Thursday, 20 January 2011

fall head first like paper planes in playground games ♥


things are starting to look better, and i am determined to be positive!! our house is nearly all fixed, and i think our issues with the landlord have been sorted. poppy has started to look better, she seems to be improving, so we are keeping everything crossed at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

things that have made me happier:

♥ a post from charlotte. letters and a red shiney heart and pretty pictures :)

♥ my David. he has been wonderful, as he always is. i have been a crying emotional mess, and he has stayed very calm, dealt with everything, and given lots of cuddles. and it is his house and his poppy too, but he has been amazing ♥ the photos of hearts, except the red one from lottie, are a few of the ones we have given each other in our almost-five-years togther. we realised we have a collection now. whenever we find something heart shaped, we give it as a gift. i have many pebbles, leaves, petals, and odd random objects shaped like hearts from him, and he had from me!

♥ buying some treats. a chinese takeway, a very very pretty little wooden friend called lolita, and a laptop. eek!!! i have a laptop, my first one ever!!

♥ your comments and support. i know i am completely rubbish at blogging regularly and replying to your comments, but i really do appreciate those of you who have stuck with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am back in the studio next week working, so hopefully i will have some new to show you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how are you all????

x ♥


  1. the heart-thing with your boyfriend is sooooo cute! (:

  2. Hello beautiful! I'm ever so flattered for the comment you left on my blog. My words are really nothing special and the fact that you took inspiration from something makes the fairies in my chest spin about at full speed, clouds of fairy dust tingling all through me. You're a delight, you are.

    What a lovely idea you have done with your boyfriend! You've been through a lot in your time, I gather, and I wish you both nothing but love for the future. How sweet that is. I used to collect heart shaped things her when we lived in America, but we haven't done much like that while living in Australia, so perhaps I should start it up again...

    Everything about this was lovely, as are you, and I'm just thrilled each time I see your page. I hope everything is going alright with dear Poppy, it breaks my heart still.

    Lots of love always,
    Norah xxx

  3. I am delighted for you. :) I always love seeing photographs of your lovely trinkets and artwork. Magical. x

  4. I'm glad to hear pops is better and so are you.Your post from charlotte is quite adorable and even looking at it makes me smile so i can image how receiving it made you all smiley and happy :]
    It's such a romantic idea to find heart shaped things and give them to eachother.I said "aww" loudly without even noticing it when i read those lines :]
    Can't wait to see your new works!
    Have a fun day with full of magic!

  5. Is that... is that pikachu on your desktop??? I love it!!!


  6. Well, this is utterly gorgeous! What a cute little doll.

    glad to hear you are happy, too, dear.

  7. Rosie, we've missed you dearly!
    I love all of these images, they're all so precious and such a great depiction of your personality. Your illustrations on those doilies are lovely! Hope you've been well.

  8. hey there sweetie, I have just been reading through your blog and its so lovely. You have so many cute little crafty things. I can totally understand how you feel about floods! My place has flooded too and we had to deal with awful landlords! oh the pain. I hope everything gets all better for you. xo


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