Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Meet Jolie. Jolie is a little friend i have made. She is made out of ink and sits very happily on my wrist. we have decided we shall be friends forever. She is ever so nice and sweet. She says hello.
My David got a little inked friend at the same time as me. his is an adorable penguin, who sits on his arm. 

my little sister turnt 16 this week. eek, scariness!!! for her birthday we went shopping in Camden market. i do love it there!! I got my self some treats. a snuggly starry jumper, a cute giraffe necklace, a fluffy jumper with reindeers on, an owl for my finger, a little t-shire with a princess and stars on the front, a little brooch too.

I saw the kittens, they have grown such a lot!! And teeny ollie. He had made e some sparkly drawings and scribbles. I love them. he said i could use them in an art exhibition if i like, he is so very cute :)

I had a horrible horrible tutorial last week. A new tutor came to talk to all of us individually. It was horrible. I have so many ideas for this year, but she made me feel every single one of them was rubbish, even though my other tutor liked them. she told me my work was too sweet and happy, and i had to make it more gritty and look at themes like violence and such. I told her no, that isnt me or my style. I want to exaggerate the happiness and cuteness of the dolls i make, not make them disturbing and horrible. she was getting frustrated with me. she said im too girly, my handwritings’ too neat, and everything about me and my space was too nice and sweet. she started to get quite personal and didn’t offer any advice or encouragement beyond looking at violent subjects. I cried. I completely understand with art not everybody will like what i do or my style, and i have to accept critism, but this woman was horrid and didn’t help me with my work one bit. I felt so down i wouldn’t go into the studio for two days, i didn’t see the point in carrying on with my work that is apparently so rubbish. then i spoke to my friend, and she was very angry and upset. she said this woman had said the same in nearly all of the tutorials she did that day, made a fair few people cry and made lots very angry. she was so negative and awful. so we are making a complaint. I have felt rubbish about my work since then, but i am trying to stay as positive as i was before seeing that woman. sorry. you do not wish to hear me ramble.

I have been making little figures with wooden heads and rosy cheeks. they are megan, tom and sally.

i also have lots of plans for my shop. i am busy making lots more jewelry and Christmassy things. please do visit and tell me what you think, it will all be there very soon.

Also, I am having a giveaway very very soon, when all of my new jewelry is done!! I hope you all will enter :)

I feel like I have lost touch with a lot of you. I am still sneakily checking your blogs when i can, and naughtily skipping making comments. i seem to have no time. I will make more of an effort, because i am missing you all. I love it here. do say hello, i am making a promise to you that i will come and visit and reply on everybody that does on this post. It make take me a wile to get back, but i am determined i will!!

love x ♥


  1. Aaw I'm so sorry you had a horrible tutorial! Definitely complain! Of course everyone isn't going to like the same sort of art but isn't that the point? To challenge people and make them think and provoke reactions. Even if you don't like something you can still appreciate that it's good and a lot of time, effort and talent went in to making it!
    Do not stop! Hope you feel better about everything soon xx

  2. I love your little tattoo, so cute and smiley.
    And please, please, please don't let horrible people make you feel bad about yourself! Your artwork is beautiful, and just because it's not to her taste does not mean in anyway you should change it. She is one person! One person's opinion in the whole world doesn't matter. Not everyone needs to make art about violence. It is completely her problem that she isn't open minded enough to appreciate other people's ideas. So don't let her make you sad, be as positive as you can. My art teacher is being a bit down on my work at the moment so I understand how much it can knock your confidence and inspiration.


  3. What a horrible, horrible, horrible woman. Rosie love, you must try to forget and ignore everything she said. It seems that she doesn't "get" your artistic vision. You and your artwork are perfect just the way you are, and personally I adore the sweetness of it. ♥
    Oh and hello Jolie! *waves*

  4. Aww I heard about Jolie on twitter! Adorable!♥
    Amazing little creations you are making. :)
    Looove the shirt with the princess & stars!
    Oh no don't let her talk that violence nonsense into you! The world is already full of it! I love your sweet work-it can make me smile on a gloomy day!

    Take care, love. ♥


  5. What a horrid, horrid tutor!! No one should make you feel like that. It's good you're going to complain, someone can't go around making people cry like that!! Quite, quite horrible :(
    I have just discovered your blog and think your art work is just lovely and perfect. I think there is enough violence in the world, so it is marvellous you are making such sweet things. Take care xx

    ps: Jolie is too cute. My boyfriend (also a David) is rather against the idea of tattoos but you've made them seem so adorable.

  6. rosie!!! you poor thing!!!!
    i'm going to whisper straight away!!!!!!!!

    i adore those wooden head dolls they are wonderful! i may have to request one for my christmas tree!?! big cuddles! i love jolie!

    read your whisper!

  7. Sounds like a VERY angry woman. Sorry, you had to experience that. Whatever you do, do not take it personally and feel NO shame.
    NEVER, EVER stop being YOU. I love your approach to art and coming here to see what you create is a blessing. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

    (p.s. glad you are speaking up and making a complaint. then you can move on and make some more magic...)

  8. Il y a de belles choses chez vous bravo, continuez... j'aime beaucoup les petits personnages. Amicalement jean-Philippe


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