Sunday, 13 February 2011

hearts and bears and bones

hello :) so much has happened and i had so much to tell you, but i cant really remember a thing. its all been going so fast. this semester is scary and busy and zooming by so quickly im barely noticing it.the last few weeks have been filled with drawing drawing drawing, animating, pictures, research, reading, theatre trips, baby showers, taking care of poppy, home, work, more work, cleaning, cooking, shopping, long journeys, pretty clothes and pretty rings, films, cuddles, games, inspiration, sadness, plans, tiredness, and more work. 

this weekend my David and I decided to have an early valentines day, as we are both working on the actual day. we took a trip to manchester. we saw museums with ginormous dinosaurs and pretty jars and creatures, we took walks through parks and streets, we shopped and bought games and a snood with bear ears and eyes on it (that i attempting to wear in the wind in the first picture), we had yummy food in a hidden place with drawings on the wall, we had huge mugs of caramel coffee, and cuddles and sleeps on the train. 

oh, and i have made a new tumblr! i still have my old tumblr for inspiration pictures and bits and bobs, but my new one is just for my artwork at uni. go have a peek if you would like (the links for both are in my sidebar.)

i have been completely rubbish at replying to comments, although i always always read them and love them!! so thank you to everyone. im pretty sure somebody very sweetly gave me an award a little while ago?? i read the comment in one of my rushed peeks before work, was thrilled, and now cant remember which post or very kind person it was? if it was you, let me know, and i shall come and thank you properly!! sorry!

i have two new characters i am yet to makes out of bits and bobs, but i do have a few little drawing of them already. they are greg and tallulah, and they shall be celebrating valentines day together :) they say hello!

what are you all doing for valentines day??


  1. This is so cute! I just love the photographs, especially the first and last one. They are adorable! I'm glad to hear you had a lovely time. xxxx

  2. Oh my, you have been busy! But so I have I.
    I love your blog and the pretty pictures:)
    Sounds like you and David had a fun little trip. :)
    Me and my boyfriend went out to eat and just spent time together♥



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