Saturday, 4 February 2012


Hello :) I know I keep saying it over and over again, but I really do want to put more time and effort into this blog and get back to posting regularly!! I will try harder...

I can't believe it's february already!! January went so fast. Mine was filled with shopping trips, housework & organising ready for a certain someone's arrival, dinners with friends, cooking for my family, making jewelry, lots of cuddling Milly, our puppy, taking Milly on her first walk, reading and preparing for birth, being scared, being emotional & being ridiculously excited!!

Little Lily's due date is just 5 weeks away. I feel like I am 5 again and it's christmas eve, everyday! It is so exciting and I can't wait for her to get here. Pregnancy is also now very uncomfortable, my ribs hurt and I really don't think my tummy can stretch anymore!! Lily is so big now, there is no room left. I can't wait until I can give her a cuddle for the first time!

This week I want to have a little pampering evening before I officially have no more time to myself, David and I start our antenatal classes, lots of snuggling on the sofa watching films, and I have lots of dog walking and making things to do :) I am also going to fit in a blog post at some point too!!

How are you all??

x ♥


  1. Your bump looks beautiful and your excitement and happiness is wonderful to behold. Have a nice quiet evening to yourself.

  2. 5 weeks away, wow! I remember when I was 5 weeks away from Z's due date, I quit my job :) I rested and watched Gilmore Girls on dvd all day (I would get up and go for little walks too) and sleep! Enjoy the last few weeks with David! I can't believe my kiddo is almost 16 months, time really does go quickly! lOVE the bump! xx

  3. I understand that you're really excited, it's new life which start and it's the most beautiful magic aspect of life !!! I'm not mum yet but I think about become one and it give me smile :) All the best thoughts for you and have a good sunday !

  4. Ahh, I'm so excited! I feel like she'll be here early..I don't know why. but I'm glad to hear both of you are doing good :)
    Don't overwork yourself!

    Lots of love


  5. I'm a new reader and have really loved reading your posts. You look blooming marvellous by the way :) x


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