Friday, 29 June 2012


Hello! I am stealing my parents internet again for a night :)

I wanted to show you all my shirt! It's a Luella shirt with such a cute floral print on it, I was so happy I managed to win it. However, it was a long sleeved shirt, and extremeily unflattering on me. So I had a little brainwave and got my sewing kit and scissors, and ta-da!! One floral, sleeveless, Luella shirt!

These shorts anre another one of my DIY's. They were a pair of Davids jeans. He'd ripped a hole in the knee and was planning on throwing them out, but after taking the waist in they have become my favourite pair of shorts! What do you think?

While I'm here, I'm going to schedule a couple of posts for this week. Fingers crossed they work, I've not done it before!
I hope everyone's well!

P.S: Did I tell you all I've broken yet another camera?! More phone pictures I'm afraid. sorry. I'm thinking about getting a dslr for my birthday, any recommendations?

♥ x


  1. i love that you've basically diy-ed your whole outfit! the shirt is so so cute. i almost cut off a pair of high waisted jeans today to make into summer shorts but then i changed my mind because i haven't gotten much wear out of them as jeans yet, haha.
    little lily's face in the last picture - i just want to squish her cheeks! she's too cute. you look so happy rosie :) xxxx

  2. Good work with this short and Luella shirt !!!!
    For a new camera, try to have a look for a NIKON ;) In France we have a website that compare different camera maybe you can find a similar website :)

  3. your shirt is gorgeous, can't believe it's DIY-ed! I never thought of stealing my boyfriends old jeans, most of his would make lovely shorts - i don't think i'm patient enough to wait until he wants to throw them away, might just have to steal some ;)xo

  4. CUTE :D


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