Tuesday, 25 November 2008


The ever so sweet The tea drinking english rose has asked bloggers to help her with her dissertation essay by answering a few questions on comforts. I have created a post on this hoping it would help her, also thinking it would make a rather lovely post anyway. Here are my answers to her questions:

1 what comforts you?

I have a few things t
hat comfort me. They are:

Curly, my teddy I have had since I was 3.

Cuddles and snuggles in front of a funny TV program or nice movie with my family and my boyfriend, with some tea and biscuits Reading my Grandads letter he sent home to his mum and dad during the war and wearing his watch.
2 why does it comfort you and how?

Curly comforts me because I have played with him, talked to him and cried on him for years and yars and he has always helped. He always makes me feel that little bit happier if Im upset, because I can talk and talk and cry and cry and cuddle him lots and he will listen and not tell anyone afterwards. He reminds me of being a little girl again when everything was easier, which I find comforting. Other things like old movies and books remind me of when I was younger and can be comforting, but curly is the best at doing this. Now Im at uni he
also reminds me of home and my family, which is also comforing.

Watching TV with my family and boyfriend, and cuddles and biscuits and tea is comforting because they are the people I love most who know me best and can cheer me up and make me happy. This is when I am happiest and most calm. Its also lovely when my cat comes and sits on my lap aswell, keeping me warm. His purring is also very soothing.

My Grandads letter is comforting because I forget evrything else when I am reading it. If I am stressed, or upset about anything else, I read his letter and Im suddenly relaxed and ok about everything. My granny and grandad used to babysit me everyday while mum and dad were at work, and if I ever came home upset or angry, grandad would know exactly how to make me feel better. It is the most amazing letter, I think, anyone will ever read that has been sent home from the war, because my grandad had the most wondrful sense of humour, and managed to turn truely awful situations he was in into something quite funny, but not in a disrespectful way at all. He was like that when he was in hospital before he died- you could never be sad because he always made you laugh. Reading is letter, I can hear his voice, and his laugh. Its soothing. His watch makes me feel that little bit closr to him when I wear it.

3 do you use different comforting objects, things, words for different situations?

I cuddle curly when I cry. I read grandads letter when I need to forget horrible things.
I wear his watch for added comfort everyday. I snuggle and cuddle with whichever loved one is near in front of the TV with our tea and biscuits just to add a little bit more happiness to the day. I suppose I do also use words, as when Im feeing a little sad and dont know why, I sing at the top of my voice old cheesy songs and songs from my favourite musicals, as that always makes me giggle and smile!!

I hope this makes sense as I am aware I rambled a little :) I also wish lovely lottie good luck with her essay and hope I have helped!!

Thank you to all of you truely wonderful bloggers who add a little bit more happiness and comfort to my days, with your sweet sweet words and inspirational posts. You have all been so very kind to me, I can hardly believe it!!

Take care all of you and sweet dreams until we speak next :)



  1. you are a beauty sent to this world to be princess star.

    thank you so much for your help. it has ofcourse helped me. thank you forever and ever.
    and for uploading photographs and for making it a whole post.

    i am truly very greatful.

    i hope you received your whisper mail. because i sent you one.
    huggles and joy tilly~rose sends. and pig sends furry fuzzy nose grazes to curly.

    foreverness. lottie xxx

    thank you thank you thank you again.
    xxx a true star you are.

  2. what a lovely post. i love the photo of you and your boyfriend's hands. his hand is so big and yours fits so daintily into it, it is very sweet.
    we have my great grandpa's ration book from the war and it is always so interesting to look at. i didn't get to know him well (though i love talking to my grandpa) but he was a p.o.w. in Germany for 6 months. his stories amaze me. we are lucky to know and love such inspirational people!

    love, cait

  3. I like sleeping in the nook of my boyfriends arm, and my cat likes to suck my shoulder, which is strangely comforting, as I feel like his (the cats) mother.

  4. This post is so cute, I love the pictures :)

  5. This was so sweet to read, I love it and all the photos too. X

  6. That was such a wonderful post. What you wrote about your grandfather and his letters is so sweet.


  7. this is such a beautiful post!
    love love your images. your grandads letters are wonderful.

  8. wonderful post...we're all having fun doing this post arent we??? sweetest moments i see with you and your bf aaawww :D

  9. how sweet! i do also have a teddy, or more precisely a yellow elephant, who comforts me. it is the memories which are the comfort.

  10. i think you have a beautiful beautiful heart.

  11. i mentioned you...hope its alright :D

  12. This was so lovely to read, and those bourbons look yummynesss!


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