Wednesday, 23 January 2013

10 months


Dear Lily,

10 months old princess! And I'm wondering where that teeny baby went? The one who would sleep and drink milk and stare at everything all day long, who I carried and cuddled all the time, and could watch doing nothing for hours. Because now I have a little lady, getting into all sorts of mischief, with a big sense of humour and who is affectionate and loving, with lots of likes and dislikes, who feeds herself a lot, and if I carried all day, my arms would break! 

Even in the last month, you suddenly seem to have changed a lot. Your still not crawling, but you have your own way of getting around, and are very mobile You can get where ever you want by bum shuffling, moving on your knees, rolling, and dragging yourself around! You have started to try and climb up furniture too. You pull yourself up onto your knees, then try to stand up, and you managed it once, but your still practicing getting that perfect!

You have become very affectionate too! Even more so than you were before. You will come over to mummy, pull yourself up onto you knees, give me a big slobbery kiss, then cuddle into me! This evening I even got 3 kisses in a row! It is so lovely.

You have started to copy sounds and words too! You have said 'dadadada' for a while now and 'aaaahh-buh!' which we wondered was because of us saying 'aaahhh- boo!' when we play peek-a-boo with you, but we weren't sure. But now we know for definite you copy sounds! You were watching a TV programme on cbeebies where the characters kept sneezing, which you found really funny, then you started going 'aaaahhh-tchu!' it was the cutest thing! You copy us every time we do it now too! And daddy was copying kieth lemons 'potato!' catch phrase last week, and you began saying 'uh-ooo-o' which sounded much closer to what Daddy was saying than it looks when typed! You have copied auntie Beth saying dog, and you say mumum and dadad, but we're not sure whether to count them as your first words, because you don't understand what the words mean yet?

Teeth! You finally have teeth! You got your first tooth on new years day, in the middle at the bottom, and the second one came soon after that, right next to it! Your two top teeth are very close to peeking out soon too!

You 'play' more too now. More like proper playing rather than mummy entertaining baby! And you are so funny, with such a sense of humour! One of your favourite games is when Daddy copies you and says 'aaaaah-tchu!' you pretend to fall over! My lovely Lily.

You are changing fast sweetheart, but you are turning into the loveliest little girl, and mummy and daddy are so proud of you.

I love you my little strawberry.



  1. she is the cutest thing, so smiley!! xx

  2. your daughter is so precious!



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