Friday, 4 November 2011

flowers & glitter

I've had a very busy week, working lots of hours, but work has gone all christmassy this week and I love it! I have to wear our christmas makeup range and glitter all over me,  I have been decorating the shop, we have had our christmas candles burning, giving customers christmas makeovers and listening to christmas music! 

my long hours meant I didnt have much of a halloween though. I worked late at work, came home and fell asleep! My brother gave me some of his sweets from trick or treating though :)

I have been getting in the christmas mood lately and getting ready for christmas craft fairs and stock for my etsy shop. I have been making some pretty new jewelry with resin flowers and some christmas decorations made out of cinnamon salt dough that make the house smell amazing! I will be putting them up in my shop soon, I hope you all love them :)

And our little Lily. I love being able to really bond with my little girl now I know her gender and name. and she is getting ever so strong and giving me lots of kicks. she even kicked her daddy in the face when his head was on my tummy, hehe! We have been buying lots of pretty little clothes for her and gifts, and I have started reading to her too! I read that if you read a certain story to baby's in the womb they recognise them when they are born and it soothes them. We have been reading Charlie and Lola :) She really responds to my voice now, it's so lovely!

How are you all? are you in the christmas mood yet? did you have fun halloweens?

x ♥


  1. It's so cool that you're having a baby. I can't wait to start drinking hot cocoa and crafting gifts xxxx

  2. Oh, this is so, so lovely. My sister's friend told us that she used to sing "You are my sunshine" to her baby in the womb, and a few years later her daughter just started singing it out of nowhere, she knew all the words even though she had never heard it except in the womb. :)

  3. Awh I love Christmas and it's awesome that when it rolls around you get to incorporate it into your work :)
    Love those necklaces in the second picture by the way!
    And aww how sweet you are reading Charlie and Lola to her :) That's so cute how she kicked her daddy in the face. Hope you and the baby continue to do well :)


  4. oh this is so exciting! good choice on the charlie and lola. could not have been anything else!!!

    christmas!!! i am far too excited! so so very much so.

    lovely flowers! i am looking forward to your new creations..... (and the teeny people!! hehe, i really want to buy one!)

    xxx little lovely lily loves her mummy already. so sweet. xxx


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