Friday, 3 December 2010

the first week of December ♥

I ♥ snow. I ♥ wrapping up warm. I ♥ making fudge. I ♥ advent calendars. I ♥ decorating our house. I ♥ Rosie the robot. I ♥ father christmas tin toy with a wind up key. I ♥ snow cat. I ♥ mr and mrs snow blob. I ♥ starry wellingtons and cosy slippers. I ♥ watching films and snuggling up with my David.

I ♥ christmas!!
x ♥


  1. It all looks lovely. Your starry boots are beautiful. ♥ I love this time of year too. Especially wrapping up warm and going to obscure shops to buy pretty little trinket christmas presents for my friends. x

  2. Oh, I love your photographs! They make me want a wintery Christmas! I absolutely love your little robot, it's so cute! Advent calendars are the best :) Lovely post, darling. xx

  3. The snow is so pretty :)

    Lovely pictures ♥

    Christmas Countdown: 22 days!!!


  4. Love your pictures dear, especially the snow cat :) Yay, only 21 days to go now! x

  5. wrapping up warm + cosey for cold wintery days is the bestest. and i adore your starry wellingtons! this is a lovely christmassy post. not long now until santa comes down our chimneys :) much love samantha ♥

  6. you are so so adorable!
    i love your slouchy grey hat, i've been looking for one like it since it's gotten cold here!
    also, i am sad to say i forgot to buy an advent calendar this year :( this is my first year ever not having one.

    i hope you're well doll and that your christmas spirit stays bright!

  7. This post is making me all warm and cosy :) love everything christmas-y. I need to get more intot the christmas mood, my tree still isn't up, thanks to ever changing christas plans.. panda xo
    Gorgeous blog!

  8. I adore your boots and little snow creatures.

  9. what a lovely post!
    I adore your stary boots.
    merry christmas..♥

  10. :) such lovely wintery things. your blog is so wonderful!


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