Wednesday, 28 January 2009

pink milk, wiggley straws and teeny weeny loved ones!!

Goodness goodness goodness so much excitement you will not believe!!! yesterday was full of the wonderfullest news in the whole entire world, all day long!!! lovely lovely lovely lovely...

in the morning i went into uni to have a tutorial, so that my tutor could give me my results of my work last semester. i was feeling a teeny bit nervous but expected to just about pass. oh my goodness!!! i got one of the highest results on my course!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was amazing, i never expected to get such a high mark!! and all of my feedback was ever so lovely, i could not stop smiling. i called my very very excited parents to tell them. and they told me some very very exciting news....


I have a new teeny weeny baby cousin!!! my cousin gave birth yesterday at 2 minutes past midnight to a beautiful baby girl called chanel :) oh how i wish i was at home!! i so desperately want to meet her!!!! i go home in two weeks time, but that is going to seem like ever such a long time away.

i felt that after all of the excitement yesterday morning i
should celebrate. so i went to the shops and brought some pink milk and wiggley straws, and when i got home covered my eyes and my cheeks with glitter, and i drew all evening. only a teeny little way to celebrate, but it was lovely :)

...I have also been tagged by the wonderful here comes the sun to do the honest scrap tag!!!

i have to write ten honest truths about myself, so here they are:

♥ i miss home and speak to my family every single day

♥ i wish for my really long hair back, that went all the way down my back, like rapunzel...

♥ i dont have very much confidence at all in my work, but i am getting better

♥ i wish i could go back to granny and grandads house and stay there one last time. whilst grandad was still here, so i could smell his dusty workshop and hear his lovely chuckle. and whilst granny still had her memory and her mind, so i could taste
her wonderful food and she could brush my hair. and before the horrible nasty young ones wrecked the beautiful old house

♥ my favourite thing to draw on is envolopes, especially used ones, with black pens.

♥ even though i miss family and old memories with grandparents i am happier at the moment than i have been in a long time

♥ i appreciate my love every single day, and all he does for me, because i never ever thought i would find anyone like him, ever

♥ i have quite strong opinions, and even though i can be quite shy, i am not afraid to stand up for what i believe is right

♥ i have never been able to keep a diary, even though i would really love to. i always start them and end up filling the pages with drawings and scribbles and teeny stories instead

♥ i was born with arthrirus in both my legs, my ankles and my thumb. sometimes i have flare ups in
my joints, which mean they swell and i cant walk very well and it can be very painful, but i am fine and dont think of myself as having anything wrong with me because most of the time it is hardly noticeable. it meant for a long time i couldnt wear normal childrens shoes because i had plastic things in my shoes all the time to keep my feet straight, and all that would fit were doc martens, so i wore big red doc marten boots all the time, even to school, which i loved :)

the lovelies i tag are:

blue ring

i am afraid i must stop writing and writing to all of you wonderful ones and go and see my love. he is quite poorly today so i have been looking after him with medicines and soups, to try and make his ill bug dissapear. this post is quite a bit shorter than usual, but i just wanted to tell you all my news and show you all that i am here and ppreciate every single one of you sweet commenst and beautiful posts :) hopefully next time i will have more to show you!!

starry wishes

♥ x


  1. Hi gorgeous!!
    Oh, this is one of the happiest and sweetest posts ever! it made me smile and i am so happy for you about you feeling so happy and your wonderful, gorgeous little cousin!
    My sister gave birth last year in september, and this little boy is seriously my biggest love. he's the cutest ever!

    Thanks you a milion for this sweet tag! I already did that one, but i am very thankful that you gave it to me dear! Maybe you can make someone else happy with it, that hasn't already done it!

    Love always,


  2. Oh, I am so happy for you! And you made me smile so much just by the happiness coming through this post.

    Your little baby cousin is adorable. I hope your love will get better soon. I hate when my SleepyBear is sick, but at the same time I love taking care of him :)

    And thank you for sharing those honest things about yourself, I always like reading that kind of thing, because it makes me feel like I know the person writing them a little bit more. And I love discovering unexpected things about people. Things I didn't about. Secrets. :)

    Have a wonderful day, dear!


  3. Congratulations!!! The little celebrations are always the best :D

  4. oh my gosh this post made me so so excited and happy just reading it!!

    congratulations on doing well in school!! i know how good it feels to do well, that's so great that you were one of the top in the class!

    i think chanel is one of the most beautiful names for a tiny baby girl. congratulations and a new little cousin too!

    strangely i have arthiritis too, in all my joints. it flares up all the time and isn't fun :(

    i hope today is as wonderful as yesterday! <3

    xx sara

  5. Oh yay I love how HAPPY you are! Its so adorable and transparent, it makes ME happy too! You are adorable. I love wiggly straws and glittered faces... Oh how fantastic. And what a perfect name--chanel... <333

  6. Congratulations about your high mark and your little cousin!

  7. yay, little rosie! it is so good to read about your wonderful high spirits again. i am so very happy for you. and i loved reading your honesty tag. i just did that one too and it is hard. you look so pretty in these photos and i'm so excited for you that you have an amazing teeny little cousin named chanel. what a gorgeous name!
    countrybelle/chloe of

  8. A little cousin, lucky munchkin!! I am the youngest out of all my cousins and I have always longed for a little'un to care for, I am so happy for you :)

    Just a little note to say that I am leaving the blogging world, but thank you so so much for being such a wonderful, sweet blogging friend. Thank you for all of the beautiful comments that you have ever left me, they never fail to put a smile on my face. I will dearly miss you and your blog, but I feel that at the moment I should concentrate all my energy into my studies..

    Lots and lots of love, and best wished for the future,

  9. It's so cool that you are almost the same measurements as Marilyn Monroe!

  10. Congratulations! And I adore the name chanel<333 So wonderful!!

    Sounds like your life is really good right now! I adore your pink-milk what a good way to celebrate it must be! I must find myself some pink milk soon in the shops!

    I'm also very happy you got the highest grades, you are so very talented!

    Hugs & Kisses

  11. Chanel is such a cute name!

    And congratulations on your great work! :) What do you study?

    And i loved reading the honest things about yourself xxx

  12. Congratulations on all the lovely things happening for you at the minute! The wiggly straws are amazing. I've just started reading your blog and just wanted to say I like it so much!

  13. Oh wow, my first comment! (well, from someone other than my boyfriend hehe) Thanks a million for taking the time to read my blog and comment, it means a lot :-) Hope you have a lovely weekend and really enjoy celebrating your awesome uni results and having a brand new cousin! xx

  14. oooh, congratulations on your results and on getting a new baby cousin!! Your posts are always so cheerful and happy :) Love it!


  15. Oh and PS--I just did a huge post about a new zine I'm starting and I'd love to hear what you think... Drop by super quick and let me know what you think?

  16. aw what a beautiful little cousin you have.

  17. I really loved reading this post, so true and brave and beautiful. Stay yourself.

  18. red doc martens are the best :) I have a pair too.

    Congratulations on your high marks and the baby cousin! What wonderful news!

  19. thanks for your lovely comment :) i love how happy this post is! you inspire.

  20. what a gorgeous blog you have!

  21. I'm ever so happy for you & your results. I hope you had a most magical holidays with family.

    xx Felicity.

    fairy wishes.

  22. good morning lovely!
    Congratulations on your new tiny cousin! I hope the days go by quickly until you get to see her, and that it is an absolutely wonderful time. Holding a precious newborn baby is such a treasure!

  23. oh thank you so much for the tag!! i have all my truths posted if you want to take a look :)

    xx love love sara

  24. oh my well aren't you just the cutest!
    congratulations on your new cousin :)
    ps. i don't think there's anything wrong with filling diaries with drawings and whatever else takes your fancy, hopefully one day you will look back on those and smile xx

  25. Darling!
    I'm so glad you got so good results. You really truly deserve it! Your happy photos are just lovely and oh so glittery. I can feel your happiness through them!

    I find my self longing for my grand dads hands and his jazz music my self. sometimes i turn on a cd i got from him, and i can feel him. he is very ill, and yes.

    I sicerely hope your weekend will be oh so wonderful,and that you will continue feeling so happy as you do now!


  26. aw you are so wonderful.
    look at your glittlerness!

    and your doodles of happiness and such.

    thank you ever so much for the award, you sweetheart. i have given you one too.
    a special one for a special special star princess like yourself!
    oh and a tag!

    misses and kisses

  27. Aw congratulations on your good grades, and new baby cousin! <3 And I love that you celebrated with pink milk and squiggly straws! :D

    Cute pictures, by the way! :)


  28. sparkles and pink milk, what a perfect way to celebrate!

    /maisie #1

  29. Hello sweets! How are you doing? I miss your sweet sweet posts, you should return soon if you can!
    Just wanted to wish you a Happy (Late) Valentines Day, girlie.


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