Tuesday, 17 February 2009

cakes and hearts and makes

hello dearest ones, i cannot believe how long i have been away and how much has happened in that time in between!!! it has gone super dooper fast.
I went home and celebrated my grandmothers birthday. we had a raclette, which we have not had in so long!!! so much fun and giggles and yumminess!! there was tons of cake, of all different varieties, which i enjoyed very much!!! wine and tea, candles in the sh
apes of stars. music and laughing. new snuggley socks. wonderful!!

and i met teeny weeny chanel. it was beautiful, she was beautiful. her teeny fingers wrapped around mine, ever so soft, her tiny delicate finger nails. lovely long eyelashes and big sparkling eyes. her big sister, who is also very tiny, insisted she was mummy, and had to have lots of cuddes with her, and kisses, and holding tiny fingers. it was adorable and lovely and i didnt ever want to leave!!

as soon as i came back it was ever so ever so busy, more than i could have imagined. I had a group exhibition, there were four of us, and we had to curate the exhibition as well as be the artist, and give a seminar and invidulate. there was only one week to go, so there was lots of putting up and last minute changes and preparation. but we did it!!! and it was ever so much fun. i absolutely loved it, and we were all very pleased with how we had done. the exhibition was called [in]significance, as we all had pieces of work made by or based on things that people do not see as being very important or significant, but how we had used them in our work made them significant, and they were significant to us. for example, mary made pieces using tiny pins, and i used old dress patterns that are never used in a final product, just the planning. and my toothfairy piece was based on a childs beliefs and imagination, that are seen as silly by adults but are incredibly important to the child. we chose the dark space in the studios for the exhibition, and used very soft lighting by using little spotlights, which made interesting shadows and effects. we also labelled our work by writing directly onto the wall in pencil. it went better than we could ever have imagined. we asked people to give feedback by making a comment on a post it and sticking it to the wall on the way out, and they were so lovely!!!! and i was overwhelmed as so many people said my toothfairy was their favourite piece!! a third year girl acually cried, telling me how movig it was and how she was remined of peices of her childhood she had forgotten. i was amazed, i honestly was, and so grateful!!
(the first three images are of my work, the rest are of the other work in the exhibition)

and then there was valentines day!!! happy valentines day to you all, i am ever so sorry for such a late wish!! i did not expect one little thing as we have so very little money. i decided to make a card for my love, and i put up an 'i love you' banner and brought a pretend toy rose for 99p!! i also set up his artist manequin so he was holding a clay heart i made. i also set out games such as guess who? and the yes and no game for us to play. and i decided to make him eggy bread for breakfast, beef wellington for dinner, and brought some mint choc chip ice cream for pudding :) i woke up to three envolopes, numbered, and opened them one by one. one was a fuzzy picture, and i had to guess what it was of. the next was the picture properly, and as he makes 3d work on the computer, he had made me heart houses, and labelled which one was mine, that we would live in together!! it was so cute and pretty, i wish it could be real. the last envolope had a sweet sweet letter inside, on old, worn paper, which was so lovely :) and i recieved a beautiful little card from the wonderful little lottie, and a huge bouquet of flowers arrived from my mother and father!! it was wonderful and perfect and small and cheap and giggley and fun. although i did burn the eggy bread, and the fire alarm went off!!!! everyone in the falts around us and all the buildings around ours had to evacuate, and i desperately tried to explain it was just my eggy bread!!! oh dear. my cheeks flushed so very rosie indeed!!

oh!!! and i must tell you all about the snow!!!! it has been beautiful and magical, lots of playfulness and wonder. i made snowman joe with my teeny brother, and two more snowmen with my love. lots wearing my new glittery mittens, and wrapping up warm.
I have been tagged by wonderful wonderful lottie to do the four tag! thank you dearest!!

A: Four places that I go to over and over:
home, topshop, the isle of wight, my local art gallery at home
B: Four people who email me regularly:
lovely lovely lottie, mother, my love, facebook
C: Four favourite smells:
old books, a roast dinner, grandads smell, my love ♥
D: Four places I would rather be right now:
watching tv in bed with my lovely love and curly, at home with my family and a cup of tea,
on holiday on the isle of wight or in scotland in a little cottage, at the cinema watching moonacre with lottie moon long lost twin :)
E: Four people I tag:
F: Four TV shows I watch: freinds, charlie and lola, masterchef, this morning

and the sweetest angel, my moon bestest friend, also gave me the sparkliest of awards you ever did see!!! made by the lovely little poppet herself! it is beautiful and my favouritest, so thank you ever so ever so much sweetest ♥

i give it straight back to her, as hers is also a special and starry and sparkley little blog!!! i will also award it to:
capture the castle
quiet milk

before i go, i must ask you all for a teeny bit of help. for my studio work, i am looking at things from our childhood that made us feel different or that we wanted to hide. when i was younger at school i didnt like anyone knowing that i had arthritus, and didnt like it when i had to sit on chairs when everyone else was on the floor, for example. so sometimes i would do thiings even though they were painful, just so people wouldnt notice and ak questions. i want to explore how other people dealt with insecurities when they were younger or at school, so would be ever so grateful if you would possibly tell me some of yours??

i must go of to bed now my sweethearted bloggers. i will will will reply to your comments, i have been reading them all, and your blogs, and they make me smile and smile. i will comment as soon as i can!! the sweetest starriest dreams to you all.

*oopsy!! i have just realised that this post published half way through me making it, and i have already recieved some comments!!! oh dear. sorry sweets!!*

x ♥


  1. Your art is lovely dear!<333 I love it:D I wish I could go and see it for real.

    Sounds like you are having a great time<333 Your Valentines day sounds perfect.

  2. I am so glad you are this happy!
    Your art looks wonderful. I know what you mean about the excitement surrounding your exhibition. I had my art showed in my graduating art show and I was so excited, so proud, so overwhelmed! People kept saying they liked my work and until then I had thought it was of no consequence and that only I would really like my own work. I was proven wrong and that made me feel so good and boost my self-esteem so so much.
    I wish i could see you exhibition. It looks oh so interesting. And the idea of the lights is fascinating. All the artworks seem lovely as well. Congratulations to you and your colleagues!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too, dear. I am glad you had such a wonderful time with your love, even though your burned the bread :)

    Have a wonderful week!


  3. eggy bread is yummy ♥ not had it in ages. something similiar like that happened to us. my mum burnt the stake, a little miniture fire started so my mum phoned the fire brigade and it ended up by the time we got there we had put the fire out. there were 2 abulances he he how embaressing my mum going outside telling them it was all ok.

    your art is lovely. i wish i could be ever so arty like you (: i like the idea of people writing on the postit x

  4. hello again ♥
    thank you ever so much for your comment on my blog. it made me ever so happy & smiley that i got my first comment (: so thank you very much!

    the flowers are really really pretty. the 99p rose, what a little bargain. i like my bargains.

    p.s your socks look ever so cosy and warm :D

  5. hello beautiful

    i am in a rush so haven't had a chance to read all of your post but i will come back and do so! Just wanted to send you my well wishes and let you know i tagged you in my latest post.

    love love x

  6. thanks for the tag love!

    your art looks amazing.
    and i love babies, ah! i can't get over how teeny tiny their fingers and toes are. it's so so cute. so funny to think we were all that small once.

    love x

  7. Yay for eggy bread. Oh god, I want some. In fact, I will!

    Glad you had a lovely valentines day. & your artwork is so niiiiice & pretty. I love the toothfairy jar.

    I'm trying to think of my own insecurities in school. I guess in primary school I would often not wear my glasses because I didn't like being called 4-eyes. & in high school I was insecure about my weight, which wasn't actually large. I was normal (a size 10), but felt fat. So always wore baggy jeans & huge sweatshirts, before I stopped eating hardly anything & took some certain tablets to umm... flush out.. anything I did eat.. I don't know if that's the kind of thing you're looking for. Sorry if it's not. I wish you luck with it. :)

    Your blog is a treat to read as always. X

  8. I love your art work! I'd be interested to know what it was about..

  9. oh thankyou thankyou so for the award you gave me! i love it <3 and thank you for the tag. you are the sweetest.

    chanel looks darling, it is so sweet that her big sister loves her so much!

    your exhibition sounds wonderful, i wish so much to have seen it in person. it sounds so magical and nostalgic. the little jar on the stand and the hanging keys look beautiful! the post it notes are a great idea as well. congratualations on it going so well for you! <33

    happy valentines day to you too, even if it is late!

    love love
    stay sweet

  10. rosie, you adorable sweet girl! thank you thank you for the tag. and for your lovely comment. this post is so pretty. i love all the cute little pictures of you and the tales of your valentine. and seeing the photos of your exhibit and hearing your description of it makes me wish so much i could've been there. it sounds like a truly original and magical show.
    oh dear, i think you asked a question in your post and now i can't remember what it was... oh, i think i remember: when i was younger i was very embarrassed of my snoring. girls made fun of me for it terribly.

  11. There is something for you on my blog.

  12. Hello darling sweetheart!

    Oooh, this post made me all warm and happy inside. I am so glad to read about you being happy and having such great times! <3
    Also, i just love your artwork, it's very special and intimate in some kind of way...

    About my youth, i remember blushing a LOT when i was around 10years old until around 14. I hated it. So so much i couldn't sleep at night because i was so ashamed i blushed the whole day through. It was horrible, especially when people would say something about it.
    Of course i was tried to hide my red face, but you can't hide from blushing, it will only make it worse of course.
    These times, i can laugh about it, but i remember feeling really really bad about it.

    Oh, and i wanted to thank you with all my heart for the amazing comment you've left on my blog. You truly don't know what it means to me...



  13. wow this post is so cute! :)

    happy valentines day!!!

  14. How beautiful...your photographs are lovely and your niece is adorable!

  15. How special to finally see and hold your sweet baby cousin! She is darling.
    The notes people left for your project are wonderful. I like the dangling vintage keys.
    Happy Saturday! I hope all is well and bright =)


  16. Your blog is lovely.

  17. oh oh oh you are a sweetheart of all the lands.
    of all the lands real and magic and made up with beauty and sweets.

    your work is beautiful and your socks are wonderous and your teeny chanel is perfect and your snowy self is magical and your valentine's is sweeter than a lollypop.
    you are wonderful and i am happy that your times at home and with your beau and with your work has been absolutely amazing.

    i am going to whisper mail you back as soon as i can. as i cannot wait to tell you about the magic i've seen and the smiles i've felt and the princes i've bumped into and the sweetest moon bestest friend i have.

    oh and you forever deserve that award and your answers for the tag is too beautiful for any words i do have.

    foreverness of magic you bring to us all.
    and i must think and think of some answers for your research.

    loveliness and sweets in a brown paper bag tied with a lilac ribbon.

  18. I have finally had my chance to read all of your post!!

    Aw Chanel is such a cute name for a little one! Ohhh i can't wait to be a mummy.

    I am trying to think of what a hid as a child but am struggling. Actually! I had a freckle on my lip (it faded away after about 3-4 years) but i used to be SO conscious of it that when i met new people or was around people who weren't my close friends, i would bite my bottom lip top hide the freckle. I'm glad i don't have to relive those days!

    Sending you much love and a virtual hug :) :) xoxo

  19. Oh dear Rosie, if there is anyone to apologize it is certainly not you. So kind have you been, leaving me comments even while I was away, while I have not been able to reply. So horrible do I feel about this. You will forgive me, will you not?
    Your comment is ever so sweet and wonderful, so many smiles I have smiled because of you. Thank you for that.

    Oh, my week off was indeed wonderful. I miss it! =[
    Everyone in the blog family seems to need some weeks off because we are all so busy now, with school and work; it has been crazy, right?

    Well, about my trip, I will not be writing as I did on the latest post because then it would take many posts to finish my story. I want to, but time is against me, and I am unable at the present moment to waste any time at all. You will hear the summery of it though, so do not worry.
    The snow jackets were so weird and completely different from anything I have ever done because temperature here never is cold enough to wear anything of the kind. A simple hoodie or thin jacket and you are good to go, and that is only in the winter when the cold finally decides to show up. It was lovely dressing up though, except for the gloves which always got out of my jacket sleeve and when I would fall and touch the snow it made my wrists feel like they were burning. Horrible, but I learned to just ignore it… it made me not fall so it was good in a painful way. hehe

    Yay. I was unsure if I was a moon friend or not. Thank you thank you thank you…so very much darling. I would love to go to the balls and tea parties with all you lovelies. YAY! =]

    Well, I cannot bake at all unless I have a recipe with me or someone instructing me. Apple pies and cheesecake, these are some of the things I have baked, though the former with help and the cheesecake all by myself. I did not get to eat the cheesecake though, how sad.
    Were you able to learn to bake anything new for Valentine’s Day? How did you spend the day with your sweetheart? Hopefully, and most likely, it was wonderful.

    Well, your hair looks not so hard to manage. It tricked me. Were you forced to cut it that short, or you wanted to do it? All my kiddie years I had my hair very short and once it was just like a boy’s, even higher than my ears. It was horrendous, and I was so sad when my friends saw me... My hair now is past my elbows and waist, it is ever so long and still it is hard to manage. I can only imagine what it would be like if I were to cut it, though lately I did want to cut it short, but decided against it.

    The Notebook is one of my favorite movies. So many tears of joy and sadness I shed during all of it, even though I have watched it a million times. Your boyfriend cried too? How cute.

    Dorothy shoes?!? How wonderful and magical you must feel when you wear them. Yes, a picture is indeed needed

    Did you carve the initials on the tree present your boyfriend gave you? And you are very welcome.

    Oh, Henry the SuperDino is so happy to know you think him lovely. Yes, we attend to do little things like that to each other and no one truly ever understands the love we feel for each other, or they just under estimate it, which makes us sad because we want people to know we would not be able to live without each other. Inseparable we are. Thank you, for all your sweet compliments.

    Well, about the little story, I made some changes to it and added a little bit of story to it because it didn’t feel complete. But thank you, for all the compliments on my story. If you have any constructive criticism I would love to hear it because then I will be able to get better. If you do not, then that is fine, just the fact that you read it makes me so happy.

    No, I would never think bad of you, no matter how long it took for you to comment because I completely understand you are busy as ever, as am I. Which is why I feel so horrible, a mean friend, for not commenting and replying in such a long time to your amazing comments. You are also my dear lovely friend, whom I love to hear from because you are so very sweet, with your wonderful comments that make me smile. Makes me feel happy inside to know you feel the same.

    Regarding your lovely post, which I must say is ever so cute… here goes my comment on the Wednesday 28th of January.

    That first picture of you is so adorable. Your eyes looks so smiley, and just so pretty. Oh and your ring is also adorable. The picture of the shoe in the background is also very cute.

    The highest score?! My, my… you sure are smart! How wonderful. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This calls for a cyber celebration.. Many balloons and gifts for you for being such a smarty pants and passing your course. How glad you must be. Your parents must be so very proud of their smart, lovely, pretty and kind daughter. You are one of a kind deary.

    A new cousin?! More great news, how wonderful to hear this and for you to share it with us. CONGRATS…again. Hehe

    Chanel, how beautiful. Two weeks, meaning about one week now? Have an amazing trip, and if you are already there, then so sorry for the late congrats.

    Yes, celebrating was a must. Smart girl. Hehe… I love how you celebrate; it is so simple but wonderful, shows what you like most. That pink straw reminds me of a green one I had when I was smaller, and it was gift from someone special so I miss it. You look so very lovely in the pictures. Oh the plaid shirt is wonderful, I am looking to buy one like yours, hopefully tomorrow. Your accessories are also lovely. Hehe the little happy happy drawings, she is so cute.

    Aw, you will see your family soon enough dear, hand in there. Rapunzel hair, yes, I would miss it too, but yours is getting there. It is up to your shoulders and a bit more, right?
    Your work of what? Drawings you mean?

    I too like to draw on envelopes… I learned that three weeks ago, and I thought I was crazy. But I prefer with blue pens.
    So happy you seem to be, I am so glad.

    Standing up for what you believe in is very important, as is integrity.

    Oh, I have about 5 different diaries at the moment, and that is not an exaggeration in any way. Then I have 3 books for drawings, and 4 more for stories and poems and such things.

    Though I am not able to relate to your arthrirus personally, I did have an aunt who had a severe case and well you can tell from the ‘had’ what happened. How sad I am to know you go through this pain, though quite undeserved. However, I can relate to the not wearing normal children’s shoes because when I was small my feet and knees were crooked inwards so I was forced, by my lovely parents who I now thank, to wear this “cowboy boots.” Why cowboy boots? It required a black belt that went across my hips and then from the belt two big black tubes that were a bit hard to flex went down around my sides, making me look like an oval shaped girl, and then it connected with the orthopedic black boots that were helping to straighten my knees and feet. Mine was not exactly as cool and wonderful as your red boots, but I was unique and it never bothered me with goes to show I used to be quite a confident little girl. What happened with the confidence? No clue, but my guess is growing up and TV happened.

    Oh my, thank you ever so much dear sweetheart for the tag. Gladly will I do it. You are so wonderful for thinking of me… thank you!

    Hopefully your boyfriend is feeling better by now.
    Hoping and wishing he gets better.

    Now I shall comment on your “Cakes and hearts and makes” post.

    How happy you must have been to be surrounded by family, especially in such a joyous occasion, what with the baby and all.
    Congrats again.

    So cute you look in the pictures in the mirror. I’ve always wanted one of those mirrors for my room, but mother says it is useless because we have one in our hallway. Meh. =[

    How yummie and delicious that cupcake looks. Makes me quite hungry now but I will finish this before rushing off to eat some chocolate cake with warm milk. Oh and the cup looks like some plates my family had when I was about 8 years old, and I used to love to use them because it was a whole set of different plates and cups, which made dinner feel special.

    Chanel is so tiny it is simply wonderful and so pretty, though the picture is a bit blurry. The bigger sister is gorgeous though, so cute. Babies are so wonderful, so amazing, a little blessing and miracle, a magnificent gift, a wonder we cannot ever unravel, along with a bundle of pure joy all put into the tiny body of such a beautiful being.

    Your works were quite wonderful. I clicked on the pictures so I could see them from close and though the first one is too far away for me to get a good look at it, the other one let me do so.

    Such an imagination you have, it makes me quite jealous of your creativity and ability with art related things. My sister is also this way and I have always been okay, but she is excellent and has such wonderful ideas, it just comes to her naturally, which I am sure is the same thing with you. Drawing is more of my forte, though it is not even all that great. Abstract expressions of feelings are some of the things I do and also still life, though humans (realistic and anime) have been my latest works and I am rocking at it, which makes me happy. Do you draw?

    Now back to your pictures of your wonderful exhibit.
    The tooth fairy idea is simply wonderful, and so cute does it look. The ribbons, along with the glitter, the gold pieces and what I think is jewelry pieces is all so fantastic. However, I am not quite sure what the little bag in front of the jar is… care to enlighten me? So badly do I wish I could see your amazing works, and the comments on the post its some people left were awesome, which must have made you happy.

    From writing on the walls to the post it comments, the light works to the white surroundings, the simplicity of it and the thoughts behind them, it all seems great and you should be proud.

    Oh your valentine’s day sounds wonderful, including the evacuation part because it is so funny. The banner is so cute. Your boyfriend is ever so romantic and cute, the letters and all, so nice. The flower you gave him, have three that are like so that were given to me in Spain by a guy friend we met over there and it was adorable because it is a never dying or never losing its charm flower which will forever remind you of the person who gave it to you, right? Games is an awesome idea, I love board games and think it is a great way to spend happy time together with friends, and in your case with your boyfriend.

    The cards he gave you are simply wonderful, as is the little house of love he made for you. Maybe it represents his heart and how you live in it and he wishes you to always live there because he knows he will always love you. I don’t know, maybe.

    How pretty the roses are, a thoughtful idea from your parents. Your family is amazing. Oh and how very sweet you look in the picture were you are holding the bouquet and your hair is falling at just the right angle across your face. Your smile is such a beautiful one, did you know that? Well, it is and I thought I should let you know because sometimes it is nice to hear these things that you think no one notices, but they do, they just do not comment on it, so I shall say it for everyone who has ever thought it. Beautiful smile! Never waste it, and always use it to smile and show your happy feelings, because as I have mentioned many times before, you deserve to be happy, being the lovely girl you are and all.

    How I would love to send you a letter, but the distance is great… not that it matters, but still.

    Oooohhh… how jealous I am of the snow you are privileged with. I miss it greatly. A snowy star for the Star Queen, right?

    E-mails are not too abundant in my e-mail account… 

    I too love the smell of old books; it is unique with each book but alike at the same time.

    How wonderful that award is, and it completely fits you.

    Alright, now regarding your question and call for help… Though I was quite confident even though I was forced to wear the cowboy boots, I also had some of the feelings you had. So normal did I want to seem that I was willing to run and run even though it was quite uncomfortable and it actually hurt my hips because of the belt.

    Also, to deal with insecurities or feelings such as those when I was young, I would always write everything down in a pink cow fairy journal I had, and still own because saving those memories is wonderful. The journal was filled with all of my feelings and I would go there to write everything down. Also, my sister would be wonderful because I would tell her everything that worries me and that I could not deal with by myself. She is like my own living journal/diary who is ever so wonderful because with this one I actually get advice and comments in return.

    Another way I dealt with these feelings was by writing poems and songs. Many journals of mine were filled from back to back with poems of my teary moments, especially the boy moments when I felt horrible. Songs were sometimes made, though not quite as much as the poems, but I have quite a handful of them too. Oh and being how I love to draw, even though I am nothing compared to my sister, I have always had a thing for drawing my feelings… what do I mean? Well, I draw abstract figures/things that represent my true feelings, and this way I know once upon a time there were those feelings in me and that no one will ever be able to understand it no matter how hard they try because no one has felt it but me. One drawing which was abstract and everyone thinks it is me being childish is actually me being hurt and not knowing how to deal with it. The background of the pictures has some dark pencil parts and whenever I was feeling nasty feelings or sad feelings, I would go up on my bed and up to the drawing with a pencil and write what I was thinking. No one will ever know what I wrote there, but I will and there are lots of lost feelings and words on there.

    Also, though this was more when I was in 6th-9th grade, I relate to music and let words of songs carry me away into my feelings. Somehow they relaxed me even though they sometime made me remember sad thoughts, and I would do it even at school in bathrooms when I was down and it helped. Umm… I think that is how I handle my tough moments and insecurities. Lately however, I also go to the little playground near my house and swing away until I am better.

    Hopefully this has helped you and will be of use. If you need anything else, you can always ask me because you know I love to ramble.

    Well, that is all. Have an amazing week filled happy and joyous moments.


    p.s. The word verification code is Mulgra... sounds like dirt in some other language. I don't know why it makes me think of that. hhmm


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate all of them x