Saturday, 7 November 2009


 hope you all had a wonderful halloween, although i am rather late in saying so. I spent my halloween with my Davids family. It was wonderful!!! David was peter pan, and I was tinkerbell. David made a rather handsome peter pan, and i was an extremely glittery tinkerbell!!! mother covered me head to toe in glitter, and by the end of the evening everybody else had glitter on them too. Davids father began the evening as a rather terrifying mummy, but by the time we left, he was a very sparkly mummy!!! it was a wonderful night, with fireworks and sparklers and cobwebs and glittery pumpkins. and we ate pumpkin soup and orange jelly and cupcakes with orange and black icing.

I visited my godmother also. she lived by the sea, and i collected lots of lovely seashells. I think i will put them in a jar, like I do with all of my collections. the collections of feathers and shiny stars and glitter and acorns and little notes and buttons and origami stars. I have been making lots of origami stars recently. whenever I have a spare moment I am folding paper into little stars. I am rather addicted.

and i have been wearing a gold butterfly in my hair. it is ever so pretty. and i have been sleeping better, as when i come home from work i have some warm sweet milk and a childrens book to read, ones by beatrix potter and roald dahl. and i drift soundly off to sleep. 



in my evenings off I have been making things. little things for my shop! finally. it is something i wanted to do in the summer, and now i am doing it. I am hoping it will be opening in the next few weeks.
I have already finished some little rings! little rings with teacups and saucers. I do hope you like them.

perhaps before my shop opens i will do a little giveaway here, what do you think? 
I hope you are all happy and looking forward to christmas. I cannot wait! 48 sleeps to go- eek!!
x ♥


  1. What lovely rings <3 Do have a giveaway!!

    Sounds like you had a lot of happy moments<3 Sounds like a splendid Halloween ^^

  2. oh, this post is so lovely dear, you definatley made a really wonderful tinkerbell! and oh, i can't wait for your shop, those rings are just perfect, so dainty! and you definatley should do a givaway, that would be lovely! :) much love, from suzannah ♥

  3. Oh wow. The rings are wonderfully adorable! I'd love to have one of those on my finger. They remind me of Alice in Wonderland! I'm glad you had a magical and gittery halloween. It sounds wonderful. x

  4. Those rings are delightful! I'd buy them. Please do a giveaway. It's a wonderful idea. I almost went as tinkerbell for halloween, but instead opted for a superhero, though I wish I'd gone as something like that now.

  5. Those rings are so pretty, I've been looking for a tea cup necklace but they are all too small to be noticeable-ly tea cup-y, but your rings look like the absolute perfect of tea cup sizing.
    Ahh, sounding a bit creepy there but they are lovely!
    I love glitter as well, but I have the same problem so everything in my house has a thin coating of second-hand glitter.

    As always, wonderful blog!

  6. Oh Rosie, Rosie!
    I'm so happy I can read your blog and your words nd your magic again! I've been away for too long, and missed so much, that I find it hard to contain myself at all the inspiration I find now.
    You are wonderful, as always, and your Halloween sounds like the most fun! I am sure you were an amazing Tinkerbell, with all of your fairy dust to dispense.
    I love making small collections as well. Mine are all back home though, and I am far away for a year, but I will gather some here and when I go back home next November I will put all of my treasure with the others.
    Your seashells are lovely :) I think I will look on the internet to learn how to fold origami stars, it looks like fun!
    I am so glad you are well, and I can't wait to see your shop!
    If you do a giveaway, I will be sure to participate :)
    Take care of yourself, dear.

  7. i love this post so much! it sounds like you had a magical halloween, i do love glitter :)
    and those rings are so wonderful! what is the link to your shop? once i have some money i would love to buy one!

  8. oh gosh those are so cute!it sounds like you had a wonderful halloween:)i would have loved to get covered in glitter!how lovely!

  9. I can't wait for your shop to open, those rings are gorgeous!

  10. Rosie, you have a lovely lovely blog just overflowing with magic and sparkles. Gold butterflies and Beatrix Potter is just the right combination; I used to have the entire pint-sized collection of her books. They're all yellowed and dog-eared because of the amount of times I've been reading those sweet words. <3 Do have a lovely Christams, and I hope you don't mind another follower! :) xxx

  11. the sea, gold sparkles, cupcakes, lovely tea rings; my dear, you have a magical fairy aura to you. don't ever lose it♥

  12. I love those rings!! I would wear them :)

  13. oh i love glitter! what a sweet halloween costume the two of you as peter and tink :)

    those rings are so so lovely and charming! do have a giveaway :)


  14. aw such an adorable post.
    i adore your glitter and how it got on everyone... like spreading magic everywhere! :)
    the teacup rings are so cute!
    and a giveaway sounds exciting!!!

    i love collecting tiny seashells, as well. <3


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