Saturday, 13 December 2008

stars stars stars stars stars

Since I have come home everything has been a whirlwind. The happiest whirlwind you can possibly imagine. A whirlwind of smiles, hugs and kisses. Of laughs and christmas songs. Of homecooked food. of movies and christmas decorations. of plays and trips out. of fairy mail and secret whispers. of santas grotto and hundreds of stars.

I took my younger sister and brother out shopping, and we got lots and lots of sweeties, and some hot chocolate, and had fun in toy shops. I met this lego santa, and he was just lovely. I wanted to take him home. Mother made us homemade caserole and dumplings on the first day. On the second it was pies. On the third, pea and ham soup. perfect.

Lots of cups of tea and hot chocolate. custard creams and smarties cookies.

I went to my little brothers school play, which was just wonderful. he was wonderful. he was telling the story. There was also little snowflakes, and little stars, and little angels, and little shepards and little elves who came onto the stage and did dances and songs. There were children dressed up as presents. Lots of smiles.

I have caught up with my advent calendar. I have found my old polly pockets, who have been playing with my brothers star wars toys. I have been to santas grotto. My little brother was shy, and blushed, but absolutely adored it. The elves let me take a picture to show you all...

Lots of chistmas lights to put up. and decorating to be done. and lots of deliveries this morning to make me smile. This morning I think i was possibly the happiest person in the world. I recieved my fairy mail, from my bestest moon friend lottie, the little angel. It was amazing. I opened up the envolope very carefully to find starry starry stars... they tumbled out and floated all around. I was leaving a trail of stars with me all morning. Mother said it was like the trail in hansel and grettle, but stars instead of breadcrumbs. I liked that. To keep them safe, I put them in a jar. In there I also (untill we decorated the tree) put the lovely sparkly big star lottie sent me too. And the lovely letter she wrote in ever so perfect delicate writing. The other gift she sent was magic stars. They did not go in the jar. They went in my tummy!! The other delivery was a christmas tree. a huge magical christmas tree. We paid our yearly visit to a special place that sells lots and lots of wonderful decorations, and sugar mice, and chocolate coins, and turkish delight. I chose a little sparkley owl this year, to go with my wonderful starry star from little lovely lottie. The tree is breathtaking. I cannot wait to put little wrapped presents underneath.

Being here is amazing. I have a constant fluttery feeling in the bottom of my tummy. To top off the most magical day, my boyfriend is someing home aswell. He is coming all the way from our uni flat today, and will be just down the road with his family.
I love movies before bedtime, snuggled up with a blanket, jamas, cup of tea and family. Beauty and the beast. Shrek. Elf. The Grinch. wonderful.
I apologise to all of you lovely sweet lovelies for my lack of commenting back. I have been reading your comments, and they are wonderful, and making me smile that extra bit wider. However doing anything on here from home is rather difficult. It has taken me 5 hours to do this post. It is incredibly slow and restarts itself at random times, and then takes 20 mins to be ready to do anything again. During making this post it restared 3 times. Uploading photos from my camera crashes the computer for a while. and to top it off, we keep it in the utility/garage room, which is basically like sitting outside, so my fingers feel like ice. So all in all it is rather difficult to comment back, but i am making my way through replies slowly. if you dont get a reply please dont be offended, i love all of the beautiful comments i recieve!!
One last thing, before i finally finish this post, the sweet sprinkle gave me the beautiful award i mentioned in my last post. I got it twice!!! Thank you ever so much. I dont deserve such sweetness.
You are all lovely. I am ever so sorry i am not going to be as good at blogging as usual over christmas. but i will try ever so hard for all of you. promise. please dont stop your comments, they are a joy to read, even if the computer throws a wobbly when i try to reply!!
sweet dreams.
x ♥


  1. hello rosie rosie! oh how i love hearing your stories of home and winter, christmas and magic. i am so envious of you warm and loved and fed with sweet yumminess. i always love to read you because you're so lovely... but don't freeze too much posting!

  2. oh sweetheart ofcourse you deserve the award! and actually way more than twice my dearest moon best friend.

    i am so happy and tooth grinned to see your star decoration on the tree. and i am so happy you received your package the morning after i sent it at 5 in the afternoon.

    and oh my goodness, i have met a clown lego man!
    i have so many pictures of me with him from all the different days i have gone to visit.
    i put it on my facebook in an album called 'my new boyfriend' hehe.
    i will show you a couple in the next whisper mail, as i look rather silly. hehe.

    oh poppet, i am so very happy that you are having a wonderful time at home. i now cannot wait even more, i wish thursday was tomorrow. and that all my work was done.

    and do not worry to whisper mail and comment back. fairy mail is lovlier anyway, and you will not catch a cold that way.

    foreverness of stars

  3. Oh, you deserve that award a thousand times more. You just made me smile so much just by being so genuinely happy. I am so glad that you are feeling so ecstatic in your heart and soul. This is what Christmas should feel like.

    Looking at your decorations make me feel all warm, and now I want to curl up and watch a movie.

    I wish you many more stars filled days and nights and dreams.

  4. everything sounds absolutely perfect!

  5. HI cutie patutie,
    I don't know if that is how it should be spelled but I do not care, it makes sense to me. hehe

    Well, I looked online about the kinder egg and apperently I do know, I just don't call them a kinder egg, I called them the orangy egg with gifts inside that made me happy and smiley.
    I've had a few, though I cannot recall what I would get when I opened them, I was too small.

    Wow! giant kinder eggs? That must be such a blast to recive and to do build the wonderful toys it brings with it. It is like a non talking and less fancy or popular version of Santa, hehe.

    Have you thought of what to name the toys yet?

    Oooh yummy, all the lovely food your mother cooked for you sounds delicious and wonderful. Nothing like home, huh?

    Two kids, that is a wonderful number, though if you get a guy and a girl, that's not as cool as four, were two could be a guy and the other two girls. Yes, it might have something to do with you being part of a 3 siblinged family. Oh, yes, it would be terrible if your boyfriend did not want as many kids, or oh my, what if he didn't want any? Terrible. so good that he does, and that he also wants many like you. You have picked out the names? No way. can I be nosey and know what they are? That is so cute of him to have picked them out already.
    Oh yes, you are still very young, there is no need to rush that though, so I am glad you think that. You are very welcome, I was just being honest, you would be a wonder mother, hehe.

    Oh yes, I remember snowy now. The black cat who magically got white spots, because you are so very magical. You put a posts on him.

    Yes, legging with much color are so fun and wonderful to wear, they give you so much live and make you feel playful. You are right.

    Yes, your comments are quite lenghty also, I guess your right.

    Swings are just wonderful, and yes, swinging high high up is amazing indeed.
    We do get along extremely well, she is my best friend and we always have humongous talks, whether at night, like yesterday, or during the day we just randomly stop doing things and then have long talks. It is amazing.
    Hmm, maybe you guys are too seperate in age? Me and Sistah are just a year and a half apart, and we spent all of our time together when we were young. We are alos very different, I am the feisty one and she is the calm resonable one, the happier one some would say.
    Well, with time your arguments will decrease and it is nice that you guys can go out alone and have such wonderful times, if not it would be such a bother to go out together. Laughing with your sister is the best, it makes me feel so good.

    I still have not gotten around to reading mice and men, but will soon. That is what my sister said, that it was good.

    wow, singing and fliping pizzas up in the air at the same time, nuts but awesome.

    I am so very glad for you that you have had and will have such a wonderful week and vacation. All those treats sound amazing, your mom is so nice.

    Oh and your brother is so cute, hehe, he does look a little shy next to Santa.
    Ooh, a giant lego Santa, how cool.

    Your brother in a play? That is wonderful, congrats to him.
    Oh and that gift from Lottie sounds just so adorable and cute. That is the way she is though, so what more could we expect right?

    The tree is so very beautiful, I feel like it is from a magazine. It is wonderful.

    Do you plan on having a family reunion, with your family and your boyfriend's family? That would be most lovely.

    And oh my dear, 5 hours? That is so long, you must be an ice popcicle by now. You should not have to go through so much trouble to posts, maybe wait until you get back home because I do not want you to freeze.
    Poor you.

    You do deserve that award, it fits you perfectly.

    Well dearie, I must go and comment some more, so I leave you.
    Hope you have a great and happy week and vacation.


  6. i really enjoyed reading this post, dear! i wish i had time to do all that sweet christmas things. next weekend it's my turn, i hope..
    lovely tree, it is absolutely magical!

  7. i do hope the holidays continue to be magic for you! it sounds like perfection so far!
    x ashley

  8. Your tales of being at home and the christmassy excitement of trees, decorations and presents makes me oh so very excited about going home myself on Saturday. I cannot wait to be in a properly decorated house - a real conifer tree with presents under it, fairy lights round mirrors and tinsel in every room! I hope you continue to have as much magical christmassy fun and don't freeze yourself to death in your computer room. Lots of love xxxxx

  9. What a lovely star! Lottie is SUCH a doll... Can I just thank you AGAIN for Secret Fairy Wishes? I just LOVE what you did with it... :) Wouldn't that be so good if someone found your wishes?

    We should have a secret tea party in the sky... That would be fun, no?

    Do you mind emailing me your address so I could send you a very belated Christmas card (by the time it gets there)?

    [dr seuss fanatic at yahoo dot com]
    thats my secret email address!


  10. i know how you feel about how good it is to be home!! i feel the same way, there is no nicer feeling.

    i've given you an award as well - even though you've already gotten it! <3 don't worry, you definitely deserve all of them. much love!

  11. aww, it's so nice to read about your wonderful time at home. That lego Santa is too cute!

    I feel your pain dealing with slow internet! It's pretty much the same over here. But still, it's worth it if it means being HOME!!


  12. What a beautiful blog you have, magical.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Oh dearest Rosie, I miss your posts! But I understand of COURSE! The holidays are a very crazy time...

    I hope to get the postcards tomorrow, they are arriving from an etsy shop somewhere else in the US... So once they get here I will address them and write a little something special, then ship them out to YOU! They are pretty winter-y, so even though they'll be there after Christmas time, they will hopefully still add some lovely life to your bleak winter days... :)
    Merry, MERRY Christmas!

  14. I love twinkly and cosy big Christmas trees. Tonight when I finish my Christmas baking and our dinner guests leave I am going to stay up and paint under the tree, finishing up secrets and gifts.
    It is so wonderful to be home! I was only away for a week working, so I cannot imagine what it must be like to come home after being at uni. Enjoy it to the utmost as I know you will!

    love, cait

  15. sounds like a perfect run up to Christmas...just magical :)

  16. PS--I featured you on

    Merry Christmas!

  17. oh thank you so much for your sweet comment. it's ok if you can't always reply, don't worry. i will still visit you and send you blog love. i have tagged you on my secret blog ( which is hidden from my profile, so no one i know can see! i hope you're doing well in holiday fairy-land, gorgeous girl.


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