Friday, 13 November 2009

dresses, post and giveaway!!

I am very very very extremely happy at the moment!! 
The first reason is all of the lovely post I have been receiving recently. The first was from my moon best friend, dearest lottie. so much prettiness and autumnal-ness!! here is a teeny part of it:

The other post was from dear lulu, as I brought the ballerina dress from her shop delicate post. It arrived yesterday, and what a beautiful dress it is!!! so well made. you must visit her shop to see what other pretty things she has to offer. 
And, not only did ever so sweet lulu send me the lovely dress, but other goodies also!! some tea from harrods, a beautiful necklace, and a sweet note with adorable little stickers. I was so excited, and thrilled, and smiled all day long, wearing my beautiful dress and drinking strawberry tea whilst watching amelie. Thank you so much lulu. 

(I did wish to wear my white tights and lighter, prettier cardigan with the dress, but they were in the wash! I felt the black was a little dark for such a pretty little dress, but I just had to wear it!!)

I have some news for you all!!

my shop is now open!! I am so so excited. please do have a look! here is the link :

I feel a little silly for trying to 'promote' myself, it feels a little odd. But i must, really, for my shop to do well!! so please do visit and let me know what you think, and perhaps tell some more people about it too, if you can? i really would be ever so grateful!!
I have made lots of new things for the shop. There are necklaces and rings and a brooch too, and there will be lots more coming soon.

To celebrate my shop opening, as I mentioned in my last post, I am going to have a giveaway!! for all of you lovelies! The prize will be one of these teacup rings:

all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me which colour you would like. for a better chance of winning, you can have an extra entry by mentioning this giveaway on your blog, and letting me know in your comment!
The winner will be picked by a random number generator and will be announced on monday.

Im so excited!
please let me know what you think of the shop, because i am a little nervous about it. do you think it is ok? have any of you got any tips at all?

♥ x


  1. oh this post is so lovely. i do adore that dress, looks like something a fairy would wear! ♥

    and congratulations on your shop opening! oh i would like to enter this lovely givaway, i think my favourite ring is the pink one ♥

    also, i've just visited your shop and it is so incredibly adorable, i adore everything in it, you are so creative dear! i especially love the floral pot's things and the doughnut rings! much love, from suzannah ♥

  2. that is such a lovely dress! just like something out of a fairytale :)
    congratulations on your new online shop! all of your merchandise is adorable.

    i posted about your new shop and giveaway on my blog:
    if you'd like to have a look <3
    and i adore the pink teacup ring! they are all so lovely though.

    goodluck with your new shop <3

  3. I think I must also say the pink one is lovely! I'm about to take a little peek at your shop right now :) I love your blog xx

  4. What lovely sweet rings! So very lovely! I would love to win your giveaway darling. Those teacups are amazing <3

    I will make a post about it later tonight ^^

    Lots of hugs!
    Will go and check out your shop now!

  5. Yay for getting your shop open! I have been pining over tea cup rings for quite some time, the pink is definitely my fav (I <3 all things pink!)

    Congrats :)

  6. oh it looks so marvelous on you! honestly!! and Im so so glad you love it,, oh the other tea is chamomile tea, and your shop is adorable! xx

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  8. Beautiful post,

    I love the blue and pink ones best but they are all amazing.

    Sweet Daydreams.

  9. Oh dear Rosie, this is all so wonderful!
    I love receiving things in the post, and that dress looks so pretty on you. YOU look so pretty :)
    I took a look at your shop and I think it looks very nice. I particularly love the teapot necklace.
    I will keep that in mind for Christmas...
    Unfortunately I do not wear rings, so I will not participate in your giveaway, so as to not take somebody's else's chance. I do think that your teacup rings looks fun and colorful and anybody would be lucky to have one :)
    I hope you have a nice day

    p.s. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, it made me smile oh so much. I am so glad to be back in this little corner of the internet as I've missed you all a lot :)

  10. you have the most lovely pictures here on your blog!
    glad to have stumbled upon this blog!

  11. oh, I wanted to buy this dress, but it looks ever so wonderful on you, lovely♥
    the giveaway sounds delightful! my favourite colour is the pastel yellow one. it reminds me of a hummingbird's wing♥

  12. my favourite is the yellow. very cute shop!

  13. Dear Rosie,
    You are so sweet. And so very lucky! I love getting post- and what adorable gifts you got from your friend Lottie! I'm very jealous- I adorde sugar mice.
    The dress is beautiful. I cannot belive it is hand made!
    Congratulations on opening your shop- I'm sure it will be a big success and I will more than likely be buying something myself in the future (if I can persuade my dad).
    I love all the rings, as I said before in my last post- but I think it like the light blue or white one best. I couldn't decide. They remind me of alice in wonderland. x
    I th

  14. I see I forgot to tell you which color I liked the most - honestly I love them all! But the pink one is super cute!

  15. Oh Rosie, that's so lovely! Can't wait to see the new pieces in your stories, you are such a talent, dear. Keep it up!

  16. that dress is so so sweet! and your shop is adorable :) i hope it does well, im sure it will!
    i love the pale yellow teacup ring! although they all are very sweet :)

  17. Your shop is awesome!
    I'd love the yellow one most although they are all super!

  18. Those tea cup rings are darling! If I were to win I'd want the yellow one. :)

  19. those are adorable ! i want them all :D
    i think i'd be satisified with the pretty little pink one though :}
    and don't worry love , you have the cutest stuff in your store , you'll be a hit !

    P.S. i wrote a little something on my blog :


  20. Oh they are so cute! I just found your blog today and just in time to enter. I love the yellow teacup! Congrats on opening your etsy store. I also just opened an etsy store about a week ago. I hope you get lots of sales.

  21. Awh lovely!! Congrats on your new shop darl!! I think it looks great!! :)
    I especially like a few of your items up for sale!! *winks* might purchase something!! :D


  22. Awwww, these are so cute. My favourite is the dark blue teacup.
    And I'm fascinated by your blog and your shop, I'm lucky I found it!

    I posted something in my blog:

  23. lovely store.

    I'd love the green one...

  24. All your things are so freakin' beautiful!

    I love the white one! I'd really love to have it. ♥

    I'm so into tea cups and such things because I love Alice in Wonderland (The Tea party ;) ), you can see it in my last blog post, too. : )

    I wish you the best for your shop!

  25. Don't feel silly for promoting yourself! Your little shop is so lovely! Everything looks so cute!!

  26. I love the dark blue one :D
    And you're shop is so sweet! Hope you get lots of sales

  27. I know I've missed the giveaway, but can I just say that your stuff is lovely. I love miniature charm necklaces and rings.

  28. your shop is really cute, i love all the things you have in it! xx

  29. UM...HOW CUTE ARE THOSE!!! Love them!

  30. Wow those teacup rings are amazing!


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