Monday, 20 August 2012

August Wishlist

August Wishlist

I thought I'd share with you some bits & pieces I'm loving lately. As I start my new job in two weeks, I've been planning all the ways I will  be spending my first lot of wages to distract me from the fact I wont be spending every day with my Lily pops any more (when I think of this, I turn into a blubbering, soppy wreck!).

1. I live very close to a yankee candle shop. When I walk to the shops to buy boring things like milk and bread, I have to walk past yankee candle. The smell!!!! Oh my goodness, I have to run past holding my breath for fear I will run in and spend all of what little money we have. And this week, they have started a 50% off sale. As soon as that first lot of wages come through, I will be running all the way there!

2. How cute are these socks?! They are from Topshop, and Lily has some very similar. We can match!

3. Another Topshop item. With autumn just around the corner, this looks perfect for snuggling up in on chilly days! Pretty & practical.

4. I am in love with these ASOS rings!! I love my accessories, however Lily has now leant the art of grabbing, one of her favourites being my necklaces. I am now finding them impossible to wear without the risk of them being snapped or me being strangled, so I've been on the look out for eye catching & pretty bracelets & rings to make up for my lack of necklaces. These are perfect and could be worn in so many different ways to go with any outfit!

5. When we moved house a few months ago, I had a little accident with a box of mugs. The only one I broke, however, was my absolute favourite! It was my Cath Kidston mug, so I definitely need to replace it as soon as possible!

6. I know this is a slightly odd thing to have on a wishlist , but another place I live dangerously close to Krispy Kremes! I could easily o there everyday and stuff my face, but I behave myself and resist. But soon, I plan on going in and treating myself to one of their cookies and cream doughnuts!

7.  I have fallen in love with these!! I need a pair of Vans with teeny tiny strawberries on. I really do.

8. And, of course, Lily needs to match mummy, so she must have some of her very own teeny Vans!! How cute?!

9. I was first attracted to this perfume because of the name. It's L.I.L.Y by Stella McCartney, and not only do I love the name, but I love the pretty bottle, and it smells amazing! 

This is a slightly long list, I'm not suddenly going to be rich next month haha, but as I said, it's taken my mind off of leaving Lily a little bit! 

What items are on your wishlist at the moment?

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  1. Oh that is my favourite Yankee Candle, I light it before getting in to fresh bedding and it's heaven! X

  2. Good luck with your new job. I'm back to work in November, i'm dreading it.... I would have been off for 11 months by the time I go back. Oh and I love everything on this list. I am yet to try a Krispy Kreme as we don't have any in Cornwall xx

  3. Great Wishlist.

  4. lovely list! I also want these socks, a mug and a sweater. Min vans are cute :) Good luck in your new job! hugs xxx


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