Tuesday, 9 December 2008

fairy wishes, teeny houses and best moon friends

oh my goodness, im so very happy and have so much to be happy about!!! me and m boyfriends tummys are much better now, thank you so much to all of you sweeties who left such lovely get well wishes. They all helped me feel a million times better!!
I had a lovely weekend, filled wth christmas movies such as home alone and miracle on 34th street, dolly mixture houses, little chocolate chip meringues and strawberry meringues, crossing the days off of my calendar one by one, fairy wishes under fairy trees, being inspired by the tinsel around my mirror to dress more christmassy, moon best friends, and making new friends to wear a little hat to keep them snuggley and warm!!This is my new little friend. Some of you may remember a few posts back I had gotten some teeny woolen hats on my smoothies, that, as i had no friends small enough to wear them, i was using as finger warmers!! This weekend i finally had time to make my new little friend. His name is horse, and i dont know why. It was the first word i thought of. My grandma gave me her old sewing box a while ago, and inside are lots of wonderful treasues, and I found an old baby bootie in there she had started to knit and not finished. I think it must have been meant for my little sister. So I turned it into a little body, sewed on some button eyes, a mouth, some arms and bead hands, and put the owl wooly hat over his little head, and fell in love. He has been keeping me company ever since!!

However, this weekend there were some tears. Poor little Diana. Poor little Eoghan. Diana has gone from the X factor, even though i voted untill all of my pennies ran out, and wished so very hard. She has gone. Poor little eoghan is devasted too, and made my sobs worse. Especially when he ran on the stage while she was singing and hugged her so tight, she couldnt finish the song. I hope i hear her beautiful voice again. im sure i will.

I also did the fairy wishes tag that the lovely sprinkle both created and tagged me with!!! It was so lovely to do. You have to:
write down all of your fairy wishes on pieces of paper
scatter them somewhere, anywhere you like
take pictures or a video
tag at least 3 other lovely fairies
put this lovely little picture in the sidebar of your blog, to show that you have done it!!

I found this lovely little group of trees that had fairy lights all over, and decided they would be a perfect place to sprinkle my fairy wishes!! They looked so very special. I threw my fairy wishes up into the air, towards the top of the fairy trees, and expercted the wishes to be caught by the wind and carried away, or get tangled in with the pretty lights on the branches... some did, however most of the fairy wishes fell to the ground around the tree. And i think that is just perfect!! They look like they are being planted in the ground, meaning they will grow and grow... and hopefully come true!!
The fairies I wish to tag are:
the sweet and kind end of march
the one who has beautiful writing still young still curious
the little pink fairy felicity

When I woke up this morning, i fuond another reason for the big smile on my face and the rosy glow in my cheeks. I have been given a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend. Little lottie who is my angel and bestest moon friend has given me the most beautiful award for a very special reason. I feel i do not deserse such amazingness.
This award has some beautiful writing that comes with it to explain it, and explains to you all why I am so very very happy!!

"This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY-nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming.
These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends.
They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement!
Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut,
even more friendships are propagated.
Please give more attention to these writers!
Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more
and include this clever-written text into the body of their award."

Goodness, i cannot bliev that i deserve this!! but i am so very grateful. Thank you so much my lovely lottie. We have indeed become the very bestest of moon friends.

I will now pass on this award to 8 others who have become my friends :) 8 doesnt seem enough, as i feel i have made so many friends in the short time i have been here. It is amazing!!

emily-rose who is so very kind and sweet
hrose who is so very lovely
felicity with whom i share a love of all things pretty and girly, and who believes in fairies too.
blue ring who i have wonderful chats with over our comments
the yellow elephant who always makes me smile
much love who leaves me such wonderful comments
inside the cabinet of wonder who shares my love of art
jane who is so very very lovely!!

Lastly, i am going home for christmas tomorrow!!! I am so so excited!!! however, my computer at home isnt as good as this one. therefore, im afraid over christmas, the posts may not be as good, as the pictures will probably not be such high quality, and my computer may not allow me to do some things. But fingers crossed, it will be fine!!

Sweet dreams, all of you lovelies, and thank you so much as you have all become dear friends to me!!

x ♥


  1. Oh thank you for the lovely tag! I will make sure to carry it out....now I have to think about all my little wishes!
    I am so so happy that you feel better. You seem to enjoy the things around you and that is such a great thing.
    I hope you have a very nice week!

    p.s. I would like to send you a Christmas card...if you want you can send me your address at Djo_13@hotmail.com :)

  2. wow...those are wonderful photos of you making fairy wishes :) and congratulations on your award sweetheart!!!

  3. hello pet,

    I love your checked dress, I spied Keira Knightley wearing one and I instantly wanted one so I got a sort of bunched up shirt thing from a charity shop and did some altering and unhemmed all the extra fabric into a checked dress.

    Voila new dress!

    I'm glad you're much better :D x

  4. Chocolate chippie meringues, yumtumtumyum!
    Oh I do dearly want to decorate my room with sprinkles of glitter and shiny silver baubles but mother says that it is too early, your mention of tinsel has got me in the festive mood, I may have to go and steal some fruit cake from the tin!
    Your finger-puppet-warmy-cute friend horse looks smashing with his buttons, and thank you ever so much for the oh-so lovely tag, it is by far the most meaningful and lovely one I have received, I can't wait to pass it on to some more lovelies <3

  5. That's a nice green skirt. I have a slightly similar red one. & I'm so jealous you're going home for christmas. I don't get to until the 19th.

    & thank you so much for the tag. I only started my little blog a while ago. It's nice to be seen & the like. I will make my fairy wishes probably once deadlines have gone.


  6. Oh dear, I feel so special, you are such a wonderful friend. Thank you so much for the award, you are so very nice to have given me this.

    Oh yes honey, I missed you so very very much. I do enjoy them tons and lots.

    About your previous posts, which I am so very sorry for responding to late, the kinder eggs are just so cute and adorable. Though I do wonder, what is a kinder egg?
    You must name them, they are so adorable.

    And oh my, you look so pretty under those lights, but then again you always look pretty, but they are indeed very fairy looking, just as you are.
    The ring you are wearing is very gorgeous and so beautiful.

    Decoration looks so pretty, and if it cheers you up, even for the little while that you will be there, then you should put them up none the less.

    You always have such awesome little snacks to be accompnied by a cup of tea, it makes me yearn for them also.
    Usually when I have my cup of tea I try to have a fruit snack or a chocolate piece or if mother has gotten some for me, cookies! But nothing as yummy as your pudding with chocolate sprinkles.
    I love sprinkles, especially color ones. Those cheer me up so much.

    Oh you must be so glad to have snow sorrounding you. I can only wish to have that blessing. =[

    You wish to be a mother? You would be a wonderful mother, I know that for a fact. The niceness and such creative qualities you have would make your little kids so very happy, they will love you.
    How many would you like?

    Oh, what is your cats name? I did not know you had one, or maybe I just forgot. te-he

    Why oh why would someone as wonderful as you cry? I hope they were happy tears.

    Family, yes, one of the biggest joys of life. Poor you, missing them always. But at least you have your boyfriend there with you to give you many cuddles and hugs, that is good.
    Watching films like so is just so lovely. Especially is it is with a cup of tea and with a loved one, for me my sister.
    I adora wrtting notes and cards and secret messages to everyone. It is much fun and so unique, you can do anything on a piece of paper and you get to keep that little note forever and cherish it. It's wonderful.
    Photographs, I can spend hours and hours going through them all.
    Thank you for the tag deary.

    Oh and poor you and your bf for getting tummy aches, but so glad it is not better.

    Now on your new posts...
    What a lovely dress you are wearing, beautiful you, always so pretty. The skirts, if it is a skirt, is so pretty. Oh and the mirror is so lovely. Great idea.

    Horse! What a cute name, and yes, a bit random but that makes it so much better that his name is Horse. I cannot believe you that you mentioned this today because today a friend of mine, not the one from before, showed me his Fiona, Shrek, and Donkey finger puppets and I immidiatly thought of you and of, now, Horse.

    Oh, now I know why you cried, because of Diana. I do not know the show so I cannot feel your pain, but I am quite sad you cried.

    Your scarf is lovely by the way. So very pretty, especially under such lovely trees with those fairy lights.
    Oh and purple leggings? So styligh you are.
    I hope all of your wishes grow and grow and come true with time. I know they will.

    You do deserve such an award, you DO! You are one of the loveliest bloggers and friends I have on here, and you do deserve this award and many more.

    I am so glad for you, to be going home for Christmast, but so very sad you might not post as often. I do understand however, and you should make sure to spend as much time as possible with your family. Take pictures..that's always nice.

    Well, I am so very sorry for the long comment, I just love to talk with you.
    I hope you have the bestest of times with your family and that you may all be so happy together.
    Have a wonderful vacation.


  7. I hope all your magical and wonderful wishes come true. I'm very happy indeed to hear that the rosy-ness has come back, & lets hope it stays that way. Also thank-you ever so muchly for the award, I feel magically happy.

    fairy wishes & hugs

    xx felicity.

  8. WOW! I love it! They are amazingggg. :)
    Maybe you could send me a link when the people you tagged complete it? I'd love to see theirs too...

    That would be so magical, to be walking along and suddenly find little wishes scattered along the ground... :) Great job.

    Fairy Kisses and Snowflake Lashes,

  9. Ooooh, that's ME! You've tagged ME! I'm so excited to see this!! Thank you so very much :) You are simply wonderful.
    Your photos are as pretty as always, and that skirt looks so lovely on you.

    How exciting that you're going home! Have a safe trip and a wonderful time. Looking forward to the blog posts from home (if your computer allows!)


  10. oh i am falling in love with your blog! such magic and wondrousness. you are precious and sweet. you and all the little members of your world. i am so glad to visit.
    (my secret blog: heartshapedmorning.blogspot.com)

  11. I love the photo's of you scattering your wishes, so sweet!
    And I can't believe you're giving this lovely award to me! thankyou very much!xx

  12. Have you ever had surprise merangues? They are lovely, especially at Christmas. We make basic merangues, and put crushed peppermint and chocolate chips in them. I can't tell you how delicious they are!

  13. thnak you very much for my gift, i love it so much!! its made me smile so much!!
    you always leave such wonderful comments on my blog, thank you.
    i am always in love with your cute posts, and your beautiful photos.
    i love your 'scattering your wishes' photos..it looks fun!
    take care

  14. Pet!

    Please do not fret :(

    I think I missed the man that is coming to visit, the Miss Potter man because I had a class to go to... which is saddening :(

    Its time for happy face :)which means checked dresses, fairy lights and perhaps a chocolate McVitie.


  15. such a lovely place to sprinkle wishes. I love your little friend aswell!

  16. thankyou for your comment! The skirt was very easy to make, I got the pattern from here: http://www.burdastyle.com/patterns/show/3650

  17. Rosie! I gave you an award on my blog... :) You might wanna check it out!
    Thanks again for the fantastic interpretation of Fairy Wishes. Don't forget to send me any more you see!

  18. how very yummy those meringues look and i adore the idea of having tinsel to make you dress more christmasy~ goodness your blog makes me smile and for that i thank you sweetie!
    x ashley

  19. what a lovely page you have here!

  20. I love you secret fairy wishes and will soon complete mine too!

    xx your blog is kind


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