Monday, 9 January 2012

Hello :) I have badly neglected this blog, for a combination of reasons. I have lost the key to my studio, where I like to take my pictures, so I've been locked out, I was ill for some time, worked lots, had a busy christmas etc etc... but Im back now!! (though still haven't found my studio key) sorry for being gone so long...

Christmas was lovely. I spent lots of time with family, ate far too much and was spoilt with lots of lovely gifts. I was given lovely jewelry, pretty clothes (mainly cardigans as they can be worn with bump and post bump!), bits and pieces like photo frames and ornaments for when my David and I finally get our own house (hopefully very soon), lots of pampering toiletries and lots of chocolate!! My craving for chocolate during pregnancy has been ridiculous, so I can't tell you how excited I was to be given so much! Even little Lily was given some lovely presents and she isn't even here yet! I have a feeling friends and family are going to spoil her lots!

I think my favourite present this Christmas was actually a present for my mother. She got a puppy!!! Little  Milly, who is just the cutest little thing ever! She is adorable and so affectionate, always wanting cuddles :) Some of you may know the childrens TV program 'Come Outside' from the 90's? with Aunt Mable and Pippin? Our Milly is the grandaughter of Pippin! :)

As you can see, I am now rather huge!! It is only 8 weeks until our little Lily Belle is here! It is scarily close and so exciting. I am now on maternity leave and trying to get everything ready for her arrival, which is so surreal. I can't believe our little girl is going to be with us soon!

Oh, and a late happy new year to you all!! I was far too tired to go to any new years parties, so watched fireworks from our conservatory in my pyjamas instead! My new years resolutions are:

1. To get my little girl here safely, and do everything in my power to make sure she is happy, healthy & safe
2. To get a home with my David for our little family
3. To apply for a PGCE and find a job that will help me get some experience in a school
4. To lose my baby weight
5. To keep on making my art and jewelry and not let it get forgotten

How were your Christmases and new years? I feel very out of the blogging loop, I must catch up with all your posts!

x ♥

p.s: even when my blog goes quiet, Im always on twitter! I'd love to follow some more bloggers on there too :)


  1. Milly is a sort of celebrity in the dog world, how lovely! Happy new year to you, and I hope you achieve all of those things in your list. Very best wishes for the birth of your little one. x

  2. 8 weeks!!!! How exciting. Gosh, this time last year it was me how was huge and nearly ready to pop. Xxxxx

  3. How exciting! You look glowing :) Glad you had such a great Christmas! ss

  4. ohhh, Christmas looks lovely there.
    rosie!! your beautiful baby lily bump- you look so wonderful. so very wonderful. bless you.
    it sounds perfect there with you-- minus the losing your studio key! -- you must find it darling rosie rose- think of the lovely things you could make whilst on maternity leave!

    i am going to whisper you tomorrow, because i have so much to talk to you about!
    ..... and to hear about!? pgce?!!
    ooo how exciting.

    will write tomorrow.
    hugs xxx

  5. Oh, how cute the puppy is!!
    I'm glad you & your family had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you are healthy, and baby Lily is doing okay!
    Lots of love


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