Tuesday, 13 January 2009

soggy eyes and smiles

Im back at my uni flat. christmas is over, and i have had to leave my family. even as i write i feel horribly sad and try my harest not to cry. i am missing them. i am missing cups of tea with mother, going on car rides with father, giggles with my sister, cuddles and games with my little brother. being woken up every morning by him coming into my room and snuggling up in bed beside me. im missing little snowy, with his furry cuddles and teeny little kisses. his new sparkly golden collar he got for christmas, jingling as he plays with his new mouse. father brought me back with my little brother on saturday. it was beautiful day. it was snowing at home, but not at uni. the journey there was so very frosty, everything was sparkling white. the trees all looked magical, i had never seen any as beautiful before in my life.

when we got here, my boyfriend met us and after showing my brother our flat (he had never visited before) we took him to the park. we saw the frozen lake with the ducks walking across. father and bofriend were silly and tried breaking the ice with their feet. lots of slipping and sliding and giggles. then we went to the play park and had so many big, wonderful belly laughs!!! we all went on the swings, trying to see who would go the highest. father won, and my boyfriend went very high also. me and my little brother, with our smaller legs, could not make it quite so high. we went on roundabouts, and climbing frames, and clever spinning toys i had never seen before, that made me ever so dizzy and silly. we pulled each other along on the rope, running after each other as we zoomed across the wire. the the three boys climbed the climbing frame into a look out tower, where they called to me to come up too. but it was ever so high, and i thought my fingers might freeze and stick when i touched the bars!!! father climbed to the top of the spider web. it felt as though we were all tiny children, like my brother, who were having so many fun adventures and games. and i smiled the biggest, because i noticed painted stars all over the floor. the star playground, for the star princess. and her angel best moon friend. and all of their other moon friends.

I must tell you, before i finish writing about my family, which i must soon, because my cheeks are becoming ever so damp with tears, about the pantomime. new years eve we all went to see dick whittington, and had the most wonderful evening!!! hadnt been to one for years and years!!!! there was laughter and singing and shouts and wand waving and candy floss and sweets. i chose a butterfly wand that flashes. i dressed up for the pantomime too, with my cinderella necklace, my starry skirt, my new gold magic shoes and glitter on my eyes, cheeks and hair. at the end, as it was new years eve, the cast came down into the audience and we all linked hands and sang auld lang syne. and then aterwards, as we waited for father to come and pick us up, we saw the cast leaving through the stage door!!! we were the only people there, and we were only there by accident, but it was so exciting!!! my favourite one, who also plays stingy in lazy town, was ever so sweet, and seemed to be as excited to talk to us and we were to talk to him!!! it was magical evening and left me very dancy and giggly!!!

I also did some baking before i left home. me and my little brother made a gingerbread train, which was ever so much fun!!! with lots of icing and sweets and sprinkles. i think it would be the perfect way to travel to the moon, for those who do not have beautiful wings like angel lottie.

i also made some christmas biscuits, inspired by the wonderful lottie, my moon best friend. she made some delicious biscuits of me, rosy rosie the star princess, and her, little angel lottie. so i have done the same!!!
before i left to go back to my uni flat, me, my sister and my mother went to get our hair done and as a treat we all had a chinese take away, and stayed up very late playing games. my little brother also made me a beautiful butterfly which i absolutely love.

since my last post, i have a few more late presents, which has been so very exciting!!! from my boyriends grandparents, i have some wonderful dvds i have wished for for a long time. they are miss potter, marie antoinette and the notebook. me and my boyfriend have been watching them in the evening before bed time, all snuggled up, which has been lovely.

Mother got me some glittery tights, which are beautiful. I love them ever so much. And out of christmas money so far i have brought myself the biggest ring i have ever owned. it is also very very pink. i absolutely love it!!! and also my magical gold shoes, that i have worn every day.
i also recieved my boyfriends gift. we made eachother gifts this year, and his is rather unusual. he wanted to make something that i would be able to keep forever and had sentimental value. so he used the bottom of his christmas ttree, cut it in half and sanded and sanded it until it was lovely and smooth, and created a doorstop!!!! he said he wants it to be for when we buy our first house together, which is so sweet!! he was so nervous about giving it to me, because he thought i might laugh at him, but i love it. he also said he wanted to wait and see if i wanted to paint it. i dont know whether i do. i did think it is the perfect shape to paint a rainbow on it, but i quite like it being natural. it has the beautiful smell of pine, too. although i may carve our initials into it, because i think that would be sweet :)

the very lovely blue ring sent me a beautiful comment, in which she asked wether she could see pictures of my strawberry socks and brooch. i completely forgot!!! i had pictures of them both!!! so here they are, for all of you lovelys to see :)

I was also tagged by the wonderful yellow elephant, the rules are:

1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

i have done this tag before, but that was on my home computer. so i shall do it again for the forth folder on my uni computer!!!

this has made me giggle!!!! this was from last june, i think, possibly earlier than that. me and my mother and my little brother went to the museum and they had a victorian school classroom, with dress up outfts. so me and my little brother dressed up in the victorian school clothes and had our pictures taken in the classroom!!! i was slightly too big for the outfit, but my brother was too shy to do it alone :)

i am going to cheat a little and say i tag all of you to do it!!! it is so very fun and brings back wonderful memories, and i honestly cannot decide out of all of you beauties who to pick :)

even though i am sad to have left home again, i am having a lovely time with my boyfriend and looking forward to tomorrow, when work starts again. there are lots of lovey things about being back that i must remember when the tears start to come. one of them is the fact that i can now blog much more often, and visit all of you lovey little fairys who i adore and have not been able to keep up with as much as i would have liked over christmas. my posts will be more regular and i will be keeping up with all of yours aswell, and that will make me smile and smile, as will my moon best friend. whisper whisper. i will also be able to reply to all of your comments now, which i have been reading. they are all so very lovely, i appreciate every single one of them!!! you are all truely wonderful

x ♥


  1. I am sad you had to leave your family. You obviously had a great time though. So many marvelous adventures and silly games! It is wonderful to hear about it in your sweet sweet words. It makes me happy.

    You are so so lucky to have a dad that doesn't mind doing silly things like climbing bars and sliding on a lake. I was quite surprised to read that...

    Your boyfriend's gift is absolutely wonderful and marvelous! What a great idea!

    I'm glad you are back though. It is good to hear from you again and to read your posts :)

    I hope to hear from you soon!
    Have a great day and a nice first day of school tomorrow!


  2. so glad you are back!

    dont be sad about leaving your family, there is always next time and also lots of things to look forward to now that you are back, as you said.

    what an absolutely fun time you've had! that train looks delicious!
    and all the gifts that you got and bought are so pretty! i think im a tiny bit jealous ;)

  3. I know how sad it feels to leave home once again - especially when you still want to spend so much more time with your family. I feel the same way right now. I do hope you don't feel sad for too long though! :)

    Mmm, those biscuits look yummy! Oh, and isn't Miss Potter such a brilliant movie? I love it so much.

  4. Darling queen of the stars,

    There is no need to worry about when you comment, as long as you do. Especially you, because waiting for these long replies is a wonderful thing, they always cheer me up so much, something I thank you for from the bottom of my heart.

    Truly, the post says I would be away but I cannot help myself and come be with my darling friends.

    The gift you say? One day, maybe I will check it out of the library, even though you pretty much told me the story already. How very sad that it takes his death to make him wake up and realize how much he has been neglecting his family.

    Of course you deserve the honor to be the pretty little queen of the stars.

    Cuddling is always such a great thing with friends and people whom you love, it is not needed here, and since I am not fully into touchy touchy things, it is fine by me.

    Oh my, you are so very kind. Thank you so much for the compliments on ym comments, I just get so into your posts. So it is like so… Rosie’s life+awesome posts= my long comments.

    Do not worry yourself with when you comment, I truly understand that you are busy because I am too and I am only doing this so I do not have to do it when I get back and be flooded with too many comments on hold.

    Indeed I have been having wonderful days with my family and it is an amazing feeling to not have had to do any homework for a week. Too bad that week is over and here I am, back again on the computer doing homework. Though, to be completely honest, I missed getting on the computer, though it might have something to do with all the little lovelies that are on here whom I was dying to talk to again, like you.

    Thank you, I thought I would be stuck with a crappy picture but luckily I wasn’t, which was wonderful.

    Now to move onto your wonderful post…

    So glad to hear you are safely back at your uni, though it would be much better if you were safely at your mother’s house, no? Oh my, no do not feel so sad. Do remind yourself that you are with that lovely boyfriend of yours, and you always have us, who will not leave you.

    That little brother of your sounds so delightful, so cute and darling. See, this is where we differ. The relationship between your brother and yourself is much better than the relationship with my brother and me. Too alike are our personalities thus making us impossible to be together, though there are some days when all is wonderful and those days make me so happy.

    Hopefully my journey and trip in Wyoming will be as magical as your sounds, with lovely fairy dusted trees and many glittery beautiful surroundings. So very excited I am for this trip, it seems almost so far away.

    So funny how whenever I have a trip to go somewhere it does not hit me until I am at the airport or already on the plane, but this one has hit me a bit more because of all the preparation needed to be done for it, like buying snow jackets and pants and such things.

    Would they not fall in and freeze if they had broken the ice? Crazy!

    Yay, the swings and the park… my secret place to go to when I can.

    You see, there were stars surrounding you because you are indeed the star queen. Oh and yes, with your moon friends. Do I make a part of those moon friends? It is so good to read that you were having the most wonderful time with your brother, father and boyfriend, the man in your life, no? Very adorable of them.

    No idea do I have about who Dick Whittington is… sorry! But wow, it sounds like you had a great time again, which is great to hear. That wand of yours is gorgeous, and lovely. You must have looked like a little princess yourself, with all that wonderful clothes and the glitter. Oh no, maybe you looked more like a fairy, with fairy dust all over her pretty little rosy cheeks.

    Oh and what a gorgeous ring you have on, with such a pretty colorful nails.

    Baking?!? Is there anything you can’t do? How wonderful that you too can bake. Very intrigued am I in cooking but I have no time, but I will learn.

    Awww… a ginger bread train that came out spectacular.

    Yes, the train can be a magical train because the wonderful Queen of the Stars build it with love and care, and it will fly you into the sky until you are up above on the beautiful stars, which then it will make a stop on stars and let us get off and hang on and it would be a magical day.

    Yum yummy in your tummies. Biscuits, of you two. How beautiful that is. They do look delicious and so yummy.

    So very gorgeous do you look in that picture of you, with that beautiful owl necklace and such a pretty skirt. Of course, your hair looks as pretty as ever, though straighter. SO badly do I wish to have hair like yours, which it is naturally pretty and easy to handle. Oh and the frame on the mirror is also beautiful like the little sweetie on it.

    Such a darling present your brother made you. Is he always this sweet and cute? But of course he is, and he is so lovely to be like so.

    I wish to see Marie Antoinette and Miss Potter. But what a beautiful movie The Notebook is, no? It has been playing on TV nonstop all this week. It is the sweetest movie ever, one of my favorites and so romantic in a sad and happy way. It is like an emotional rollercoaster, you are super happy then very sad and in tears, then you are kind of nothing, then hopefulness takes over and in the end it is so happy in a very cute and sad way. How darling it would be to have him as my husband, he is so wonderful.

    So many wonderful gifts all your loved ones gave you, you are one lucky girl to have so many people love you.

    Glittery tights? You must put a picture of this perfectness. Glittery tights for the Queen of the stars, the one and only. The ring is also gorgeous and I can see why you love it so much, it is wonderful color and everything.

    What a lovely drawing that is. Would that be you in your glittery star dress, with your Queen head piece? Oh and what a delicious cake. So pretty you draw.

    Oooohhh…. Those are darling shoes, for a darling heart. They are so very pretty, if only they were red and they remind me of Dorothy’s shoes. Except you were at home, but you could wish to go back, and your tasks are to finish school. Yes?

    Oh you too have the loveliest boyfriend, how sweet of him to give you that.

    To buy your first house? So very jealous I am of such a wonderful guy and what a beautiful and sentimental gift.

    Hmm… The initials would be darling, but I think he should carve yours and you carve his. Just a thought, nothing more. It would look lovely with the rainbow, but I say you wait a while. Seeing as how it will be the door holder, you might sometimes walk into it or it might get darker and then you could paint it, but right now it is so raw and nice. Gorgeous!

    Yay! You put up the pictures, thank you so very much sweetie!!

    Those socks are adorable, as is the brooch. Oh my, that brooch is really beautiful, it has a 1920s feel to it, in my opinion.

    Aww.. I think this picture is adorable. Hey, at least now we know that back then they had style, what with already predicting the mini dresses and such, no?? hehe… but you look lovely, as does your cute little brother.

    Yes, thoughts of the good in being back at home is what you must do to keep the tears way, though it is understandable that you would miss that unbelievably lovely family of yours.

    Well darling, have a wonderful week, filled with many little magical moments that may bring many smiles to your pretty face, and many glittery thoughts of wonderness.

    Thank you for being a darling friend, someone who is lovely and so very nice to me, always commenting with such lovely words and thoughts, being the prettiest little darling, the Queen of the Stars.


  5. Seems like you have had lots of wonderful moments<333 I'm so happy you took pictures for us to see, they make me so happy to see your happy moments. I do love your gift from your boyfriend, it is very beautiful. And as for painting it or not I think both would look lovely ^^I love the nature of the wood but it would be perfect with a wonderful rainbow on it<333

    Hope you have a great time at uni and don't miss your family too much ^^

  6. Wow, I really like your blog! I'm going to have to check it often :) So cute!


  7. I really like the gingerbread train you made, and I just like this whole post and all the pictures really xx

  8. no worries at all my dear, for i have been terribly neglectful of my blogger commenting duties too. i'm so glad that you had a good christmas break! your gift from your boyfriend actually bought a smile to my face, what a thoughtful present, and it's so sweet that he was all shy and nervous to give it to you. of course you were going to LOVE it! what did he think? sentiment is always a crowd pleaser haha.

    i'm jealous of what looks like a white christmas from that photo... ours was stinking hot and unbearable, and yours seemed filled with yummy baked good lie gingerbread, which i think feels wrong if its not cold... it was just way too hot to cook anything, so dessert was pavlova and ice cream and all that jazz. definitely yummy, but i like freshly baked cakes, christmas puddings etc.

    hope you are well, and not dreading the return to uni too much. you know that it will be back home very soon, to family and friends and comfort. :) i leave for europe on the 21st for 6 weeks and i'm dreading being away from my family, it will be the longest separation... ah!


  9. i first have to say that your boyfriends gift to you was so so sweet! what a cute idea.

    i was sad to return to uni too, but i've been here a week now and it isn't so bad. it'll get easier after the first few days!

    your cookies look so delicious, yum! that's one thing i miss a lot about home, is all the baking i did.

    i hope you have a magical time at uni and do not miss home too much.

    your little brother is darling! and so are you.

    stay sweet xx

  10. hello rosie! i am so glad you are back, with your magical words and worlds. i have just arrived home to my family after being away a very long time, so i understand how hard it is to leave them, too too hard. but don't be sad forever. because you have a beautiful boyfriend who gave you the most beautiful gift, and you have amazing gold shoes and huge gorgeous rings. and you have all of us out here who adore you, me maybe most most of all. i am so happy i will be able to read you more often now and send you wishes and blog love. until we meet on the moon!
    of the secret heartshapedmorning.blogspot.com

  11. Oh Rosie, I cannot tell you how delightful it was to read this post! An abundance of pictures and stories. Your description of the mime was so intriguing – I have heard of them but never had the opportunity to see one…are they mostly in England?
    Big rings are soo much fun. I have a big ivory coloured rose one, which I absolutely love. I hope your transition back to uni is smooth, and many unexpected surprises pop up to take your thoughts off missing home again.

    with love,

  12. What an exquisite holiday and a precious family.
    Your golden shoes are quite lovely as well.
    I am a newcomer to your blog, and quite captivated by your photographs and writing style.

  13. this post truly was beautiful, Rosie. it is sad that you had to leave your family, and to say goodbye after being together a long while is hard. christmas is so magical and therefore i belive it's harder to part after it...

    the pink ring and socks were very sweet. where have you bought the ring, if i'm allowed to ask? it was huge, but oh so lovely!

    i hope your start at the year 2009 at uni. will be good. i hope you don't have that much of exams and written tests.

    PS: your boyfriend's gift was the sweetest! i would have done everything for a gift like that. so simple, but yet fantastic.

  14. This post is so full of love, i have to to honest and say it brought tears in my eyes too.
    I love so much the way you write about your family, that made me smile.
    Everything will be okay, such a cliche, but always true.
    Actually, i am visiting your blog now because i read your amazing comment on Stardust Sprakle blog. Your comment made me cry. It made me realise how beautiful this world and how many beautiful people there are.
    It's not like if you don't meet them every day, they are ot there.
    They are, but they may be far away.

    I am so thankful for this.
    I am also thankful to you, for letting me remember this.


  15. I love your blog. I have to say, the Gingerbread house sealed the deal - you're on my reading list Miss Posie. Very nice :)

  16. Rosie!

    It's very very nice to be back, and to read such wonderful posts!
    Your frost looks magical, It's frosty where I am this morning and its my absolute fave weather, no mud when I take the dogs for a walk and its so exciting when there is ice on the road and the leaves are all crispy and icicle-y!

    I have to say that Miss Potter is a lovely film, it makes me giggle when the bunnies come to life when she looks out of her bedroom window, and when she tells the story of Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca <3

    Cute picture by the way, smashing hat!

  17. the notebook is amazing, one of my fav films, i still can't help but to sob like a baby towards the end, but it was kinda happy tears :)

    ps, your blog is so cute! (and I LOVE the oracle for shopping!)


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