Friday, 28 November 2008

Busy busy little elf...

Goodness, there are so many things to share with you all but so much to do, it is impossible to do it properly!! I have lots and lots of deadlines unfortunately, but I couldnt neglect all of you wonderful bloggers. You make me smile and smile with your beautful comments!!! So thank you so much.

The last few days have been filled with:
New hats, painting pictures for family, sewing on buttons and collars, working, a new stamp and ink set, new books, travels to liverpool, train journeys, goodbye hugs and kisses, galleries, phone calls home, writing, rosy cheeks from the cold, soggy toes from the rain, mittens, cuddles, endless typing, some tears, some smiles, new book reading, secret whispers, lovely bloggers, lovely comments, talks about what pet to get with boyfriend, broken umbrellas, magical fairy lights, christmas carols, cancelled winter balls, cups of tea, pink milk, marshmellows, hot chocolate, work.

I hope you all have truely wonderful weekends, and the sweetest dreams filled with flying amoung the starry starry stars and marshmellow clouds. ♥ x


  1. beatrix potter! i hope you have seen the film - it's lovely! and pink milk, i need to try that.

    ~ your blog is cute and sweet as always!

  2. Yep, I concur with what Elepahnt has just said, your blog if the cutest and as sweet as all those treats.

    Aw, I am sorry you have had some tears and some sad moments. Sucks that during this jolly time they put so many deadlines and make us all so much more busy, it is not a good holiday spirit at all.

    I am loving the new hat which is adorable on you, of course. Oh and I like the picture of the shirt with the necklaces, both things very pretty and delicate looking.
    Oh you're planning on getting a pet? What are the options so far?

    Hm, borken umbrellas...te-he kind of funny for some wild reason.
    Oh and by the way, it should be "some tears, lots of smiles," in my humble opinion.

    Ooh, pink milk and hot chocolate.
    Tell me how you like the new books.

    I've always wanted to wear mittens, but the heat here prevents me from doing so.
    So what have you been writing? Just stories or poems or random thoughts, or maybe essay papers?

    Well, have a wonderful weekend filled with many smiles and no more tears, please.


  3. How wonderful! Such a busy life!
    I a working on painting as well and on a secret gift for my SleepyBear.
    I just LOVE taking the train. Unfortunately it is not that common in Canada, but I used to take it often in Korea. It is my favorite way of transportation.
    Do you know what pet you are going to get?

    I hope you have many more lovely days and a wonderful weekends!


    p.s. Lovely bloggers and comments are so so nice, I agree. :)

  4. your photos are so beautiful!

  5. such a lovely post, filled with lovely thoughts. i've been away for 10 days and arrive to see this adorable post and i get to think and dream about lots of simply marvellous things like buttons, bloggers, secret whispers, mittens, the rain, rosy cheeks from the cold, fairy lights, carols... and marshmallows. i think i will dream of them tonight!

    and your last sentence, marshmallow clouds. that is such a lovely way of summing them up. They are such amazing clouds. sometimes they seem so dense, like fudge, and at other times they are as light and airy as fairy floss.

    hmm your post has got me smiling to myself now. your hats and rings are just lovely.

    hope you had a great weekend my dear.
    i can't wait to see more cute posts from you.

    ps. i tagged you! i hope you do it, it is tres fun! and thanks for the award, you are to to too sweet.

  6. hello pet,

    I'm sorry I haven't been here for a bit :(

    I've moved house from my old blog ~*~ pretty odd ~*~ to ~*~ and then byron turned into a tea cup ~*~ at

    Your blog is as lovely as ever and one of my favourites :D x

  7. Oh dear, no, you leave me such heart warning, smily comments also. Which I am very thankful for. I am quite glad to hear some smiles is now lots of smiles.

    Oh I am so glad for you, and finishing your first semester of university. You should most definitly celebrate, and if I could, I would throw you a wonderful party were you would smile and smile endlessly.

    Wow, for never having sown in such a way it came out beautiful, truly. Oh and a flat of your own. That is so nice.
    Yes, rotweilers, I don't know how to spell it either hehe so it is totally fine, they have a history of being violent but a spaniel is just as lovely. They are such cute loveable and friendly companions.

    I can see how a broken umbrella under the pouring rain can be a not so good experience, but yes, we must laugh at little things like these every once in a while right?hehe

    I love it when I read books of my childhood, they bring me great memories also.

    I wish I could wear mittens and beanies as you do. Lucky.

    Well, that is love, I also try to write, though mine is kind of rusty. I must write my own thoughts in my many diaries and journals. What?! A little story? Wuld you be too emberrased to show it? It would be lovely to read it. I hope the load of essays you have decreases so you can write more stories instead. I do poems also, you?

    Aw, thank you so much. Hearing such sweet compliments bring me such joy and smiles. Your blog is also very lovely to read, and such a refreshing kind too.
    Yes, indeed I mentioned you, but that is because you are very sweet and lovely too. The finger puppet was indeed very adorable, and I was so sad to have to part.

    You don't know who Bear is?
    He is sort of a survivor man, who is just so lovely and charming and just so great.
    that is one of his videos, so you can see who I am talking about. He is a british soldier, or well was, and now he does a tv show called Man vs. Wild were he ets dropped off somewhere and has to survive for quite sometimes and make his way back to civilization and does some crazy crazy things, like jump into freezing artic water and then gets naked to dry faster, or open a camel and get inside for I don't know what reason. He's just the dreamy survivor man. hehe

    Oh and yes, British accents are just wonderful, I have always wished to have one.
    Yeah, I met some people when I went to Europe who had the accent and I was just telling them to repeat things over and over because its just so different and unique, I love it.

    I am glad to hear you will be smiling more and that your deadlines are done tomorrow. I hope no more tears for you either.

    Oh and thanks, have a lovely week also. =]


  8. truly lovely...adore your necklace, its soooo pretty!!!marshmallow, hot chocolate???yummmmm...

  9. aww your blog is so cute and sweet :) that ring is just stunning.

  10. that is the nicest list of things ~ lucky now craving marshmallows and pink milk:)
    x ashley

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  12. hello :D

    in regard to what you said, I've just been keeping busy, very busy.

    thank you pet :D x

  13. im so in love with you blog :)) love the style the colors :)
    im gonna visit it often :)!
    a bientot!

  14. love your blog!
    your blog picture on the headline is cute!

  15. wow you are indeed so busy
    you should get a duck!or a rabbit or a kitten..hmm there are too many lovely pets.

  16. everything you post here is utterly beautiful!

  17. Yes, a big huge party would indeed be wonderful. And all for you. With many stars and mittens and puppets for the hands. te-he
    But yes, I do think going home after being away for so long, as you have, is a very good reward and celebration. Hmm yummy home cooked meals are indeed quite delightful, they always are for some reason. Oh and then I hope you have a wonderful and happy time with your family, and with the christmast parties, it will be even better. Lucky you.

    As I said, as long as you're comfortable with it and won't be too emberrassed or anything, then I would love to read it. I for one cannot share my stuff, with anyone. I hope you finish it soon and that do remember that you are your worst critic, so what you might feel is just okay is probably a bit better.

    I'm telling you, he is rather gross but it just won me over that he does such weird things. Well, its normal to you because everyone, including yourself, around you talks like that. Here though, it is a wonderful thing to find someone who does. Oh and you are very welcome, I was just being honest.
    If I could hear you, I would indeed love and compliment your accent also.te-he

    Aw thanks, you are also very sweet dear.
    Have a merry day and hopefully still lots of smiles.


  18. Oooh I love your hat. And your shirt. AH! And EVERYTHING! Goodness! You remind me so much of Charlotte from the teadrinkingenglishrose...

    Also, I tagged you. :)

  19. Those pictures are so very lovely! I adore your ring and your necklace... is that a teapot on your necklace?


  20. hehe, I see ducks in the park all the time, there is one which we call the king because he is huge and white (the others are the little brown ones) and he acts like a king!

    I used to have a cat,a mouse,fish and now I have two little budgies. Another pet I wanted for a while is a rat! They are the size of a kitten but they are very clean and sweet and you can teach them tricks.

    I hope you find a place that allows pets, I've lived in many that don't and couldn't get a kitten which I wanted for ages :(
    and thankyou for your nice words about my blog <3

  21. oh, that rhyme certainly is very similar and very silly! Love it. Funny how there's a kangaroo involved, I wonder if there's anything like that here in Australia. My brother is a big brother btw, not a little one... well, he was little, but always bigger than me. That's the rule I suppose.

    I hope your busy work does not keep you away from your pretty blog for too long!
    Take care gorgeous!


  22. hello dear.
    I have missed your posts so much. I hope you are not being too overworked with all the deadlines and such things.
    Just wanted to let you know you've been missed.


  23. Lovely photos, as per usual. I particularly like your teapot necklace.


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