Wednesday, 10 November 2010

giveaway & 45 days!!

hello again :) this post has taken a lot lot longer than I wanted!! All sorts of things got in the way-- i was ill, i was waiting for my new camera to arrive, when the camera did arrive, i couldnt transfer my pictures to the computer, had to wait for my sd card reader to arrive, it arrived at home instead of uni, had to wait even longer for it... but finally, I can finish!!

I have lots and lots of new jewelry in the shop!! Im very excited about it. I've tried to keep the prices really reasonable too- for a ring its around £2.50, for a necklace its £5.00 (these arent exact because of etsy working in dollars!)- so i hope people can get them as cute gifts for christmas even if you dont have many pennys!!

All of the clay figures are still there too, and i am making some christmas ones at the moment :)

So, to celebrate, I am having a giveaway!! The item I have chosen for the giveaway is my wooden star ring, plus some little extra goodies i always like to put in packages. I like to add in pretty little extras and decorative bits and pieces for the items I sell too!! I have made lots of these wooden rings, there are hearts aswell as stars, so if you are not the lucky winner, you can find some in my shop :)

To enter, just leave me a comment. I will also give extra entries for anyone who posts about my giveaway or shop on their blog or twitter :) If you do either of these, let me know in the comment. so...
comment= 1 entry
post/blog mention= 1 more entry
twitter mention= 1 more entry

so you have the oppertunity to be entered 3 times :) The winner will be chosen at random on saturday 20th November.

♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you for all your kind words in regards to my rant in my last post. I am feeling much more postsive about my work now, and your kindness really helped cheer me up :) I made my complaint, as did others (she made another girl break down and cry in the middle of a seminar since my tutorial too!!) so hopefully something will be done.

Since my last post, I got ill with a chest infection, and very very embarrassingly fainted onto my tutor during a seminar. very embarrassing. he had to catch me!!! but after lots of rest and warm blackcurrant and soup and ice cream I am feeling much much better.

And I am ever so excited about my new camera!! Im still trying to work out how to use it, but me and poppy have been messing around taking lots of pictures :)

For uni I have been making little animations with a little man called timothy, who was made out of thread on the paper my gingerbread man was in one lunch time. I learning how to animate which is very exciting, im not very good but I like the shakey, old effect my un-skilled-ness gives it!! hehe :)

i have done lots of christmas shopping too!! eee, im so excited, only 45 days!!!! i have also been buying myself lots of big big cosy jumpers to keep myself warm, and making warm homely dinners (using my new cute owl salt and pepper shakers!!) and brownies , and making plans with my family and my David to visit christmas markets and fairs. And I have glittery nails and a hello kitty advent calender, waiting for the first door to be opened!! Im so very very excited.

How are you all?? Have you started planning and preparing for christmas yet??

love x ♥


  1. Hello, what lovely little creations those are! I will certainly purchase something, I love the teeny tiny teapots and tea cups and the wood too. It all so very pretty. Sorry to hear you were ill, hope you are all better now.
    And very good to hear you complained also, I hope that tutor gets a severe telling off (at least!). xx
    PS- I gave you a little blog award as one of the blogs I've recently discovered and that I do love.

  2. SO excited to see new things in your shop!! Everything looks so lovely, hopefully I will be able to get something for myself. I'm glad to hear things are going better with your art work, and thank you so much for your sweet comment!!
    I am so excited for christmas, as well! I love the time of year, everything is always so happy & cheerful. :)

    lots of love xx

  3. oooh it's all too cute!

    Did u manage to sort out your issues with that horrible lecturer that was negative about everyone? xx

  4. Those teacup rings are the cutest thing ever!

  5. I'm sorry you were sick, but I'm glad you are better.
    Love the camera.
    I love your Christmas makes me excited!! :)


  6. How lovely all of your little shop is! And your Christmas spirit glitters like snow under stars. Please consider this an entry - stars are my favorite of all things and I adore the ring you've chosen to giveaway, how kind you are - and I will have a post that includes your giveaway up by this weekend.

    You are a dear - so happy to read you are better. xoxo

  7. good to hear you are doing better doll! being sick is definitely not fun.
    you're shop is so lovely! everything is so charming in there.
    i've started planning for christmas a tiny bit, as in, it's all i dream about when i am away from home at school! i can't wait to go home for a few weeks and not have to worry about school and stress.

    your giveaway is very sweet, the ring is so cute! fingers crossed, it would be so nice to receive a little package in the mail :)

  8. Your shop is lovely, Rosie. I can see lots of little trinkets in there that I am seriously considering buying as Christmas presents. I'm really excited about starting my Christmas shopping soon - this year I want to buy the best presents I have ever bought and make it really special. x

  9. awesome! enter me please! it is so cute! :)


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