Wednesday, 24 November 2010

winners and excitement ♥

 Hello :) I apologise, this post has taken a lot longer than i wanted to post!! I have been so completely busy busy busy with uni and work.I have been pretty much spending all of my time when I am not in work in the studios, making and sewing and drawing. I now have a kitty cat ring. I wear it with my owl ring. They keep eachother comapnay. the owl and the pussycat. I have some new characters I have made in the studios to keep me company too!! The newest is a little girl, who likes ribbons and cake. Particularly strawberry flavour. She lives in a jar. Her name is Polly :)

When I have been able to take little breaks, my time has been occupied with vogue reading-- i adore all the starryness this month!!! magic!!!!!-- and Harry Potter watching. It was amazing!!! I cried. ever so much.

 and today I went on a trip to Nottingham to visit galleries. I saw lots of lovely artwork, and the castle, and watched them set up the ice skating rink. and I drank tea and ate cake. It was lovely!!

and this weekend i am going hhooommmeee!!! I havent been in so long!! I have been missing my family and the kittens ever such a lot. It will be lovely to see them, and visit the christmas markets, and have some of mothers baking! I cannot wait!!

Time for the result of the giveaway!!! Thank you so much to everybody who entered. you are all lovely :) I used a random number generator to pick a winner, and the lucky little one who will be recieving a little package with a starry ring and some teeny suprises is...

congratulations!! I will message you my email address, so you can send me your address :)

32 days till christmas!!! are you excited???? eek!! I am, very very very much!!

just a little note-- i have noticed if you view my blog in interet explorer sometimes my links are not the right colour. instead of dusky pink, they are a horrible blue colour that clashes horribly with my blog. sorry about that. does anyone know how to fix that??? it never used to do that!

take care dears!!

♥ x


  1. I adore your lovely mind. You create such cute little friends and treasures. The owl and the pussycat rings are truly magnificent. ♥

    Congratulations to Sara! :)

  2. the little kitty! cute!

    i will whisper you soon!!!!
    and your links come up dusky pink on my computer! :)!

  3. Polly is cutes.!
    I love the rings ♥
    The Nottingham trip sounded lovely.

    Well, I use Internet Explorer, and right now the link color is I guess it's fixed!


  4. A blog full of such adorable thingy-bobs! :) I am a new follower, dear. Dream on xx

  5. your rings are too cute! and that little angel, aww! :)

    too bad i missed the giveaway. too late now. :( well, i'm definitely looking forward to the next one! x

  6. cute photos! love your rings!

    xx, Sabinna from 'broken cookies'

  7. Hi there! May i ask here you got that WONDERFUL cat ring as I'm simply in love with it and would love one for myself. xxxx

  8. i love our cat ring so much, where is it from?


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