Monday, 22 December 2008

Giant cupcakes, enchanted floors, starry treats and christmas wishes...

Suddenly everything has gone christmassy mad, mad mad!! so busy busy with hundreds of teeny jobs and suprises to do and create and prepare, such perfection that is going so quickly now i am home. i apologise for my lack of posting once again- as explained in my last post, my computer is terribly silly, and that combined with busy-ness has meant more than a week has gone by since i have posted. oh dear. i am so so sorry, but thank you all for the wonderful comments you have sent me. i check them every single day, and thank you all ever so much, that add that extra bit of sparkle to my day!!! you are all little sparkles yourselves, you are you are you are!!

i must warn you all that my camera has also decided to be silly at the moment, so i am using my phone instead. the pictures are a litter darker than i would like... please do not all give up on me, things will be better when i have my uni computer, honest!!!

my time at home is utterly amazing. i have been occupied with many christmassy wonderful things. lots of christmas shopping. my mother and i went to a lovely litte christmas market in town. it was beautiful, and the teeniest market i had ever seen!! it only had about 5 stalls i think, but instead of stalls they had tiny huts, with fairy lights and holly all around them, next to the river. beautiful beautiful beautiful. they had a market with hand made hats and mittens and jewelry, one with mulled wine and mince pies, another with lots of cute little gadgets such as pretty cushions that double up as speakers, and another- which was my own personal favourite- with lots of little fairies, all in differnt little costumes, all glittery and beautiful. such amazingness you never did see, but i am too poor after such a lot of christmas shopping to buy any for myself. but they were so beautful.

i did treat myself the teeniest bit that day, however- shhhh!!!- i found a little market stall in town, selling all of its beautiful necklaces, and bracelets and earrings for £2!! so i went to have a peek at what was there, and firstly found the most adorable owl!!! he was very large, to hang around my neck, with two bells for eyes, which i thought was so wonderfully enchanting, because it meant that if i wore it, when i walked they would jingle and jangle and ring so christmassy. i simply had to have it and take him home. and hang him round my neck, and jingle like sleigh bells. and as i went to pass over my coins, i spotted a glittering sparkleing wonder- a minnie mouse head, with a bejewled bow, just waiting to also hang around my neck, and follow me everywhere with her sweetness. i could not leave her behind. so i didnt!!! whoops.

I have also had the most wonderful treat at home. a giant cupcake, a giant christmassy cupcake. it was too delicious for words, with the creamy festive red icing, the sweet chewy little sprinklings of stars and holly, and the rich yummy chocolate sponge. perfect.

whilst out on one of our little christmassy trips, my little brother and i found the most wondrous thing- a magic floor!!! it was enchanted, so that the pictures on the floor- such as petals, flowers, snow flakes, and water, would move as though you were really walking through them!! amazing, we had hours of fun playing on there, we even made snow angels!!! such a wondrous thing it was, i wish for one in my bedroom.

This weekend has been filled with card writing mainly. My grandmother is no longer able to write out her christmas cards, so me and mother have been doing it for her. so we recieved a list she uses every year of all of the people she sends christmas cards to- and there were hundreds, from all over!!! amazingly she still keeps in touch with them all. old friends she has collected over the years, old friends of my grandads, old colleagues of them both, old doctors, old hairdressers, hundreds of relatives, people she met at concerts and while travelling that stay in touch... just an amazingly fascinating list of all of these people, and she knows every single one and they still write and call. but it is sad also, as my grandmother can no longer write back herself, and she cant even speak on the phone very well. so me and mother have spent hours writing and writing with gold and silver pens to all of these people, all over england, scotland, australia, canada, even china... amazing. but we finished, and they were all sent off today.

there has also been lots of wrapping, making tiny last minute secret gifts in spare moments, locked away in my room. planning and preparing. and there is still so much to do!!!

today was spent having a last minute shopping trip with father and my sister to get the last few little treasures for mother... i think i may have seen my lego santa for the last time, which is terribly sad. but i did go to my starry starry cafe, and have a star drink, and admire the stars hanging all over. similar to the ones lovely little lottie sent me. i wish to hang them all over my room too!!

it also put a rather huge smile on my face to hear that lottie recieved her fairy mail. and to see the wonderful pictures on her blog, of adorable tilly~rose with her hat i sent, and the lovely pig with her picture... lots of smiles and giggle. and excitement and squeals. i am so glad they liked their gifts!!

I must share with you all our lovely little teeny houses, that come out and sit in front of the fire place every christmas. i remember admiring them as a little girl, dreaming of what it would be like to live in a house like that. i still wish for that now. and i would hang stars inside. and maybe you could all come to visit?? and we could have a starry starry tea party. and we could all wear stars. and lottie could wear her angel wings. and we could sing starry angel songs and dance and dance...

and goodness... i feel huge thank you's and wows and smiles are certainly in order...

i have recieved a beautiful award from the lovely lovely end of march

thank you ever so much you sweetheart!!!!

I shall pass it on to...
my moon best friend angel lottie
the little fairy sprinkle
the wonderful much love
and the enchanting yellow elephant

I have also recieved that beautiful beautiful proximidade award for the third time, this time from the truely adorable thursday afternoons!!! thank you so much dearest!!!!

I have also been featured on, for doing the fairy wishes tag created by the sweet sprinkle :) you should all participate, as it is just so much fun!!!

and i have been sent a wonderful tag from country belle who is so very lovely. the tag is rather fun!!! the rules are:

1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store yourpictures.

2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.

3. Explain the picture.

4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

here is my picture:

goodness this is so long ago!!!! i was 15 in this picture, and a group of us went to thorpe park for the day. this is me and my boyfriend on the train. we hadnt been together for that long here i dont think. we're now 18 and living together at uni, how utterly different things are now!!! im glad i have done this post, as i had forgotten all about tis picture. its brought back lots of good memories!!! so thank you, belle!!

I tag:
blue ring

goodness, it is now 2:12am!!! i must go to sleep. must must must. there is still so much to do tomorrow!!!! tomorrow, i will also try to reply to your beautiful comments, as you are all so lovely and precious, but for now i must go to the land of nod, and have dreams filled with christmas and sparkles.

merry christmas to all of you, i hope yours is ever so magical!!

x ♥


  1. Speakers that double up as speakers? ;D

    I want a star adorned drink!

  2. everything is so christmassy here as well! it’s like one big rush of christmas and i cannot complain, of course of course!

    i am also have an amazing amazing time at home. It is so good isn’t it? that christmas market you went to sounds so lovely. we don’t often have markets in my hometown, but if we did i would want them to be like the one you described!

    your owl necklace is beautiful. i adore owl jewellery! Also your christmas cupcake looks so festive, with the little tiny holly on top! how charming.

    your posts are always so lovely, and your photos. stay beautiful! and have a wonderful, magical christmas.

    xxx love

  3. oh how sweet this post was!
    those necklaces are so beautiful, i love the owl one! oh and that cupcake has the prettiest colour ever!

    i love all the christmas rush.
    It would be so so great to live in that house and dance and dance.

    thank you so much for the lovely comment you gave me :)

    have a GREAT christmas ! (im sure you will ;)

  4. wow, what an amazing post! it makes me so happy to see into all your little adventures and magical sparkle-filled days. so glad you liked the tag! i thought it was a fun one. your boyfriend must be very special if you've been together since you were fifteen. you both look so adorable and happy in the picture.
    you really are one of my absolute favorites. you've created the most meaningful and sparkly of worlds!
    please keep visiting my secret blog, since it is the one that is special to my heart...

  5. I have been so busy myself, doing a lot of little things that are not even all that important but are so lovely, and I have been enjoying the christmas spirit all 'round :)
    thanks for tagging me! I will do a post soon.x

  6. Lovely necklaces and that star coffee looks deliciously amazing.

  7. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for that darling award. Gorgeous... I love those necklaces, they are so magical...

    I know how you feel with holiday stress... I have no idea what to make my mother, brother, or dad! Comment if you have any ideas... :(

    Hope you have a beautiful and fantastic Christmastime. I'll be sending out the postcards today!

  8. In your profile I just noticed that you like Corrine Bailey Rae. Her voice is so smooth and clear and beautiful.
    It's lovely hearing about your little adventures at home - shopping for presents is so fun. Gifting people is such a joy! It's hard to believe tomorrow is already Christmas eve. My little sister and I are going to watch White Christmas together. It's such a classic - perhaps in just America. Have you seen it?

    Thank you for tagging me; the photo you posted was sweet, however old it is!

    love, cait

  9. Oh dear, you’re back! No need to apologize for wanting to spend time with your family, it is understandable. Why thank you, I like to think I cheer others up, nice to know it may be true sometimes. Hehe..
    Oh shopping with your mother, how darling. It sounds like an amazing little market, and next to a river, how wonderful it must have been. Handmade stuff tend to catch my attention, they intrigue me, to see people put all this effort into things such as mittens and hats, and me being lucky enough to wear it, to help them see how wonderful their creation is. Oh my, a fairy and little costumes hut. How very delightful! A fairy land, with wonders, too bad you could not afford it.
    Those necklaces are indeed beautiful. The Minnie Mouse with the jeweled bow is so cute, and it does look rather pretty with you to compliment it. Owls are such a cute accessory, and this one necklace is so unique, I do wish I could find such pretty little things as you did, especially for such a great bargain price. Oh and by the way, you look so cute in that picture, like a little girl who has just been told she is getting a present, or a shy girl in front of a camera. Your hair is so pretty, the cut, very nice.
    A giant cupcake?!?! Why, you have the most wonderful snacks, your mom sure does know how to tickle your belly with these yummy treats, no?

    For a second I thought you would say a magic carpet, hehe, would that not be awesome? But a magic floor is just as great. Snow angels on the floor? Surely some people looked at you as if you were crazy, but at least you two had fun. It would be wonderful to have one of those magical floors in your room, indeed, though if you had magical walls it would also be wondrous, if that is a word, like the one in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium movie, when he is in the hospital and the walls are filled with stars, it is so amazing.
    Oh how terrible that she cannot take the pleasure in writing her own cards and calling her dear friends up either. Your mother and you should be happy to make her feel at rest about those letters, others might have said no to a task such as that one, which I am sure was a huge one. I do wish that when I grow old I will be able to say that I have friends all over the world, apparently I am on the way, I know I can say I have some in UK.
    Last minute gifts, always such sneakiness during these holidays, no?
    Aw, no Lego Santa for you, maybe you will see it next year, you never know.
    Oh the famous and wonderful starry café, I wish we had one. How very unique it is. The beginning to the dream stars house, no? Oh and that coffee looks delicious, but I have had to say no more to coffee, it is not too good seeing as how I was becoming a bit addicted to it. Tear tear, I miss it!
    Oh I would be honored to visit you in your little house, with stars hanging all over, many fairies like the ones you saw in the market, and of course with lovely tea and treats. Tea parties, that would be so spectacular. Wearing a star costume would be so very nice, though I think dressing up as a fairy would be lovely also.
    You greatly deserved that award; you have one of the best blogs indeed, one of the most cheerful and wonderful, the cutest one by far. Congratulations dear!

    Oh I also gave you the award, but though I know you have received it, millions of times and probably will many more, there is an explanation as to why I gave it to you.
    Oh my, thank you for tagging me, thanks so much. I will get around to it on the next post.
    In your picture you look so cute, cuddling with your cute boyfriend. He is very handsome I must say, his eyes are very light, no? maybe it is just a trick of the light, and since he is squinting so much I cannot tell too much, but he is very good looking. He is lucky to have you, and I am sure you guys will be together forever. How lovely it must feel and be to have a loved one in your life.
    Wow, from 15 to 18. Amazing! Just plain amazing how one can last so long, it is such a wonderful thing to hear that. Congratulations on that too. I tag:
    I hope you have a wonderful nights rest, and that all your dreams make you smile and be merry.
    Have a lovely week dear, filled with stars and much love and tender moments.


  10. Merry Christmas, dear. May all your snow covered wishes come true... <33
    I left a Christmas wish for all of you on my blog...

  11. beautiful beautiful beautiful

    that is what you are.
    and your starry cafe with starry drinks and teeny china houses which i will have tea parties in with you and wear my wings you made for me and i would make you a giant star head band. giant.
    and your cute teeny picture of your beau and you. and your enchnting floor which i wish for and your grandmother and your giant giant christmassy cupcake and your........
    tank you for the award.

    hugs hugs hugs for christmas

  12. merry christmas dear! and thank youy for the award, your're the best! the cup of coffie with the chocolate (?) star looks wonderuful. i need to try to make some similar tomorrow;)
    your post is sweet, magical, adorable as always.

    i hope your christmas becomes the best of all, and that you have an enchanted holiday this year. you deserve it!
    magical wishes sent to you from me

  13. i just came over to wish you a merry christmas, and it sounds like you are! the christmas market sounds delightful, made all the better by the fact that it is probably a little chilly over your way, and therefore you are all rugged up. christmas markets here mean sweaty, sticky people crowded together in a small space trying frantically to get last minute shopping down. not so picturesque, is it?

    i hope you have a most excellent day, really, i do. lots of really good food, and even more really good presents. can't wait to hear all about it.

  14. that cupcake makes me mouth water! it looks simply delicious!

  15. My darling friend, I missed your lovely comments and posts.

    Oh, not to worry, I love long replies, especially if they are from you. Oh and about the two comments, that is because I must have forgotten I had already done it once so I did it again. sorry. hehe

    You are very welcomed. You are just one of the darling sweet girls that have made me feel right at home on here, whcih is why I gave the award to you. That and because you are one of the dearests friends, so sweet and wonderful.

    Those are lovely names for your kids. Lucy has such a lovely ring to it, as does daisy. Oh and Charlie, reminds me of Charlie and the chocolate factory, but it is also very cute. Harry, not very commong on here but still a nice choice for a boy.
    Angel, that would be the bestests name.

    How dare those people tell you that you are missing out on anything. They are the ones missing out on stuff because they do not know what it feels like to be in love, to care so much for a person, someone who cares and loves you back just as much.
    Long eyelashes on guys is just not fair, right? Mine are average, but my brother's are huge, not fair, girls need the long eyelashes, not guys.

    That is good, that you and your sister are getting along. She must miss you greatly, which is why you are getting along wonderfully.
    Glad to hear I have friends in the UK.

    Yes, the thought and the time is something very rewarding when one gets a hand made gift. Oh and you are very welcome.

    Oh I have been very busy, too busy. It stresses me out too much, but I try to make the best of it, have some fun time and relax which is good.

    Nope, I have never seen snow, but yes I also know it will be wonderful, a completly new experience. Magical, as you said. Thiugh I will miss my parents, I also do think it will be awesome to be going with just my siblings and my firend and her family.

    Oh snow angels, how wonderful. A fairy costume. That would make me so very happy, but you should dress up as the stars queen, with a lovely outfit, with maybe some sparkly shoes and beautiful headbands, like the ones you make.

    Oh and thank you, you too, have a lovely week, filled with many gifts and smiles. By the way....Thank you so much for the comment, it made me smile lots and it is so cute and sweet.


  16. Have a lovely new year and Christmas, I really love reading your blog<3

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