Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Instagram update

Hello! It's been a little while again... I had hoped that having the internet at home would mean more blogging. I started taking lots of outfit pictures of me, and of Lily, and was remembering to take my camera with me everywhere so I would have lots of blogging material... and I've lost my camera. I have no idea where it went, but I'm pretty sure I've left it somewhere other than our house. Oops!! It's very frustrating as I had so many pictures to show you all, but never mind. Hopefully it will turn up, and if not, then it's a good excuse for me to go and get a new camera!

However, last week it was my birthday, and David treated me to a new phone and I was finally able to get instagram! So, instead of the outfit post I had been planning, here's an instagram update instead!

From the top: sunny birthday ♥ pretty birthday cards ♥ heart balloons ♥ lovely new watch ♥ Cath Kidston goodies from my sister ♥ birthday nougat ♥ my little strawberry all wrapped up ♥ little Brucalina (formally known as Bruce, with his brother being Lenny, however we have found out they are in fact girls, so shall now be known as Brucalina & Lennette!!) ♥ tickets to the Harry Potter studio tour!!! ♥

♥ jaffa cakes, my obsession ♥ pearl collars ♥ visiting beautiful wedding venues ♥ Lily having early morning snuggles with huggie ♥ hot butter fudge bath bubbles & candles ♥ Tesco's have started selling fruit loops! ♥ Milly photobombing Alfie ♥ pretty lillies for our living room ♥ happy little princess ♥

If you want to follow me, I'm _rosie_o. If you have instagram too, let me know your usernames!

x ♥


  1. I had the same discovery with my rats! Were told they were boys, but they're girls haha! Your Lily is gorgeous, such a cutie!

    I'm away to the Harry Potter Studios on the 18th for a weekend away, I can't wait :-) xx

  2. Love this post! Your little Lilly is so stunning. So cute! Glad I'm following along now!


  3. Lily is so cute, really knows how to pose for the camera too :P love the photobombing photo, poor Alfie! xx

  4. Awwwww Lily is adorable! And I love fruit loops!!!

    Gem x

  5. Awww you're going to the Harry Potter studio tour!! I'm thinking of going :) Hope you have an amazing time!!
    x x x


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