Monday, 1 December 2008

fairy lights, snow, tags and oopsie-daisy!!!

I do apologise to all of you for neglecting my blog this week, I have been so very very busy!!! But my main deadlines were for today, the only other deadline I have is a presentation I have to give on Tuesday, then Im done. And I can enjoy christmas!! And I promise I will try my hardest not to leave my blog soooo long again, but i do very much appreciate all the lovely lovely comments you have all been leaving me :) I have had quite a tough week, but have been checking daily and you are all wonderful!!!

Some things I have enjoyed this week in my very few spare moments to relax are:

my new kinder egg toys- my goodness i just felt like the luckiest girl in the world when I found them in the middle of my eggs!!- they are the cutest little kinder egg toys I have ever seen!!

My fairy lights- how wonderful they are!! They make me feel so christmassy and peaceful, even when I have been stuck in books researching and writing and writing away at essays!!

Christmas decorations- I am only here in our little flat untill wednesday, when I am off home for christmas, but me and my boyfriend decided to decorate it anyway, and it cheered us up lots and lots!!!
Scummy pudding- vanilla angel delight with chocolate sprinkles, and a sweet cup of tea!! Perfect :)
Snow!! Snow snow snow!! It has snowed and snowed this week, making me so very excited!!!!! Very very christmassy and wonderful and magical!!!!!

Other lovely things that have made the work much more bearble this week have been your beautiful comments, phonecalls home, cuddles before bedtime, secret whispers, compliments from my tutor, lots of laughs, planning for christmas, finding out I will be watching my little brother in his christmas play next thursday, and being tagged an amazing 3 times!!!

My first tag was from the lovely girl hrose with the most wonderful and fascinating blog,capture the castle. It is quite a tricky tag where you are only allowed to answer with one word, but lots of fun!! Here are my answers:

Where is your mobile phone? pocket

Where is your significant other? here

Your hair colour? brown

Your mother? caring

Your father? funny

Your favourite thing? art

Your dream last night? peaceful

Your dream goal? mother

The room you're in? bedroom

Your hobby? art!!!

Your fear? loss

Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy

Where were you last night? home :)

What you're not? confrontational

One of your wish-list items? necklace

Where you grew up? England

The last thing you did? shopping

What are you wearing? skirt

Your TV? fuzzy

Your pets? kitty-cat

Your computer? slow

Your mood? happy

Missing someone? family

Your car? none!

Something you're not wearing? coat

Favourite shop? topshop

Your summer? lovely

Love someone? yes

Your favourite colour? pink/purple/red (i cant decide!!!!!!!)

When is the last time you laughed? today

When is the last time you cried? yesterday

Now I shall tag the ever so special little angel lottie from the tea drinking english rose and the ever so sweet sprinkle from {sprinkle} tiaras atop our pastel hair;;

My second tag is from the wonderfully sweet sprinkle with the magical blog {sprinkle} tiaras atop out pastel hair;;. For this tag I must list 6 things that make me happy, and then 6 wonderful bloggers!!!

1. Going home to visit family. I miss them so very m
uch when I am at uni, and its wonderful to be at home again, and just to sit and watch tv with them suddenly seems so very special!!

2. Cuddles. A big big hug from someone you love and who makes you smile, especially ones you didnt expect.

3. Spending an evening watching a lovely film, snuggled up with my boyfriend and a cup of tea. I would much rather do this than go out clubbing, which some find very strange for someone of my age!! But it makes me happy.

4. Handwritten notes, from someone I care about; my little brother, my boyfriend, a friend, a simple card from a relative- theres something so special and personal about them.

5. Looking through old photographs and remembering
wonderful memories.

6. Browsing market stalls, charity shops, anique shops- anywhere quirky or unusual where i can find a real treasure and be inspired by all the beautiful things there.

And now the 6 lovely people I choose to tag are:

The girly
raspberry jam and maple syrrup
The cute "I can watch a sunset on my own"
The arty inside the cabinet of wonder
The lovely capture the castle
The sweet the yellow elephant
The magical end of march

I wish I could tag all of you lovelies, I really do!!!

My third tag is a very exciting tag, again from sweet sprinkle. It is called the fairy wishes tag, where I must write down all of my fairy wishes, then sprinkle them somewhere. She came up with this tag herself, too, and it is just the most delightful idea!! I have prepared all of my fairy wishes today, which was such a lovely thing to do, and put them in this little jar I decorated, I will take this out with me on a walk tomorrow, with my camera, and find somewhere special enough I would like them to be sprinkled!!! I will post the pictures from this, and tag other lovely fairies, as soon as I can.I am feeling rather guilty and bad, amoungst all sweetness of all of you lovely souls. I decided this evening to celebrate us meeting very important deadlines, I would make me and my boyfriend a very special dinner. I made mash potato, vegtables, and chicken in a red wine and onion sauce, which I made myself. I was very pleased with the result, and the first few bites tasted delicious. And then I noticed a speck of red, and some pink in my chicken. It wasnt cooked properly. I was so sure I had cooked it properly, but it was hard to tell because of the sauce. So instead of celebrating this evening, I have given us food poisoning. Oh dear. We are both rather poorly, was painful tummies. and I feel so guilty. But we do have a sense of humour, and although feeling rather horrible, are laughing about it. Oh dear!!

I am off to bed now with a hot water bottle to help my tummy. I wish all of you sweet dreams, and thank you again for your kindness and beautiful words that have made me smile and smile, even though I am poorly now. I wish you laughter and christmas joy, and promises that I wont leave it so long untill I post again!!

x ♥



    It's so christmas-y and wonderful!!

    YAY for the holidays!

  2. Vanilla angel delight with chocolae sprinkles, yumyumyumm!
    Oh I do love angel delight, it makes me feel as though I am very young again eating mushy baby food, weird but nice :) !

    Gorgeous pictures, and your fairy lights look magical!


  3. chocolate* gawsh I can' even spell the yummiest thing on earth!

  4. wow a post filled with utterly delightful things. your ring is very cute by the way (as are you), and i love the look of that pudding and the fairylights. sounds like you are having a lovely time despite having much too much work, although aren't we all?

    thanks for doing the tag, wasn't it very hard! i mean, it doesn't seem like it would be hard but it is... your answers were grea.t and you're very lucky to have your significant other by your side as you type. haha. :D

    re your comment on my blog: aren't the dresses just divine! truly truly beautiful, how i love them so! and the chance to wear something as amazing as that to an event as wonderful as the debutante ball... i would actually kill to have that chance i think.

    oh and finally, that tag sounds very cool, i'm off to do it now i think. i've been planning on doing a post on the chanel pre-fall collection tomorrow, so i shall do the tag at the end of that.

    hope you have a good saturday, and that you are well. it certainly sounds that way!
    i am very much jealous of your snow. i've never seen it before, and it fascinated and delights me so. damn australia and it's tropical climate.
    ughhh it's so hot, i hate it.

  5. oh dear oh dear poor princess star.
    rosie is not so rosy today... but pale. which makes my heart drop a teeny bit.
    i wish for betterness and get well soons to you.
    i send you strawberry sherbets. (my father used to buy me some when i was ill, younger times.)

    the tags are super lovely, and i cannot wait to do the fairy tag, i am so excited, but must have to wait until deadlines are reached and gone. gone far away to nowhere land.
    the one worded tag looks tricky... like hair colour for example. using only one words seem hard for me.
    thank you for the challenge. i will do it in a teeny while.

    you are wonderful, and i adore the christmas lights. i wish for some.
    and yippee jumps for joy for snowy mornings.

    egg nog and mince pie tea parties at the moon park.

  6. just found your delicious, delightful blog. it makes me feel so cristmas-y and happy!
    would love if you'd come visit me at my secret blog:
    but wait until after you're done being busy!!!

  7. this post is magical! i secerely hope your tummy is getting better, dear. and i also have weeks like yours, too much to do and too little time. in december each day should have 25 hours instead of 24...
    all your photos are amazing and very sweet. i just want to hang them on my wall!
    and, vanilla angel delight with chocolate - yummy!!
    hope your weekend has been the best!

  8. oh my dear, I hope your tummy feels better very very soon! Don't feel guilty... after all, it's the thought that counts!! :D

    and how lovely it must be to wake up to such a pretty flat every day with all those lovely decorations (well, until you go home anyway :)

    have a wonderful, sweet, lovely, amazing, delightful week!!


  9. this post is so christmassy <33 your lights are lovely, i cannot wait to go home and see the ones my mom has put up in my room!

  10. Oh! I want a kinder egg now. & fairy lights. I think I will put my fairy wishes into a jar too. Lovely post! Deadlines are horrible things. I have a couple coming up. :S

  11. thank you for my tag!
    i am in love with your kinder egg toys...i want them so much!!

  12. oh noo :( food poisoning! But don't feel guilty because you didn't mean to poison yourselves! I hope you get better soon sweetie xx

  13. What cute toys from Kinder Eggs!

    Mmmm, Angel Delight is divine. I love things like that, sometimes the simple foods make us happy, delish comfort food.

    Pretty lights! :)

  14. i LOVE fairy lights! I must buy some! vanilla angel delight with chocolate sprinkles sounds delicious.

  15. Thank you ever so muchly. I do love being back, I missed it terribly. But the Princess showed the pixies and the fairies who are boss.
    Fairy hugs & wishes.
    xx Felicity.

  16. Thank you for your comment. Yes, of course, feel free to add me. I will add you too when I have a spare minute. My skirt is from ASOS, but I bought it a while back. It's by Pepe jeans. It's high-waisted with buttons down the front. I hope you find it, as it's such a lovely skirt.

  17. Yummy pretty pictures. I really must mend my fairy lights, they make the prettiesnt lighting don't they?!
    I hope you are feeling better soon.

  18. are you feeling better rosy cheeks?
    i hope so completely.
    i haven't had much time to check my whisper mail, and i want to reply properly so i will try my very best indeed to do so tomorrow.
    i will take a break in my horrid work mountain to read and reply to my favouritist.

    if you are not feeling better, i hope i have something that cheers you up completely.
    i have given you an award. because you are my perfect moon friend who believes in stars and magic, and makes me completely smile and giggle like a moon best friend.

    and if you are feeling better, i hope you feel so much more happier.
    you deserve such a wonderful thing.
    the award and happy faces.

    anyway, i am sure snuggling up watching christmas films or children's programmes with your boy is making you both feel better from the rosy chicken.

    anyway, i wanted to reply better and properly, so i hope yo do not mind quite so much that this is not wonderful. but i will try my hardest to whisper mail you. i moon fairy promise.

    sleep tight angel delight.
    dream of stars and fairy sprinkles and cloud nines and moon tea parties and star biscuits and forever giggles. and getting better from rosy food.


  19. Thank you for your lovely comment, it brightened a rather dull, work filled day! Rather than accepting your thanks for following your blog, I feel that I should be thanking you for giving me something so bewitching and inspiring to read. You make me wish I was more artistic, although drawing has never been more forte so I guess I shall channel my creative side through my words. I look forward to being inspired by your next post :) xxxx

  20. I love your posts.
    So cute & pretty. Especially the pics.

    Get better soon!

  21. sweet post! so charming :)
    i love the kinder toys you got- and the fairy lights of course. i am especially in love with your ring! where is it from?


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