Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Home Sweet Home

Here's some little snippets of our little home! Our time here so far has been filled with decorating, cooking, reading, walking. hosting, friends, sleepovers, fathers day, baking, movie watching, cuddles, laughter & feeding ducks! We absolutely love being a little family here, just the three of us. We still have no internet, I'm stealing a moment at my parents house, and I miss the blogging world so much! In the next two weeks though I should be back properly. Expect me to bombard you with updates, filling you in on everything. All the food, the celebrations, the house, and of course, Lily. She has a 3 month update that is 3 weeks late, and I'm sure its about time I wrote a post or two on the cute way she gurgles, or just how much those double chins have grown! Until then, I'm always tweeting from my phone.

x ♥


  1. hello darling,
    its so lovely you have your own home! So excited for you x

  2. aww it looks so lovely :)

    i love your knives set there so pretty and colourful and the last picture is so cute.

  3. oh my goodness my sweet darling rosie.
    i am so happy for you!
    this is the best news!!! i cannot wait to see my pictures, and maybe visit one day in the future with a basket of homemade muffins and teas and treats.

    eeee. whisper me soon with news and such, once your settled and have the internet up and running!

    have you taken your craft house with you? or is it at your parents, for when you need quiet times?

  4. Beautiful picture of you and Lily! Congratulations on your house :)


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