Sunday, 20 January 2013


SAM_0575 SAM_0588 treesedit tree sticks road - Copy prosed

I know your probably all getting sick of the sight of snow if your in England, but I couldn't not do a post about it! It's just so pretty!

I love it even more for the fact it meant I was sent home from work early on Friday, and got to spend a lovely afternoon cosy and warm, watching films with my princess at home!

This weekend we went for a little family walk, and it was so lovely! Everywhere in our usually slightly run down area suddenly looks so beautiful. We even let Lily have a little stomp around in her new Hello Kitty snow boots! It was her first time in the snow and she loved it :)

Have you all been enjoying the snow? If you have any blog posts with pretty snow pictures in, I would love to see, I can't get enough of it!

x ♥


  1. I wish it would snow where I live. It looks so amazingly beautiful : )

  2. Wow it's super snowy where you are! Looks like Lily enjoyed the snow :) xx

  3. SO cute ! and amazing landscapes pictures !! whooo I love them


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