Friday, 27 November 2009

at home... ♥

I want a soldier
(a soldier in a busby),
i want a soldier to come and play with me.
i'd give him cream cakes
(big ones, sugar ones)
i'd give him cream cakes and cream for his tea

i want a soldier
(a tall one, a red one)


in spare moments, in between all of the work work work, i have filled my time with the cosiest and loveliest of things. to make all of the work much much easier. there has been...
magical cupcakes, with stars on top, homemade soup, wollen socks, christmas lights, cups of tea, warm sweet milk, custard creams. amelie and funny face, charlie and lola, being swallowed by the duvet. christmas pyjamas, christmas wishes, giggles, sneezles. poppy snuggles, David cuddles. raindrops on my eyelashes, polkadot umbrellas, lace up shoes, scarves and mittens. post sending, post receiving. hot choclate and cookies, toblerone, milkshakes. sprinkles and sparkles, plans for sparkley parties, brooch making, cutting out hearts, writing love notes. countdowns. to christmas. to home time. to half-blood-prince-dvd time. lists of all kinds. exhibition planning. smiles, rosy red cheeks, rosy red noses. fairy lights, vanilla candles. shampoo that smells of strawberrys and cream. raindrops on my eyelashes, library visits, whispers whispers. chocolate pennies, tiny deer, drawings and photo-taking. owl pendants, sweet goodbyes, train journeys, sewing on trains, sweet ladys on trains, little chats with a kind stranger. arriving home. big smiles. big hugs. mothers dinners, ollies cuddles.

because i am home now, for the weekend. how happy it has made me! to see my family again. I had a lovely homemade dinner yesterday ffrom mother, lots of cups of tea, some milk and biscuits, games with ollie. we played with his toy soldier. he is wooden and red and lovely. i wish for one of my very own to take with me when i go to university. we also played narnia, and then read bedtime stories. as I had not seen my dear little brother for so long, i read him lots of bedtime stories. we had stories of dinosaurs, stories of christmas, stories of charlie and lola, of peaches and pears and plums. and a very special book. an aa milne treasury, with many stories and poems. stories of tigger and rabbit and pooh and piglet and eeyore and kanger and roo and wise old owl. and christopher robin. and poems about raindrops and about snow and about friendship, and a special one, called at home (at the start of this post). and i remembered poems that I had read years and years ago (if i were john and john were me, then id be six and hed be three...).

and one of my very favourites, the end. with the end line being my favourite of all...
"but now im six im as clever as clever, so i think i'll be six now forever and ever..."
and i think i will.

today we are all going to a christmas market, in an old town, a favourite of ours. it should be magical!! i will tell you all about it.

ho hum, tiddleypum.


  1. Oh rosie rosie!
    my day was kind of bleak, but then i read you post and everything brightned up.
    you fill your time with such wonderful things. i do like to play narnia too, and i can never get enough of a.a. milne, he is one of my favoritest author and i love his words so so much. they fill my heart with joy and i can't help but smile and be happy when i read them.

    i am so glad you got to spend time with you family, and i can't wait to see those little brooches you are making.

    take care of yourself, dear

  2. this post is so sweet, it made me smile :)

  3. your words are always so delightful, like sprinklings of sugar. :) everyone will find something to smile when they get lost in your beeautiful lists.

    have a lovely weekend dear,

    much love,


  4. just READING that list of nice things made me so happy!
    in fact, your whole blog makes me so happy for some reason!
    much love

  5. dearest rosie♥
    you are such an old soul. you have such a quality of depth and reminiscence to you, which i hope anyone who has met you has been able to pick up upon. you exuberate all things exquisitely delitcate and magical, a separate world in which you are utterly a fantastical floating fairy. never lose your magical aura, lovely. you are a complete seashells among a beach of broken ones♥
    your friend forever,

  6. that must be beautiful...Christmas shopping at an old market :)

  7. rosie, you are so completely wonderful.
    that is all.
    xo sprinkle
    ps-where, oh where, is miss lottie? do you know? we used to be such good friends, but i never hear from her any more. i thought you would know?

  8. hello rosie my name is samantha. thank you ever so much for following me and leaving such a lovely comment, it made my heart flutter with smiles and sparkles and all things lovely. your blog has always been one of favourites, you seem like such a great sister, and your list is so magical and christmassy :) oh, how i love the christmas market to. hope you have a good christmas ♥


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