Sunday, 16 October 2011


I love this time of year. I love the weather changing, the colours, the cosiness of wrapping up warm, roast dinners and hot chocolate. I'm even getting excited about christmas already!

I'm also enjoying my new job, even though I have a lot of hours and when Im not working all I want to do is sleep!. The people there are so nice and have made me feel really welcome, and most of the customers are lovely. I love helping the customers find a product that really works for them and they are really happy with, it feels like more than just a job in a shop. Im being trained to do peoples make up too! It means I haven't made anything for the shop this week, but Im still getting orders out and am definitely going to start making christmas items soon!

My little bump is coming along nicely! Im now 19 weeks. I can't believe how fast time is going. My 20 week scan is just a week away, and we have decided we want to find out the sex!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! The baby has been really active too, and is getting so strong! you can now feel it kicking from the outside of my tummy :) David was the first to feel it, which was so lovely, as I only see him about once a week. I think the baby wanted to show off for daddy :)

Dressing bump is getting trickier as I get further along, I am having to get lots of baggy jumpers now ready for the colder weather, and I needed a new coat as none of mine would do up over my tummy! My family went to london last week for my sisters birthday (I had to go for my flu jab instead!) and came back with the lovely jumper I am wearing in the picture above, with the cutest bear on the front! I love it!

How is everyone else? are you enjoying autumn the cooler weather?

x ♥


  1. you are the cutest pregnant girl i have ever seen rosie! i love love love your jumper and your little bump :) how exciting you will soon know if you're having a little boy or little girl! will you share with us or will it be a surprise?
    so so nice to hear you like your job and are doing well!
    lots of love to you and little bump <3 xx

  2. The bear jumper really is lovely. Best wishes for your scan next week. x

  3. That Jumper is adorable! I love your new layout :) & I'm sorry to hear about your pretty little Poppy :( xxx

  4. aw so lovely. that jumper, your bump, lovely. lovely.
    it really is getting so cold now isn't it?!!
    i cannot wait until next month rosie!!! eeee.

    aw, bump is so big now! and your 20 week scan is next week? already?! wow. so quick.

  5. Awh Rosie, I am so happy for you!!! I feel like it's going to be a girl, I don't know why. Either way though, your baby is going to be just darling and oh so cute! =)



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