my cheeks dimple♥

  9. awe that is so lovely.
    I wish so much that I had a little sibling, you're very lucky.


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