Saturday, 24 January 2009

stardust and suprises!!

i am ever so ever so ever so sorrry for the ever so ever so ever so long time between posting yet again!!!! but everything since starting work again at uni has been absolute complete madness, completely and utterly busy. busy busy busy. but rather wonderful!!! no more sadness and tears, but smiles and giggles. all of you lovelies helped ever so much with your kind words and beautiful posts
thank you

the last few weeks here back at uni have been filled with new projects, new ideas, group work, catch ups over hot chocolate, many phone calls home, whisper mail, smiles, giggles, cuddles, fairy lights, pretend candles, film watching, dancing around and around in my room

oh i did not show you the christmas gift i gave to my love yet, silly silliness. it was not much at all. a collage of pictures and lovely heart warming times. smiles and loveliness. cut out hearts and little i love you doodles. handmade silver frame. all on cardboard, from the box our squeaky shooping trolley came in, that makes us giggle ever such a lot. so very little money i had, there was not much i could do. but it made him smile, and it is up in his room.

the first few days being here before work started were filled with teeny treats. we watched our films, snuggled up. blueberries and tea. chocolate mousse. more tea. ever such a lot of it. pink milk. chocolate milk. we went out with friends also. we all went out for dinner. it was quite wonderful and giggley.

then i was back. i was making and doing and learning, finding out all i must do before summer. which is a lot. more than i expected. i must put on a group exhibition ever so soon and prepare for another in april. oh my goodness so much work. and essays to be done also. ever so much writing to be done. but i will enjoy it, as it is what i love. creating and drawing and sewing and making. i was finding it ever so hard to find inspiration to start. i did not know what i should do. i do not have feedback from before christmas yet either. i have brought a glittery notebook, however, with a very special purpose. shhh. whispers and magic and a moon best friend. our adventures will go in there. ever so carefully. rosie and lottie.

i put something together one evening last week which made me smile at the silliness i had done. such silliness. and i spilt the glitter, oh dear, glitter everywhere. but my desk looks ever so pretty and magical, i am yet to clear it away. my new little friend, an owl. a funny owl. a glittery owl. a silly owl that spilled from my mind. just something to make me giggle.

oh and my dears now for the most exciting part of my time at uni so far. the cheeriest most wonderfullest and happiest of them all. oh my goodness. not one, not two, but three magical packages arrived for me!!! it was simply amazing. how i adore recieving post. and what special packages they were also!!!
the first two were from
my godmother.
late christmas gifts. the first was a book by one of my favourite authors, elizabeth elgin. she writes so beautifully, her books are enchanting, and full of romance and wonder. this book was called 'ill bring you buttercups' and i love it so very much. and the paper it was wrapped up in made me ever so excited also. on the back was a beautiful floral pattern, so delicate and pretty, so i used it to cover a new notebook, as i could not throw it away!!!

the second from my wonderful godmother was beatrix potters journal. oh my goodness, it is such a magical book!!!with many secrets and flaps and folds and suprises. and such beauty and treasures. it is truely amazing.

the third package was ever so ever so special i cannot tell you. it has made me smile and grin and giggle ever ever since. it was from my wonderful wonderful moon best friend, the ever so special one, little lottie, lovely angel. such treasures she sent. all wrapped up and hidden in so much glitter you never did see!! i think i shall sparkle always. it covered every inch of myself and my bedroom and made me giggle ever such a lot. she sent secret notes, a darling little book full of wonderfullness and wonders and magic. lots of teeny little suprises. delicate drawings. the teeniest little book and note which was ever so adorable, from the equally adorable tilly~rose. who also sent me a strawberry drop. such cuteness!!! stars and stars and stars. and a
moungst the magic there was a tiny worry doll, so i shant worry anymore. and it has worked. i have been ever so happy!!! and a charlie and lola plaster, just in case. and a charlie and lola dvd!!!! she is the sweetest and kindest and wonderfullest moon best friend in the whole entire world!!! i curled up in bed last night to watch the cute dvd, with teeny giggles and smiles. i feel ever so lucky. and i am, to recieve such magic. i am i am. the glitter i could collect, that had not stuck itself to my hands, clothes, cheeks, eyes, hair and bed, was placed in my fairy mail jar, with my hundreds of stars. a jar of smiles and magic.

such wonders.


oh oh oh!!! while i was away i recieved a gift from the ever so lovely anywhere i lay my head thank you dearest!!

the beauties i adore and choose to pass it on to are:

my favouritest lovely little angel lottie

the wonderful and creative end of march

the lovely and inspirational emily

oh my dearest lovelies who are ever so ever so special, i really honestly will try my absolute hardest to blog much more often. forgive me for the madness. you all fill me with smiles!! i hope all your worlds are filled with the loveliest prettiest things and the sweetest dreams, and millions of sparkley smiles

x ♥


  1. oh my gosh, you're back! and i am the first to comment, how fun. i am so so very happy to read about you again and to hear how very happy you are. it is lovely. my favorites are the pictures of you covered in glitter. magical. you are magical, wonderful! and i cannot wait to read more of your adventures and see more sweet little pictures of all the special tiny things in your world. you are a wonder of wonders, rosie-pie.
    (of the secret:

  2. hello
    what a gorgeous little blog you have!
    glitter spills are annoying, but aren't they secretly just so fun?

  3. first your beautiful magical blog and then the song, with or without you.. i cried so much.

  4. beatrix potters journal! :O aren't you ever so lucky! She is wonderful, although, I really don't know a whole lot about her, just that she created the most beautiful stories and drawings to go along with them...and that she also had a pet rabbit who she based the peter rabbit stories on!

  5. What an exquisitely wonderous return to your old life you have had. Truly magical.
    I just adore your writing, it transports me to fairyland. And I just bought some magical silvery german glass glitter today!

  6. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Thank you, thank you, thank you...

    Oh, that was a lot of glitter. You truly are a lucky little fairy. I wish I got packages like that. It was enchanting. Lottie is adorbale!

    I have added the book to my reading list in my little moleskine. I'm looking forward to read it.

    So have a wonderful weekend.
    Take care

  7. So many lovely packages that arrived in your mail. Ful of glitter and surprises. So much wonderfulness~

  8. Oh it is so good to read your words!
    What wonder wonderful gifts you received and gave. Truly magical.
    I hope you are having a really really good time.

    And thank you so so much for the awards. I feel very blessed and honored. It made me smile a lot.


  9. Soso glad to see you back, you do not know! :) Aren't packages amazing? I love them. And Lottie is the BEST at making them. Gah. I love it. It looks like you've been having the most wonderful of times. Aren't godmothers the best?? I have a fairygodmother... I miss her, as she is sick right now. Very sick. I do hope she will get better. Maybe pray for Sprinkle's FairyGodMother?
    You are amazing.

  10. Rosie!
    what a fantastic mail surprise to receive. I love the photographs of your be-glittered hands. my desk always ends up like that too - it's annoying in the most delightful sense.
    thank you for your sweet words about my little poem.
    I do hope all potential stress is lifted about the projects. I'm sure all will come together and you will do it beautifully.

    all the best and brightest to you deeear!

    love, Cait

  11. I love love love your ring. The book looks cool too, I must check it out.

  12. Your blog is beautiful!

    That looks like an amazing package to recieve. I'm a little jealous :)

    By the way i love how you've done your nails too.


  13. Thanks for dropping by. I don't mind being linked at all, i'll link to you too! :)

    Looking forward to your next post xx

  14. P.s just tagged you to do the Honest Scrap in my latest post :)

  15. What a beautiful post! I think the collage for your love is absolutely adorable. He is very lucky.

  16. Of course I don't mind! thank you thank you!

  17. ahhh hello rosie posie rosie! this post was so loverley! such a shame we do not live close to one another, we could pick mushrooms together! heehee


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