Saturday, 11 September 2010


It is the end of the holidays and on Monday I will be back at uni, back to mine and my Davids house, and back to work. so many feelings, so very confusing. Excitement about being in my third year, excitement to see where i will be by th end of the year, excited about my artwork, about cooking, learning new recipes, excited to be in the house with just me and my David again. Sadness to be leaving my family, and scared. Scared of what might happen when i leave at the end of this year, scared that I wont be good enough to pass my course. Scared about money worries and work. 

I have been busy busy busy with making these little figures. The little round characters i first started drawing when i was 11, and friends and family have been asking for me to do illustrations and paintings and figures for them ever since. I have done lots and lots of them, and then recently, my father bought me a block of clay, and i started making them out of that, and my family love them, and are very excited and think i should be selling them. i dont know, i dont have much confidence yet. i might. i wanted to know your opinions??

I have been working on doing lots of different characters. ones in costumes, couples, bride and grooms, mother and babies, birthday ones with balloons with the age on them, and even making them into cake toppers. I can also customise them, so people have a choice of hair and clothing colours. What do you think?? Do you tihnk they are the sort of thing people would want to buy?? I would sell them in my etsy shop and on ebay, and possibly even craft fairs?? i dont know. I would love to get some feedback from you??

I think I would price them at £4- £5 each, if I was to sell them. please be honest and tell me whether you like them or not??

thank you everybody, im very grateful for all the comments i recieve even if i am rubbish at getting back to everybody. you are all wonderful and make me smile :)

p.s:  have now added some figures to my etsy shop :) im a bit nervous but very excited about it!!

x ♥


  1. Rosie,
    I hope everything goes well for you back at uni, I'm sure things will work out for you and you'll have a wonderful time again. Don't worry Rosie, you are so so lovely adm you don't deserve all the worries and the sadness.
    Your pictures are all so lovely, they always are.
    I think your little models are so sweet, I think they would go down wonderfully at craft fairs. I can imagine giving the sweet little fairy model to my little cousin, she would love it.
    I think it's such a charming idea and I'm sure you'll have sucess persuing it.
    Stay lovely Rosie xxx

  2. Such lovely pictures Rosie!
    You make such magical things. ♥
    It's okay to be long as you try! Failing means not trying & I know you will try. :)
    Those little figurines are so very cute! I love them! Especially the mother & baby. I definitely think people would buy them!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)


  3. Oh Rosie, your little models are just the sweetest! The one with the baby is especially lovely. I would say these are definitely definitely the kind of thing people would buy. You are so talented, darling :) Try not to worry about the future too much.
    Love <3
    ps. That first picture is gorgeous x

  4. I love them all, Rosie!! Please please keep making them, they are so awfully adorible and cute. x

  5. Oh my! That mirror is stunning! That's no problem for linking you, your blog is definitely one of my faves!
    Most of those rings are from Camden if you ever want to get any :)

  6. gorgeous, gorgeous photos! :)

    and i just entered my third year - definitely filled with much excitement and fear to a certain extend. i'm still confused about so many things, especially the future. but take one step at a time! :)

    you're such a talent, the figures are really adorable. :)

    you have an amazing week ahead of you! x

  7. Stumbled into your blog by clicking the "next blog" button a few times. I really enjoyed the photography!


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