Saturday, 28 July 2012

5 months


Dear Lily Belle

5 months my little beauty! And mummy is still amazed and how much you can change in the shortest amount of time.

You really use your hands now! Which means mummy has to be careful wearing necklaces now, hehe! You are constantly exploring everything with your hands now. You want to feel and rub everything around you. You love the fluffy cushions on the sofa and the fabric leaves on your cot bumper. You want to help mummy feed you by holding the spoon and jars and bottle too, which has led to a few messy accidents, the biggest one resulting in butternut squash in your eye! 

Mummy and Daddys face's are interesting too, aren't they? you grab our noses and eyes and lips, and put your fingers in our mouths, which leads to this months most exciting new trick...

... GIGGLING!! Oh my goodness, it feels like mummy and daddy have been waiting for you to giggle forever! And finally, we were sat in Grandmas living room, and you were on daddys lap, and daddy started making his silly elephant noise... and you started giggling!!! Properly giggling!! Everyone was so excited, it was the most adorable thing! You still dont giggle very much, but one time you do giggle is when you put your hands in mummys mouth and I start chewing on them!

Your hand discovery has led to some real play time with your toys too! This means your starting to get favourites! First thing in the morning you always play with your Eeyorem but your favourites through the whole day are Emily doll, bunny, your bell rattle and your muslin cloth. You love putting the muslin cloth on and off of your face, like a game of peek a boo all by yourself!! Hehe, you are such a crazy baby sometimes!

Mummy loves you, my little nutcase.



x x x x


  1. So cute Lily, so cute pictures, so cute text ! There is always sweet emotion here :)

  2. Ahhh she's gorgeous! xo


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