Monday, 4 October 2010

little errol.

meet little errol, in the top picture. he is my new little friend. he is so teeny and lovely he fits in my bag or my pocket and i take him where ever i go. he likes that.

the last few weeks have been busy busy. uni then work then uni then work. but i am not absolutely miserable this year. it feels ok, a bit more manageable, a bit more positive. last year i felt lost and tired and overwhelmed. i feel different now. im not really sure why but im glad.

i have been getting ready for winter. slippers and wooly socks and thick jumpers and boots and starting to wear my red winter coat. excitement for christmas is starting!!

i have been cooking also. soups and cottage pies and roast dinners. comforting yummy food. giggles and films and walks with my David. missing my family a little. missing the kittens too.

i have set up my studio space and making new little friends to jin me there and keep me company and make me smile. they sit and watch me work. making more little friends from wire and fabric and wood.

lots of starwberries too. strawberry earrings, and necklaces, and rings. starwberries on my notebook. starwberries in my smoothies and in my tummy. strawberries on my bracelet. maybe a starwberry frind to sit on my wrist in ink??

i have been busy and have something to do all the time, but i feel awake and i am content and ok, which is a relief. for a long time everything has felt overwhelming. just now it feels fine. i hope this lasts a little while longer.

how are your autumns??

x ♥


  1. Hi little errol!
    Your autumn sounds busy and wonderful. And I'm glad you do not feel miserable :)
    I have also been readying myself for Fall, and already getting excited for Christmas. October will be spent getting ready to go back to Canada and November will be spent seeing family and friends again and relaxing.
    I envy your studio space! You are so lucky! I hope I'll be bale to have a little corner to msyelf and my art this year, but it's really not certain.
    Oh, dear I'm rally glad you are well!
    p.s. I've been away for to long from the blogging world, but now I'm back and it's feel really good to read your words again. Take good care, dear :)

  2. errol is very cute!
    that is so good that you're finding school better this year. i was okay with school last year, now this year i have lost interest entirely :( it's hard, but only this year plus next year left and hopefully i should be done!

    happy to hear you are doing so well doll :)
    <3 <3

  3. Oh Rosie, it sounds like an ideal state of existence. I am so happy that you are content and managing nicely. Everything sounds wonderful, that is how it should stay forever.

    Ps, Errol is adorable! I have a teeny tiny dragonfly called Tiber, perhaps the two of them could be friends? I often feel that Tiber might be lonely with only me for company...

  4. errol is my favourite!!!!! adoration!
    i miss my little moon friend! but i am assured that she is having a wonderful autumn. hugs and sorts.
    we'll catch up soon. i have new writing paper that i cannot wait to use!!!!!!!!

    x=72 days til christmas rosie!
    72 days!
    (verification word-boodot. a new favourite word!!!!! boodot!)

    hugs and boodot's!

  5. ps- i love the new little friends! a knitted snuggle bug! C U T E!!!
    enjoy being creative---and smile lots.


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