Wednesday, 29 December 2010

very merry indeed

hello!! how are you all??? how are you enjoying the festivities??? my christmas was lovely. I received some amazing gifts, skirts and jumpers and cardigans, floral boots, necklaces, earrings, an owl brooch, a hair bow, a little kit for making little christmassy friends, books and books and more books, floral perfume, a card by matt saunders, a ds with harry potter lego game (which is so so so fun!!! and i was so thrilled, i was not expecting a ds at all!!) and a where wally book, and special teas and a tea infuser and a teacup and biscuit tins and biscuits to go iside, and my boy's sister make me a little wooden doll of me which i think was my favourite gift! and i ate so so so much turkey and sprouts and stuffing and cranberry sauce and pickled onions ( a strange family tradition to have on our dinners at christmas!!) and custard and chocolate logs and homemade cakes and sweets and wine. And it has been wonderful!!

I have given the blog a little makeover. I am very very very very very aware that I have six months until I leave uni. scary scary. and more than anything, one day I wish to be able to make enough money from my art and crafts to just do that, and not have another job. I want to do craft fairs and sell my work online and maybe one day have a little shop. but i still get embarrassed about showing my work much. so i am going to try and make this blog even more about my art and what i do to try and build my confidence a bit and get better at prmoting myself, without getting silly and embarrassed every time. so instead of chimerical, this blog is now simply 'Rosie'. and i will post more of my work and update my shop more. and i will try not to be shy and think my work isnt good enough. that is my new years resolution.

Do you have any new years resolutions??

Happy 2011 everyone!!

x ♥


  1. your work is much much more than just "good enough", how could you ever doubt such loveliness? your photos are just adorable, especially you


  2. Wow, all of your gifts sound great! And the food. :) Your little bow is so cute. ♥
    Don't be scared or embarrassed; your work is lovely & makes me smile!
    I love the new header, so cute. :)

    Have a Happy New Years! :)


  3. I love your work! especially the rings and necklaces! so very much!
    And i adore all your gifts! i was keeping the picture of those floral boots so that maybe one day i can buy them and now i envy you! :)
    Happy new year! Lots of love from miles and miles away!

  4. Rosie, your new blog design is wonderful, I especially adore your header. Your artwork and crafts are truly magical and beautiful creations, and you have every reason to be incredibly proud of yourself. But I know how you feel about being shy. I used to be terribly shy about showing my writing to anyone, not even my sisters, even though I dreamed of being a published author. But I eventually realised, how can I be published if nobody knows my writing exists? The path to success is long and tough, and if you want to earn a living out of your art, you will have to overcome your shyness and accept that you are an AMAZING artist and the whole world needs to see how amazing you are. This is a wonderful step forward, and I support you every step of the way. xxx

  5. your work is wonderful! it's so whimsical and nostalgic and beautiful and i really do hope you show us more on the blog!

    i recieved your giveaway package over the holidays. i can't tell you how excited i was opening it! it was adorable, i loved the little blue tape on the package. i've been wearing the ring nonstop over christmas vacation and have gotten so many compliments! and the little deer you gave me is so sweet. thank you so much again rosie. i loved everything about the package!

    my resolution is to find out what makes me happy and then just do it. i want 2011 to be an exciting, fun filled, happy year for me.

    i wish you all the best in 2011! and don't be shy about your artwork, it really is lovely.

    hope you're well!

  6. oh, this post is so so sweet! i love your little bow, and glittery nail polish!

  7. these pictures are so cute - and definetly display more of your craft stuff on this blog & get it out there if you're shy about showing them in person!

  8. i like your shoes very beautiful. All your sharing awesome. super duper post very enjoyable post


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