Tuesday, 29 January 2013







Hello everyone!

I had so many posts planned. Outfit posts, my first weekly recipe post... but as the last few days have been spent in pyjamas not eating a lot, feeling ill and sorry for myself, they haven't really happened. I'm sure none of you would find a recipe post on toast very exciting, and you definitely do not want to see what I look like right now!

I'm afraid the most interesting this weekend got was reading wedding magazines and eating egg and soldiers. Rock and roll! Although the whole wedding thing is getting rather exciting recently. For what has felt like a very long time, it looked like everything was against us and it wasn't ever going to happen, what with jobs/ finances/ problems with venues/ my cousin announcing his wedding was going to be at the venue we had chosen the same month we had chosen etc, but now we are both settled in our jobs and gone right back and started again with the wedding planning, things are definitely looking up! If things go as planned, David and I should be married by the end of this year! 

I think I'm going to go and make some more toast for Lily and I. Does anyone else just eat loads of toast when they're ill? It's the only thing I eat!

Oh, and that last picture is from one of the snow days last week. I know it is completely out of focus, but I love it! We were having such a lovely time, playing aeroplanes, Lily giving me kisses, and I didn't realise the photo was being taken :)

Hope your all feeling a lot better than I am!

x ♥

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  1. I adore your posts sweetie and you know what even though that picture is out of focus, thats what makes it perfect. Innocent and wonderful. Love it and the rest. Hannah (Ivory Faces) xxx


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