Friday, 24 December 2010

I am home!! I arrived at hom for christmas a wee ago. Its been wonderful. so so much snow and excitement and homemade meals and games and family visits and christmas films and christmas songs and preparations. Its been so lovely! The kittens are loving their first christmas, knocking baulbles off of the tree and playing in the snow. And as a welcome home present, my weeny brother had made me some heart shaped biscuits with sprinkles! so cute.

My David and I are spending christmas with our families, so we had our very own early christmas. I made a christmas dinner and we drank mulled wine and sang christmas songs and exchanged gifts. He bought me some amazing presents!! A very cute dress with the sweetest collar, a teapot in the shape of a cottage. and a piece by Donna Wilson, one of my favourite artists!! I am so thrilled!! She is calld Rosie Bird and  love her!!

There is still lots of snow and our snowman is still standing, so we will have a white christmas. I have my sparkley starry skirt on and am listening to christmas music and wrapping the last of the gifts today. And we have mince pies and carrots and milk ready to leave out for father christmas. and stockings ready to hang. and my last advent calendar chocolates have been eaten. and someone will visit tonight in a red red coat. and tomorrow all the family will be here and I will help mother cook. and the festivitis will begin, and for the next week there will be parties and presents and laughter and games and walks and food and glitter and I may burst with excitement!!!!!!

What are you doing for the festive period????

have a very very very
                             merry christmas ♥

x ♥


  1. i'm trying to keep warm! i'm visiting family both today and tomorrow xxxx

  2. I love the dress and teapot! SO cute!!! ♥
    I am so happy we had a white Christmas :)
    I know you love this time of year and you will enjoy it..but still..HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS! ;D



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