Tuesday, 30 December 2008

christmas stars and angels and wishes, and a very happy new year!!

Christmas finally arrived, and although the day is now over, christmas is not. not at all. there are still so many celebrations to be had!! and it has been so magical and wonderful, and filled with fun and laughter and treats. i have so much to share with you all...
i was still doing christmas preparations until so very late on christmas eve, i had to rush to bed so santa would come. he came, drank his milk and ate his mince pie, rudolf nibbled on the carrot we left, and santa left many many wonderful gifts. i was given so many beautiful things i cannot possibly fit them all in here. a beautiful horse and arriage, that i can wear around my neck every day. a starry starry skirt and a sequined jumper, that i can wear to our moon tea parties. 7 rings, that glitter and shine, full of colour and beauty you would not believe. glittery bubble bath so i sparkle all day long. teeny pots of fairy dust, that i will use to make retty pictures with my little brother very soon. a lovely book, tied up with a beautiful red ribbon, that i wore in my hair. a sweet teddy called emily, who will join curly on my bed, and they can be friends. lots of sweet treats, a mini etch a sketch, new pens and pencils, a pretty bracelet, a watch on a ribbon to tie around my wrist, dvds and cds, purple tights and strawberry socks. cookery books. a beautiful brooch. a pink glittery belle cup. and many other wonderful delights.
(i must apologise for the poor quality of the photos. all taken with my phone, my camera refuses to work. im hopefully getting oit fixed tomorrow.)

The last picture is of pretend candles my mother has given me, that flicker as though they are real. i love candles, but we are not allowed them in my uni flat. so mother got me these!!! how wonderful they are, too.

I did not finish creating all of my little presents and wrapping them for people until so very late on christmas eve, as there had been so very much else to do. but everyone seemed to like them very much. mother cried at the painting i made for herand father, which is always a good sign. happy tears. she always gets them when she recieves gifts that mean lots to her.

christmas dinner was delicious, and so filling. i ate so much i thought i would burst!! but it was amazing. lots of cracker pulling and paper hat wearing, and so many laughs that made my cheeks and my belly hurt. i thought of my wonderful moon best firend, my little lottie. her stars were all over the table. and then collected carfefully afterwards and put back in their special jar. the tree looked more beautiful than ever. our smiles sparkles. i wore glitter everywhere, on my eyes, my cheeks, my eyelashes, my clothes, my hair, my fingers, my wrists. tribbons like a christmas present. me and my boyfriend had our christmas on another day, and he came to stay, sharing my little single bed. but we do not mind.
i saw all of my family. we had a big party. lots of cousins, that seem to be growing far too fast. lots of games and dancing and laughs. lots of catching up and exchanging of presents. I got to see my cousins little girl, who is ever so cute. we had lots of cuddles and giggles together. she took lots of pictures saying 'cheeeese' really loudly as she took them, then ooohing and clapping at the results. and youll never guess, while playing with the pictures and pressing buttons on my phone, she made a blog!!!! theres an option on my phone that i never knew i had to do that. heres the link to little leahs blog: http://skawig967.blogspot.com/
the picture is of my boyfriend and leahs knees :)
i must go now. me and my little brother have a gingerbread train and christmas biscuits to make with my star and angel cutters. i hope you have all had a wonderful christmas. thank you for all of my lovely comments, it is rather difficult to reply at the moment, but i will try ever so hard to tomorrow. my new years resolution is to post more frequently than i am at the moment, and make my blog better and better!!! :) happy new year to all of you lovelies, i hope you have lots of fun and giggles!!
x ♥


  1. How lovely a Christmas you must have had! I love the skirt so much~ It is very lovely indeed! I hope you will have a very awesome new year too!

  2. I'm so glad you had such a happy and joyful Christmas Rosie! I love reading of your celebrations. What a shame that you can't have real candles in your uni flat - but the pretend ones from your mother were so thoughtful and interesting! My room is filled with candles (I consider unscented candles a waste of oxygen ;) so whenever they are all lit, it smells heavenly.

    Happy New Year dear!!


  3. you are so very sweet!

    i loved reading this post, it was enchanting. it seems like your christmas has been wonderful and magic. and all your gifts-they are fantastic. i really like the necklace with the carriage and horses. i think i've seen it on a nother blogger some while ago..
    all the rings you got are very sweet indeed.

    soon it's a new year coming. that's a bit scary, but it makes me ,in the same time, giggle. i love new starts, and i' very pleased that you are going ot post more. i really love reading your blog, dear Rosie! your blog is so very sweet, enchanting, amusing, wonderful, magic, dreamy, lovely. thank you dear sweetness!


  4. Oh Rosie this is so lovely! I adore it. Such amazing gifts, I'm so excited for you! Yayayayay.
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year dearest.

  5. Your rings are cute!
    Happy New Year!

  6. oh my lovely little rosy bean.

    your christmas looks wonderful wonderful and magic.
    i have a sleeping beauty cup like that, that i got last year. and you have pirate chocolate also.
    and wow wow your rings are beautiful and pretty and treasure-like.
    aw you look like you are having such fun :)
    i am so thrilled.

    your skirt is so magic. i love it lots.
    i wish for one similar.
    hope you have the best night this evening with more giggles and smiles.

  7. oh my gosh, what a gorgeous magical post. i love your blog more and more. your are so sweet and you show all the sweetness in your life in such a pretty and special way. thank you. happy new year, sweet one!
    my hidden blog: heartshapedmorning.blogspot.com

  8. What a magical holiday you've had! I am extremely jealous of your sparkly rings. They look like moon jewlery, I am in awe. Your blog is so fantastic, it makes my heart smile :]

  9. Wonderful pictures and love the music! Happy Holiday !

  10. I am so pleased to hear that you had a wonderful time.
    My oh my, all those little gifts are wonderful. You always do such great things with little things like the red bow, it is most ADORABLE. The book, what is it about?
    My gosh, look at all of those rings. Oh and by the way, I must comment on the awesome nail polish color. The one on the edge is so unique, as is the one in the middle finger. Wonderful, all of them. That flower bracelet is also spectacular.
    Yay for anything to do with great hot and long baths. If that anything happens to be glittery bubble maker, then it gets a Hip Hip Horray! Along with the YAY! Hehe
    The necklace is a gorgeous little detail to add you’re your many other jewelry. As is the little teddy bear, which by the way I love her name quite a whole deal.
    The skirt is the cutest thing ever, with all those little stars. Are you sure you are not the Queen of the Stars? Everyone gives them to you and you are always posting pictures of cute little stars. I am positive you must be. How lovely the glittery fairy pots are.
    The treats seem so yummy; I envy them for being so yummy.
    You got so many wonderful things. New pens, pencils and a sketch book are something I love to get. It will instantly cheer me up from any gloomy mood.
    Purple tights and strawberry socks? No picture of this? But why??? They sound lovely!
    A brooch.. And were might I know is the picture? Tsk tsk, you must put it up also.
    How thoughtful of your mother to give you those candles. She is so lovely, to do that.

    You made your mom a painting, how great! Handmade gifts are one of the best.
    Sharing a single bed means more cuddling so that is fine, do you not think? Te-he. I am sure you had the bestest time with him. O and what a darling picture of the white flowery thing, with a flower ball next to it, though I have no clue what it is. Sorry.
    I must leave you now deary, sorry for the sucky comment. Sort of in a hurry.
    Well, have the loveliest week you can and spend it with a smile on your lips and your arms wide open for all the warm hugs you are receiving.


  11. hi there lovely lady. i really like your blog.sounds like you had a magical christmas. I'm an art student at Uni too so we have that in common!! I was nosing through your previous posts and I think our work seems quite similar in a way, I also make things that are to do with childhood memories and re-creating them. you might find some insperation in this artists www.monicacanilao.com she is amaaazing, her work is to do with re-creating childhood fantasies and the imprints we leave behind, its all very magical and pretty illustrations mixed with installation work.Might give you some insperation anyway!!well hope that helps :) and my blog is http://matchboxrobot.blogspot.com there isnt anything too exciting there at the minute art-work wise I posted a picture of some minuture paintings I did in second year but thats all! keep up the blog its ace!!

  12. sounds just lovely, my dear. merry christmas and a happy new year. with gifts like these, how could you not?

    much love.

  13. I love your new necklace. Now you and Lottie match! Do you know where they can be bought?
    Thank you for your sweet comment - yours are always a pleasure to read and it makes my day more wishful and bright.
    I hope you will enjoy the candles even more so as you look forward to using them again. I hope it comes soon! They add such a beautiful atmosphere.
    Inspiration and writing does seem to come more naturally at the close of a year, and at its beginning. There is so much to remember, to learn from, to be thankful for. To look forward to! I am incredibly excited about whatever it is that is in store for this year. Life itself is so marvelous; we don't deserve it. Simple things make me so happy.

    Thank you for your kind comment about my homemade Christmas gifts. Your own creativity amazes me as well!


  14. I just love your nailvarnish colour, which brand/shade is it?

  15. your skirt is so beautiful!! and your necklace. what a lovely christmas you had. i hope your new year is just as good <33

  16. sweet rosie,
    i never thanked you for the lovely lovely comment you gave me about being far from my love. thank you, it means so much. and when i read this post for the second time, i saw again how magical and silly and sparkly and girly and amazing you are, deserving of all the sweetness in the world. and i'm so glad i get to share even just a little bit of that when i come here.
    see you at our moon tea party in the sky, lovey!
    (at the secret heartshapedmorning.blogspot.com)

  17. hello! I have stumbled apon your blog, and must say I am quite taken with it! I adore your loverly pictures!! this blog is truly sweet!


  18. me gusta mucho tu blog..es tan adorable y perfecto


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