Friday, 22 June 2012

3 months

Dear Lily

You are kind of 3 months!! Haha, mummy is late with this one! You are 3 months and 3 weeks, but this picture is from when you were 3 months.

You are changing so much all the time, its amazing! You are now 14lb. Mummy was looking through the pictures from when you werre born the other day. Its amazing how much you've changed!

This month has been very exciting. We have our first little family home! Its so lovely and cute, with the ducks outside your window, and your pretty little room. You have done so well with the move, not minding chamging your routine at all and settleing in so fast. You are so clever sweetie. You have a little np after your lunch, then you go to bed at 10pm, and you do it so well! You go to sleep all by yourself with no fuss, then sleep right through until 9am. Mummy and daddy are so proud and happy!

Mummy loves how good you are in the morning too. Your start making little noises, so mummy goers over to your crib and you give me such lovely smiles! Mummy doesnt mind mornings anymore!

You have your favourite toys too. Bluebird, on your little mobile. You get so excited when the mobile turns so he is above your head! And Mr Caterpillar who sits on your carseats. Both of them get your big gummy grin and little coos and gurgles from you. Its ridiculously cute!

You are so precious my little strawberry.


x x x x

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  1. what a beautiful baby! i can't believe she's this 'old' already :) xx


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