Saturday, 22 December 2012

9 months

Dear Lily,

You are now 9 months old, and have been out of mummy's tummy for as long as you were in there! 

You are getting so strong sweetheart. You get up onto your hands and knees, rock backwards and forwards, crawl backwards, try so hard to move forwards- and then fall on your face. But you are so close to crawling forwards! It wont be long now and nothing in this house will be safe anymore! You're already doing very well at getting into lots of mischief by rolling and crawling backwards. Stacks of DVD's are pulled down, cables are pulled, toys are pulled out and spread all over the living room, and the Christmas tree! You first ever Christmas tree, and mummy and daddys first too, as it's their first year not living at home with Grandma & Grandad! It is real & huge (daddy insisted) and you think it is the best toy ever! You very often are found under the tree, pulling branches and playing with baubles, and now the presents are under there, it's even more fun! 

You stocking is lots of fun too. When your in your walker, you love going to the fireplace and playing with your stocking. It's really fun to pull and shake because it's got jingle bells on it, but mummy's a little worried you are going to break it, because you get so so excited!

You are strong on your legs too. You can stand while holding onto something for support, and are trying to pull yourself up onto your feet by using the sofa and tables. You can sit now from laying down too!

Where are your teeth Lily? Your 9 months old and you still have the gummiest grin ever! I can feel them, but they seem very shy and have not yet broken through. Mummy can't wait to introduce lots of new exciting food to chew once they're here! But for now sucking and chewing soft foods is still extremely fun for you, especially when you feed yourself! You love feeding yourself sandwiches and biscuits and chocolate buttons and advent calendar chocolates.

You have started to love mummy's singing too (you wont when your older. you'll realise its terrible!) twinkle twinkle little star is your favourite for bedtime, but during the day you love row row row the boat. If you are sitting alone and I start singing it, you rock yourself backwards and forwards! You are so clever and know all the actions yourself! It is adorable. 

You have become fascinated with ears & earrings too. Mummy doesn't wear them very often, but Grandma and Auntie Beth do all the time, and you check their ears every day. You turn their head to the side, gently push their hair out of the way, and inspect their earrings. You do it to mummy's ears too, just in case. You love being looked after by Grandma and Auntie, but your are very excited when mummy comes home. I can't do anything but cuddle you as soon as I get in, otherwise you cry! You want a big long cuddle, before I even take my coat off or go to the toilet! It is very cute. And you give kisses too! You hold mummy's face in both hands, and mouth wide open, give the biggest, slobberiest kiss ever, and mummy loves them a lot!

You are the funniest, loveliest, sweetest little girl and you get funnier and sweeter with each day!

Lots of love,



  1. Such a lovely post and a beautiful picture of your beautiful little girl :) xx

  2. She gets more adorable by the minute!


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