Friday, 18 November 2011

short & sweet

Just a little update. I have been trying to post for about a week, but my technology wont cooperate, so I don't have all the pictures I wanted to upload. But I am determined I will very soon!! I have some new things I have made I want to show you all, and I want to show how big my bump is now :)

Things have been a little busy. I have been doing long hours at work, and keep fainting, which is not fun! There is nothing serious, apparently its very normal in pregnancy, but it makes doing anything difficult as I don't know when Im going to go next. 

But I have had some lovely times too. Meeting up for lunch with old friends, getting excited about christmas and planning gifts and things to make, enjoying all the festive decorations and bits and pieces in the shops. Being disappointed I cant buy lots of christmas gifts for Lily, but enjoying planning for her first christmas next year. Spending rare days with my David, and just cuddling on the sofa & loving watching his face as he feels Lily's big, strong kicks and movements in my tummy. starting to feel the nesting instinct- I am wanted to clean and tidy and organise everything. I want the whole house to be sparkling and clean, smelling of christmassy candles and flowers!

Hopefully soon I will finally be able to share all of pictures and going on's with you. until then, I am getting rather addicted to pinterest and am on twitter lots too! I am also still making new bits and pieces for my etsy shop all the time!

Hope your all well and happy :)

♥ x

p.s: slightly cheeky, but my David was involved with making this entry for a competition, its a really cute little animation! if you could spare a like for it, we would be very grateful :)


  1. Aw I'm glad you and your little family are doing well :) Beautiful pictures, and I can't wait to see how big your baby bump is!
    Have a lovely weekend =)


  2. How lovely. :) The animation was very sweet.

  3. Love it when the house smells chritmassy! That's the best part!

    Hope everything goes okay! & that you don't faint too much! :)

    Satin&Souffles xx

  4. How amazing is it when the house literally smells like you'd think Santa's workshop would smell. All gingerbready, cinnamony, warm and fresh at the same time. One of the loveliest things about Christmas!!

    Jem xXx


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